10 Best 4K UHD TVs

Watching movies on your big screen LED TV is most of your weekend hobbies. When you watch movies, you should feel the real theater effect with great sound and screen resolution that depends on the pixel quality or the audio system. Nowadays, with great advancements in the electronic field, one can see huge developments in improving the various gadgets. One such advancement in new TV is the 4K UHD resolution quality of TV, and of course, most of today’s TV models are having such 4K UHD. What does that 4K UHD mean? It means the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. 4K specifies the four times as many pixels greater than you find in a full HD TV. Thus, it is also known as Ultra HD or UHD.

With such pixels rate, you can’t even imagine the picture quality and how good they are to see with your eyes. Even the smaller or mini objects on the screen provide you the most detail which you can enjoy watching them. Even the texts that are smaller in size will give you a sharper finishing look to watch. So, it is a fairly mature technology that is slowly increasing its popularity among people. When you think about the benefits of owning such 4K TV, they are immeasurable.

With the invention of 4K, now there are four resolution standards to use in your home, such as Standard Definition (480p/540p), High Definition (720p), Full High Definition (1080i/p), and Ultra High Definition (2160p).

Those who want to enjoy a clearer and better-defined picture on your big TV screen 4K UHD TV is the stunning option to go with. So, the trend is now changing to replace the normal HD TVs with the ultra model 4K TV. According to a study, all new TV that has been designed and released for this year include the 4K resolution. When you buy a normal 1080p TV, you can cover some of your needs, but with the 4K models, you can cover all of your needs without any hassle.

With so many popular brands of 4K TV available in the market, it might not be an easy task for you to select the right 4K TV. Thus we have compiled the top 10 best 4K UHD TV brands of 2020, which may help to ease your selection task. The top brands are entirely based on consumer reports and reviews, so you can believe in choosing any one of the products on our list.

Best Buy 4K UHD TVs Consumer Reviews


Most of the people may look for the perfect TV that is worth to invest their money. In such a case, you don’t have to look beyond the top 10 products on our list. As we have compiled it based on reviews of customers, features, and specifications, you don’t have to worry about the products’ quality and other features. Go through the list, which helps you to get some ideas in choosing the right 4K UHD TV for your home.

1. Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA Flat 43-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV

Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA Flat 43-Inch 4K UHD-min

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The first product in our list is the popular brand, well-known for manufacturing high-quality electronic gadgets in the market, which is Samsung. When one thinks about buying a smart TV, their first preference would be buying a Samsung brand smart TV due to its advanced features and delivering top-notch quality products. Here we are going to see one of its products, which is Samsung Flat 43-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV.

The product dimensions are 8.3 x 38.2 x 25.1 inches, and weighs 21.6 pounds. The product uses the 4K UHD processor that enhances your TV performance, and that makes you enjoy watching every show with 4K picture quality. 4K quality provides you the in-depth color shades in a detailed way than your quality of HDTV. With so many colors of pictures appearing on the screen, you can find out the millions of shades of color with a vibrant and lifelike picture style.

Coming to its features, the 4K smart TV provides an easy option to find your streaming content and other live TV shows. To add décor to your modern house, this smart TV comes as the best option with its sleek and elegant design.


  • Popular and good quality brand
  • The sleek and slim design of the 4K UHD TV
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant for an audio system
  • Powerful 4K picture quality


Some of the customers are not happy with the picture quality and doesn’t meet expectations

2. TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD-min

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Another stunning product in our list is the TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This is, again, a popular brand in the market for manufacturing TVs, laptops, etc. This smart TV is a new generation of television due to its advanced features of voice remote with Alexa. The smart TV provides you a fire TV experience that lets you enjoy the favorite streaming on the screen. The TV allows for connection with HD antenna to watch any live TV shows or shows from Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, and many more. It is easy to control options such as volume, power, playback, navigation, and input switching, etc. with the remote control.

The product dimensions are 9.3 x 38.1 x 23.9 inches, and weighs 18.3 pounds. The smart TV comes with a Dolby Vision HDR so that you can enjoy the different brightness and contrast ranges of pictures. You can connect the smart TV to your Wi-Fi and enjoy your favorite songs or movies or shows.

Coming to its voice remote with Alexa, you can control various things such as a search option for TV shows, play your favorite music, control home smart devices, etc. With more than 8 million pixels, one can enjoy the contrast and vivid colors of pictures with this Toshiba Smart LED TV.


  • Great picture quality
  • Enjoy with 500,000 streaming movies and TV episodes
  • Voice remote control for easy handling


  • A few customers complained that the display is turning to white after some time
  • Difficult to connect with Wi-Fi

3. VIZIO D40u-D1 40-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV

VIZIO D40u-D1 40-inch 4k Ultra HD-min

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VIZIO is a popular brand based in the US is well-known for its top-quality electronic gadgets such as TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. This smart TV delivers high-performance pictures with a high contrast level. With almost 8.3 million pixels, which is four times the normal HD quality, one can enjoy the breathtaking clarity of the pictures.

The smart TV provides instant access to movies, TV shows, music, and web series, etc. Since smart TV uses the Quad-core GPU and Dual-core CPU, it delivers fast performance. The product dimensions are 36 x 8.3 x 23.5 inches, and the weight is 17.63 pounds.

Here the smart TV comes with 802.11ac dual-band for Wi-Fi, which is three times faster than 802.11n, and thus, you can enjoy watching the ultra HD video streaming. So it is much unique in coming with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, which is faster, too.

Another interesting feature is the seven-position App Launcher and Full-Screen App that lets you find out the new apps easily. All the applications get their automatic updates and stay with the current version improvements for a better experience.


  • Comes with a V6 six-core processor for providing a better performance
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • Provides faster access to watch movies, shows, or music
  • Powerful spatial scaling engine transfers 1080 pixels HD movies or sports into Ultra HD
  • Easy to search for new apps and all apps get their automatic updates


  • The smart TV has no control over the third-party applications or contents, so you have to consider the interruption of any application.

4. Insignia NS-43DF710NA19 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Insignia NS-43DF710NA19 43-inch 4K-min

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The next product in our review list is the 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. It is a 43-inch smart TV that delivers the 4K Ultra HD picture quality of over 8 million pixels. One can enjoy the stunning clarity of the pictures with the Fire TV. Here the Fire TV provides you more than ten of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills to enjoy with them.

One can easily control the various tasks associated with the streaming options using the Alexa voice remote control. Such Alexa helps to launch apps, play different music, change inputs, search for apps, and control other smart home devices, etc. through your voice.

The product dimensions are 8.9 x 38.2 x 24.2 inches, and the weight is 19.6 pounds. This brand is well-known for its speed and performance, as one can enjoy fast responses of search results. Since it is powered by a quad-core CPU and multi-core GPU, it enables faster performance. It allows you to connect with dual-band Wi-Fi, and it has three HDMI inputs.

With Alexa voice remote, smart TV is still becoming much smarter with various features such as app launching, automatic updates of the apps, etc.


  • Provides control over other smart devices in your home
  • Provides easy control of TV with Alexa voice control


  • A few customers are not happy with the working condition of Alexa, as it stopped working after a few times of usage

5. Sceptre 50″ 4K UHD Ultra Slim LED TV

Sceptre 50 4K UHD Ultra Slim LED TV-min

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The next interesting product on our list is the Sceptre 4K UHD LED TV. This smart TV is around 50 inches and provides you superior 4K picture quality with around 8 million pixels. One can enjoy watching movies or TV shows, etc. with the stunning picture quality of resolution 3840 x 2160, which is four times more than a 1080p HDTV.

Coming to its UHD Upscaling picture quality, one can enjoy watching various videos with UHD upscaling. Here there is an interesting feature that lets you mirror the screen by allowing the streaming of content from your smartphone or tablet to the Sceptre TV with good picture quality. So, you can watch normal videos of smartphones in your Ultra High Definition Sceptre TV.

Here the TV design is ultra-slim that delivers an elegant look and adds décor to your house. The product dimensions are 44.6 x 28.5 x 10.8 inches, and the weight is 29.3 pounds. So, the smart TV uses advanced technology to deliver you the smooth frame to frame movements of the action sequences or other interesting scenes of the movies with the MEMC 120. MEMC stands for Motion Estimation, and Motion Compensation required delivering the interesting picture quality.

When you want to décor your home with the ultra-slim design of TH having 4k UHD picture quality, then Sceptre serves as the ideal option for you to invest in your money.


  • Comes with a UHD upscaling picture display
  • Allows the smartphones interfacing to stream their videos on your ultra HD TV
  • Great for its MEMC 120 feature, to let you enjoy watching movies, sports, and playing video games, etc.


  • Though most of its comments are positive from customers, still a few customers are not happy with the LED Display option

6. LG 43UM6910PUA 43-in 4K UHD TM120 Smart LED TV

LG 43UM6910PUA 43-in 4K UHD-min

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One more powerful brand among customers is LG, which is well-known for delivering high-quality electronic gadgets and home appliances. Here we are going to see one of its refurbished products, which are LG 43UM6910PUA Smart LED TV. This smart TV is 43-inch, and the product is tested and certified for its good quality and working as a new smart TV. The product dimensions are 38.4 x 7.4 x 24.2 inches, and the weight is 18.5 pounds.

This LG smart TV is tested for its quality that includes various processes such as functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. Since it is a refurbished product, most of the customers worry about the delivery of the package containing all essential components in it. But, one doesn’t have to worry about it, as the product with all relevant accessories arrives at your home in a well-packed box.

This LED TV uses the powerful quad-core processor that increases the picture and audio quality of it without any hassle. Here the resolution is four times than standard HDTV, and thus the superior picture quality is expected. One can get access to their favorite streaming content using WebOS.


  • Quad-core processor enhances the performance of LG smart TV
  • Supports 4k active HDR that helps to see the picture scene by scene with great contrast and vivid quality


  • The only disadvantage is that it is a refurbished product due to which many customers avoid buying it

7. Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD-min

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The next brand, we are going to discuss is the Sony that is again a popular brand among people. Sony always aims to manufacture only high-quality products with interesting features in them. Here its product we are going to see is Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. The first crucial thing to notice here is the product coming with a Full Sony USA Warranty. Here the smart TV is 49-inch with 4K UHD picture quality.

Here the 4K UHD resolution combines with the HDR video content. Thus, you can’t imagine how great in delivering the color and contrast to standard video formats. So, these two powerful picture and video improvement databases work together to deliver the most interesting pictures with a real-time look. The first database 4K X-reality PRO upscale picture to the most 4K level while the second database helps to clean the images by reducing the on-screen noise level.

The smart TV is best to deliver its audio quality with the deco gear home theater surround sound 31-inch Soundbar, which is having a 2.1 CH audio wireless Bluetooth NFC. The smart TV also comes with a Deco Gear of 2.4GHz wireless backlit keyboard.


  • Provides clear audio and video quality
  • Provides you the real lifelike pictures and videos
  • Comes with a Surround Soundbar for greater sound effects
  • Comes with a wireless key remote having a touchpad mouse


  • There are no poor comments about this product so far

8. HITACHI(R) 43C61 43-Inch UltraHD Series 4K Ultra HDTV

Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD-min

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Hitachi 4K UHD TV is of 43-inch that delivers the perfect picture with its super-resolution video processor. The smart TV uses the 120 backlight frequency to deliver a clear and natural view of the pictures.

The smart TV responses fast with a 60 Hz refresh rate, so one can enjoy watching the clear motion of the videos. One can enjoy watching your favorite movies, sports, and games with its excellent 8 million pixels. The screen type is a liquid crystal display that is of super-clear anti glare type.

To upscale the older formats with a great 4K quality, this Hitachi 4K UHD TV serves the best. Here the latest content protection technology (HDCP v2. 2) provides great compatibility to enjoy with 4K programs. The product dimensions are 38 x 28.5 x 9 inches, and the weight is 42 pounds. The weight of the smart TV is much heavier when compared to other products on our list.


  • Super-clear anti glare screen
  • Block noise reduction
  • High-efficiency LCD Screen
  • Provides the perfect picture with super-resolution video processor


  • Nothing so far

9. Hisense 55H6590F 55 inch H6500F Series 4K Android TV

Hisense 55H6590F 55 inch-min

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The next product on our list is the Hisense 55H6590F 55 inch H6500F Series 4K Android TV. This android TV delivers the best 4K UHD picture quality, which as like the real-time images. It uses the DTS studio sound for delivering the great audio effect. It is of 55-inch android TV that is great in using the motion rate image processing. This will deliver a smooth view of action sequences or other videos scene by scene with vivid and great clarity.

The product dimensions are 50 x 32 x 10 inches, and the item’s weight is 38 pounds. Android TV is known for its slim and elegant design that enhances the look of your house when placed in the hall. It enables the Bluetooth connectivity with a Google Assistant option.


  • Powerful android TV
  • Uses motion rate image processing
  • Features DTS studio sound
  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity with a Google assistant
  • Easy to control the playing options
  • Easy to search for movies, TV shows and more


  • Most of the customers are given positive comments and thus, no cons so far

10. Skyworth 55U5200 55 Inch U5 Series 4K Android Smart UHD TV

Skyworth 55U5200 55 Inch U5 Series 4K Android Smart UHD TV-min

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The last product in our review list is the Skyworth 55U5200 55 Inch U5 Series 4K Android Smart UHD TV. This is similar to other products on our list that uses the 4K ultra HD for perfect picture quality. The smart TV is 55-inch delivering the video quality of the great range.

It uses the quad-core processor for delivering faster performance and search results of movies, TV shows, or apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, etc. Coming to its display, it uses the IPS type of monitor that is responsible for high-quality resolution. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching, which is a type of LCD to deliver brilliant colors.

The product dimensions are 53 x 6 x 34 inches, and the item’s weight is 30.6 pounds. To enjoy watching movies, TV shows, shows in different applications, this android TV serves as the right choice for you to go with.


  • Uses quad-core processor
  • For LCD it uses the IPS technology for higher resolution of pictures
  • Comes with a built-in Google Assistant feature


  • There is no warranty for this product

Things To Consider When Buying Best 4k UHD TV

The following is a comprehensive buying guide for anyone who is looking to purchase a 4k Ultra High Definition TV:

Size: To begin with, you should always keep in mind the size and space of the room where you are planning to install your TV. This is important because once you analyze the space available at your disposal, you shall be able to determine the size of the TV that you would like to purchase. Besides, another thing to remember is that the measurement of the TV is always in diagonal terms. That is also to be kept in mind when deciding upon the total space that is at your disposal.

Resolution of the TV: When you purchase an Ultra High Definition TV, you must want to consider the resolution of the TV screen. It is the resolution that decides the total clarity of the picture that you shall be getting from your screen. 4K TV represents the resolution of the TV and implies the total number of available pixels. Hence, this means that the quality of the picture is better, crisper, and you shall be able to notice even the minutest of details. This is important and goes a long way in helping you get the best picture quality possible. 

Refresh Rate: Yet another important thing to consider while purchasing a UHD TV is the refresh rate that the TV has to offer. But what is a refresh rate? The refresh rate for a TV implies the number of individual frames offered per second. Refresh rates can both be native as well as effective.A higher refresh rate will give you a better quality of the screen, and you shall be able to view the content of the TV better. Also important is to remember that not all contents that have a higher refresher rate need to be beneficial for you. Thus, you have to do thorough research, and it is only after that that you can decide on the type of TV that will best suit your requirements.

Whether or not the TV is HDR Compatible: In today’s day and age, it is necessary than the UHD TV that you want to purchase is HDR compatible. HDR is nothing but High Dynamic Range. As the name suggests, HDR allows you to have a contrast of colors, and you can enjoy the program that you are watching on the screen to the fullest. This also makes streaming of channels such as Netflix, Hot star, as well as others compatible.

Depth of the TV: What many buyers fail to consider is the depth of the TV. It may not seem important at first, but it is important when you come to think of it. While deciding on the depth of the TV that you would like to consider, you should also remember to ensure that the installation of the TV is done by a professional.

Check the Viewing Angle: What many buyers tend to ignore while purchasing a 4k UHD TV is the viewing angle. In most of the cases, the viewing angle of the TV is odd, which, in turn, disrupts the entire movie-watching experience. Thus, to enjoy the process of watching movies, this is an important factor that you cannot afford to ignore.

TV Warranty: When you are investing in a 4K UHD TV, you will want your investment to have value. This would be quite a big investment, and that is the reason you will not want to continue spending on your television set. Therefore, before making a purchase decision for your TV, you should carefully read the terms and ensure that the seller is giving you a good warranty for the same.

Cost: Everyone wants value for the money spent. Hence, as a buyer, you will want to go for a TV that not only has all the features that you desire but also fits within your budget. To get something that meets both criteria, thorough research is required to be done.

4K UHD TV Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it worth purchasing a 4k TV? Is it a good investment?

If compared to all the types of televisions available on the market today, a 4k is one of the best UHD TVs available on the market. However, 4k TV is a waste of money if you do not have the supporting accessories. Without a 4k streaming box, or TV service or 4k compatible media player or ultra-speed internet, a 4k TV is a waste of investment. If you need to reap the benefits of your investment, you need to invest in any of these accessories at least. In the future, most of the devices would switch to 4k standard and investing in 4k UHD TV is not a bad option.

  1. I still do not know the difference between a 4k TV and an HD TV, what is the real difference?

The real difference between a UHD and HD TV is the pixel itself. While HD TV has 1080 pixels, a UHD has twice this pixel. Yes, a UHD TV has 2160 pixels. Some devices offer more than these pixels, however, when it comes to TVs 4k is the best and maximum.

  1. Is it possible to tell the difference between 1080p and 4k TV, just by looking at the video clarity?

Yes, but you need to look very closely. For example, if have mounted and used a 1080p TV and 4k TV in a very larger room and you are sitting far from the TV. You might not be able to tell the difference. On the other hand, if you sit close to the TV screen. You could notice the difference between the two.

  1. What happens if I feed a 1080p content into 4k UHD TV?

The result of such an input would be bad, there would be no technical damage or any such issues to the television. But the quality of the video or picture on the screen would be comparatively poor and annoying. It is just a waste to invest money on 4k UHD TV if you are planning to feed 1080p content into a 4k UHD TV.

  1. If I use a 4k HDMI cable to feed 1080p content to my 4k UHD TV, will it improve the picture quality?

No, never; you are misinterpreting the meaning of 4K content and 1080p content. If the host device (DVD player, Blu-ray Player, streaming device, TV cable, internet) send a 1080p content, there is no way you could change the 1080p content into 4k quality content, let it be HDMI cable or 4k UHD TV. There is no way to upgrade video or picture quality. If you need a 4k quality video or picture, you need to switch the host device.

  1. I have two HDMI ports on my 4k UHD TV, both of them support 4k HDMI cable and 4k signal?

It depends on the TV model, we have found that some 4k UHD TV comes with several HDMI ports and only a few of these ports support 4k HDMI. If you have such a doubt, check near the HDMI port on your TV, it could be mentioned near the port or else check your user manual.

The Bottom Line:

With the above reviews and features of the different Smart 4K UHD TVs, our section has reached its end. All of the above products are having good features, specifications and many more interesting facts in them. So, you don’t get any reason to avoid buying any one of the above products. We also furnished the Amazon links for all those products, which will help to clear your doubts regarding the product’s price and specifications.

With all ways to enjoy 4K picture quality, you need to buy this smart UHD TV. With so many brands and their products are revolving in the market, it is very confusing for you to choose the right one. Thus, we have compiled the above list of ten products in which all of having top-notch features and picture qualities will make you narrow down your choice for sure. Thus, go through the above reviews of products to arrive at the right one for investing your money to enjoy the worth of it.