10 Best Bathroom Fans

Are you thinking to remodel or change the style of your bathroom? Well, there are several ways in which you can do the same. However, the best thing that should be given special preference is on the fixtures of the bathroom. The bathroom fans are the most important part of a bathroom. Your bathroom should always contain a quality fan. It will help to remove the condensation from the bathroom effectively. In modern days, there are ample companies that are engaged in the work of producing a wide variety of bathroom fans.

After a tiring day, everyone needs a refreshing and relaxing shower, but that can prove dangerous if the bathroom is full of moisture and that ultimately turns out to be the home of bacteria and viruses. In today’s world, the most important thing is safety and hygiene. If that is the matter, we all should use a good-quality and standard bathroom exhaust fans that can run efficiently.

The main thing while buying a bathroom fan is space. If possible, you should make adequate space for fixing the fan. In case you are removing the old fan, you should always take the exact size and dimension of the old one, so the new one gets easily fitted within the space. A good-quality bathroom fan will hold power to throw out the bad smell and odour from the bathroom and make it fresh and good.

In the same manner, always compare the price of the fans as much as possible.  That would be a wise decision in this case. There are bathroom fans that can be installed easily and in a hassle-free manner. You can opt for that to save time and energy.

Best Buy Bathroom Fans Consumer Reviews


Now it is the time when we will go through some of the best bathroom fans consumer reports available in the market. Almost all of them have some specific features and characters, but one can choose the one that is suitable for them. You should always incline to choose the fan that is affordable and can be fitted easily, even if space is less. Let us consider some of the best ones.

1. Panasonic FV-08-11VF5 WhisperFitEZ Fan 80cm


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Panasonic has invented a wonderful bathroom fan that can easily eliminate the intoxicating smell and moisture from the bathroom within less time.  The name itself is a brand and is popular among the people for its quality and innovative products. It comes with a high-ventilation system that helps to carry out the system easily. The motor of the fan is of high quality and provides powerful CFM output. It works effectively to eliminate the moisture from the bathroom that is created when the bathroom is used. It fits best with the bathroom that is undergoing renovation or remodeling work.  It also consumes less energy so you can automatically expect low electricity bills. This fan is good in all aspects.


  • It does not make any such harsh sounds at the time of running.
  • It can be used for the long term and period.
  • The installation process is easy and simple for users.
  • Easily eliminates humidity and moisture from the atmosphere.


  • The design or the appearance of the fan should have increased to some extent for the taste of the modern people.

2. Delta BreezSlim SLM50 50 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan


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Delta exhaust fan can give you the best service at a very competitive price. Isn’t it nice or helpful for the buyers? This fan has an LED light fitted to let the users know that it is working in the right manner. It is best if you mount the fan on the wall. There are several qualities of the fan, and most important of them are low noise and less power consumption. When the power is on, there will be a green LED light on the fan.  The fans run effectively and extract all the smell and moisture from the air inside the bathroom. This fan is available in various sizes and shapes. They are fit for your budget. These fans have received accreditation from ENERGY STAR, which implies that you can easily rely upon the product. It is also responsible for reducing greenhouse emissions to a good extent.  On the other side, low energy consumptions and low bills can help the user financially.

The company has manufactured this product after doing intensive research work. The product is made with many fine-quality materials and allows the user to use it for a long period without the tension of wear and tear. It is one of the best qualities of the fan that should be mentioned in the discussion.


  • The motor of the fan is tested to give the best performance.
  • Take a shower peacefully as the fan emits less noise.
  • Saves energy and bills of the users.
  • Available along with an LED light to let the users know the fan is running.


  • The installation process of the fan should have been made a little easier and smoother.

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3. Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan


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The Broan Nu Tone 688 Ceiling fans work dually.  The users can use it for two things at a time. The first thing is that it is good to remove the humidity and odor from the bathroom, and secondly, it is good to remove the trapped contaminants throughout the room. Thus the fan comes with multipurpose uses and functions. The fan is manufactured with the help of many advanced technologies and science. The installation process of the fan is simple, as there is no requirement of any such tools. You will get a Metal Grill kit along with the product. There is a polymeric blower wheel that can easily eliminate the odor, moisture, and related things from the bathroom. It is perfect for your home.


  • A versatile fan that comes with many uses and advantages.
  • Efficiently eliminated the moisture and humidity from the air.
  • No special tools required for the installation process.
  • It comes with a polymeric wheel that eliminates the odor and humidity from the bathroom.


  • It would have been better if the fan eliminated less sound just at the time of operation or running.

4. BV Ultra-Quiet 90 CFM,Bathroom Ventilation & Exhaust Fan

BV Ultra

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The moist air from the showers or the tubs can disturb the atmosphere of the bathroom, but if you use the exhaust fan of BV Ultra-Quiet, it will be great. The design of the fan is made keeping in mind the taste of the present people and their lifestyles. The fan operates nicely and removes a lot of moisture from the air with less noise. The body of the fan is made with stainless steel and gives the best service to the users. This fan also helps the user to save energy and electric bills to some extent. The fan is thermally protected and also comes with lifetime lubrication. It also helps in maintaining the proper ventilation system of the bathroom. Because of great performance, this fan is popular among the maximum number of customers.

Many times people feel irritated and tired if there is a lack of infrastructure in the bathroom. But with this exhaust fan,  one can get a soothing and refreshing bath after the hectic day.  If there is enough space in your bathroom or if the bathroom is spacious, you can easily go with this product.  It is mainly designed and made for big bathrooms as they require a good space. You will get complete satisfaction while using this exhaust fan.


  • It provides the best performance and service to the users.
  • The mounting process is simple and easy for users.
  • It comes with a wide variety of accreditation and recognitions.
  • It comes with proper thermal protection and lifetime lubrication.


  • It would have been much better if it had consumed less space for the bathroom.

5. KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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The exhaust fans of KAZE APPLIANCE is best for the bathroom that has a length of 90sq.com. It not only ventilates the room but comes with LED lighting. This is one of the best qualities of this fan that should be mentioned. This high-quality fan is available with lubricated motors so to give the customers long-term performance to the users or the customers. The fan has good mounting systems, and the installation system is smooth and easy. The most important thing about this fan is that it provides good performance and reliability to the users. The fan has received many recognitions and affiliations from the recognized bodies. The shape and look of the fan are made by considering the modern taste and interest of the people as a good number of people love to have a sleek look of the exhaust fan so you can easily rely upon this model.

Out of all the products, the best one is the exhaust fan of this company. It is always dedicated to providing quality service to the users and esteemed customers.


  • One of the best ceiling fans available in the market.
  • It comes with a high-power LED light.
  • Available along with double mounting bars that helps in the easy attachment.
  • Received many recognitions and affiliations.


  • The quality of the LED light should have been made a little better and nice.

6. Tech Drive Very-Quiet 70 CFM, Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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The exhaust fan of Tech Drive is unique and innovative. There are some special qualities of this fan that has attracted a good number of users towards itself. The fan is made of galvanized steel that can help to prevent corrosion. Many times it is seen that the fan gets rust after being used for some time, but if you use this fan, you can remain tension free for a long time. This fan also emits less noise than the other ones. In most of cases, we find bathrooms fans to emit harsh sounds, and that is not good.  You can easily use this fan to get a humid and moisture-free bathroom. It can also be another safe option for the users who are looking to buy an affordable and reasonable bathroom exhaust fan.

It can cover the bathroom that measures about 75 square cm. Thus you can easily go with this fan if the bathroom is within this size.


  • Available with strong air movement all across the bathroom.
  • It is made of galvanized steel that prevents corrosion of the fan.
  • No need to cut the space as it comes with an easy installation system.
  • The mounting system of the fan is simple and easier.


  • It would have been helpful for the users if there was an LED light attached to the exhaust fan.

7. Ultra Quiet Ventilation Fan Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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The exhaust fans of Ultra Quiet is made especially for the user so they can get a refreshing bath and freshness inside the bathroom. It feels intoxicating and irritating if you get a bad smell and full of moisture feeling inside the bathroom. But with the help of this fan, you can get the best performance for a long duration. The fan works smoothly with 4 ducts and they are made of high-quality materials and ingredients. The fan is also decorated beautifully with well-designed grills. It can enhance the look of the place easily. The users can remain safe while using this exhaust fan as it is made with many safety measures.  It can be easily installed even within a small space or area.


  • Made with four efficient ducts which are of the same size.
  • They are designed in a better way to suit the modern lifestyle.
  • A user-friendly device anyone can use it.
  • It comes with a maximum output of 70CFM.


  • It would have been better if the device consumed less energy, or people could have received fewer electricity bills while using it.

8. Lift Bridge Kitchen & Bath DSQR110BN Exhaust Bath Fan

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Now you can update our bathroom and give it a new look with the help of Lift Bridge Kitchen & Bath exhaust fans. The main significance of this fan is that it can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms. It provides a strong light, and that light is sold along with the product. So, the user gets an additional benefit of using this fan. It absorbs the moisture from the bathroom within less time. It is ideal for the bathroom that comes with a measurement of 125 square feet. The motor of the fan also has a long life, and the user can be assured about the performance. It is effective for reducing the moisture from the bathroom.

Researchers and studies have shown the result that the moisture can cause a lot of diseases and infections on human bodies. So, it is safe to use a quality exhaust fan to get the best performance.


  • Useful in reducing moisture for about 110 CFM.
  • Eliminates less sound at the time of operation.
  • Efficient in ventilating the room measuring about 125 square feet.
  • It comes with a strong and powerful motor to give a good experience to the users.


  • It would have been helpful if the materials used to manufacture the fan was made of good qualities.

9. Hunter Home Comfort Bathroom Ventilation Fan

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The design of the Hunter Home Comfort ventilation fan is unique and appealing to the users. It is so catchy that people will highly prefer it any point in time. It creates less noise in comparison with the other older ones. On the other side, it is also available with a strong light, and that helps the user to get a brighter look of the bathroom. Once you switch on the fan, it will quickly absorb the moisture and humidity from the bathroom. If you buy the fan, you will also get all the additional hardware required for installing the same. It also helps in recirculation of the air and eliminates the odor as soon as possible. If you have a strong hesitation in using the bathroom once anyone uses it you would go with this fan as it is the best one.

It is always presumed to be a reliable and good-quality exhaust fan that can give the users a good performance along with a stable warranty period. Although the price of the product is high, it is still availed by a good number of people and customers. The company is always engaged in providing the best service and goods to their elite customers.


  • It comes with a white finish and satin bulbs for an easy view of the bathroom.
  • It makes less noise at the time of running.
  • It helps in easy recirculation of air and eliminates the odor immediately.
  • The users can get all the hardware just at the time of installation.


  • The price of the fan is slightly expensive. It would have been better if there has been a slight curtailment in the fan’s price.

10. Homewerks Worldwide 7140-50 Bathroom Fan Ceiling

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The only fan that can completely remove moisture and humidity from the bathroom is the Homeworks Worldwide bathroom ceiling fan. It comes with a unique design and look and so can draw the attention of the people within less time. The simple white grill has enhanced the look of the fan greatly. The corrosion-resistant fan is safer and best to use, even for a long time. With the help of an engineered motor, the fan can smoothly run for a long time.  The fan is ideal to be used and applied in 50 square feet or 100 square feet bathroom. The process of air movement is easy and nice. The fan also eliminates less sound or noise right at the time of running. This can allow users to take a soothing bath. The size of the fan is standard, and it can fit in any space.


  • This fan has gained popularity because of its outstanding performance.
  • Users can use this fan to remove the bad odor immediately from the bathroom.
  • It comes with corrosion-resistant features and this is the best thing.
  • Available along with an easy and smooth installation process.


  • It is always better and fine if the fan comes with a good warranty period so it can help users to replace it in case of any inconvenience or issues.

Bathroom Fans Buyer’s Guide – Features To Consider

The majority of the people these days tend to spend more time in the bathroom as they transform it into a spa retreat. This trend over the past few years has been increasing and this, in turn, has increased the demand for bathroom accessories. The bathroom accessory here is a bathroom fan, which is one of the most important electrical devices that are required in a bathroom. Most of the people assume that a bathroom fan is not necessary equipment; however, if you need your bathroom to be free of humidity, steam, and odor, then a bathroom fan is required. If you want to purchase the best bathroom fan, then we recommend that you consider the factors mentioned below.

  1. Bathroom fan size

The most important thing about the bathroom is that it comes with limited space. One of the most important things that you should know about a bathroom fan is that the major purpose of a bathroom fan is to offer maximum ventilation. Good ventilation is what any confined space requires to make it usable. A study indicates that there is an increase in lung disease over the past few years, as the quality of air is poor. Good ventilation is the best way to increase the quality of air and good ventilation can be done only with the use of exhaust fans. When it comes to proper ventilation, the size of fan is important. As the size of the fan increases, the ability of it to move cubic feet per minute, therefore, based on the size of the bathroom, select the appropriate size bathroom fan.

  1. Ease of installation

There are two types of bathroom fans available on the market today, ceiling bathroom fan and wall bathroom fan. A ceiling bathroom fan, as the name itself suggests, is installed on the ceiling of your bathroom, but they require extra attachments. On the other hand, a wall bathroom fan can be mounted on the wall; it is comparatively easier to mount than a ceiling bathroom fan. However, there are few things that you should remember, a wall bathroom fan is comparatively efficient than a ceiling bathroom fan, as they can get rid of odor, steam, and humidity.

  1. Noise level

It is a very well known fact that moving things produce noise. When it comes to a bathroom fan, it also produces noise. In the beginning, bathroom fans were very loud, however, with the technology advancing every year. There are new models that come out that each year that is quieter. When it comes to sound produced by a bathroom fan, it is comparatively very high as the blades turn very fast. If you check the market today, you will find a bathroom fan that is quiet and it is very important that you check the decibel readings.

  1. Efficiency

Every bathroom fans come designed to run on electricity and there are different models of bathroom fans available on the market. Each model of bathroom fans available today come with different power consumption. It is very important that you know that the efficiency of a bathroom fan refers to the extent to which a fan can remove the maximum amount of humidity, steam, and odor. An efficient bathroom fan will be designed in such a way that it will consume the least energy and remove maximum humidity, steam, and odor. Therefore, it is very important that you consider purchasing a product that consumes less power.

  1. Extra features

With technology advanced so much these days, there are bathroom fans available on the market that comes with several extra features.

  1. Integrated lighting – if you are considering to purchase a ceiling bathroom fan. Then, you can find that there are ceiling bathroom fans that are incorporated with lights that can illuminate your bathroom. If you need such a product, never hesitate to go for such a product. However, it could be a bit expensive.
  2. Motion sensor – Really? Most of the readers might assume this feature is irrelevant when it comes to bathroom fans. Let me remind you, this is one of the best extra features that come incorporated into a bathroom fan. This feature will automatically switch-on the bathroom fan if it detects any motion and automatically switches off when there is no motion in the room.
  3. Control – a bathroom fan can come with several controls, commonly a bathroom fan will come with no controls. It is the customers option on which product to purchase.

Bathroom Fans Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it okay to leave the bathroom fan switched on all-night?

No, under no circumstances should you do it. A bathroom fan could overheat as they could be clogged with dust, dirt, and lint. If the overheating ignites the dust and lint, it could cause a major accident. Even if it does not lead to an accident, the fan could overheat and simply fail. It is best recommended to run the bathroom fan for short cycles and never long cycles.

  1. How long should a bathroom fun run after using the shower?

Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) concluded that a bathroom fan should run for at least 20-minute after the shower is being used. This period ensures the bathroom has been properly ventilated.

  1. Do bathroom fans have to be lubricated? Is it necessary?

Yes, bathroom fans have to be lubricated when required. However, this might not happen soon. To lubricate, the fan should demand it, once the fan is clogged with dirt and lint, they tend to slow down and produce annoying sound. This is when you need to disconnect the fan and then remove the fan cover, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fan, and then lubricate the fan using silicone spray. Read the user manual and if the manufacturer recommends any other kind of lubricant, then use it.

  1. Bathroom fan CFM is related to the size of the bathroom?

Yes, every fan will have a CFM, the bathroom fan also has one. A bathroom fan should be selected based on the room size. For a bathroom fan to work efficiently and serve its purpose, the CFM of the fan should be adequate for the room size. Most commonly, a bathroom fan could have a CFM between 50 to 150 CFM.

  1. A bathroom fan could help get rid of the foul smell in my bathroom?

The basic purpose of a bathroom fan is to get rid of the moisture in the bathroom after a shower. However, the function does not stop there, a bathroom fan could also get rid of the foul odor and the fumes from the cleaning agents. Therefore, protecting the user from any health risk.

  1. Where should the bathroom fan be installed? Is there a specific spot for the bathroom fan?

In general, a bathroom fan could be installed anywhere you like. However, if the bathroom has a bathtub or a shower, then the best place to install them is above them. The moisture or the steam from the bathtub or shower could be easily sucked-in if the fan is placed above it.

  1. Why do I find water droplets leaking from the bathroom fan?

This is a natural phenomenon, but the bathroom fan is supposed to avoid such leaks. The water droplets are the result of condensation, all the bathroom fans come with seal and insulation to prevent such leaks. If you find it leaking, consult an expert and check is the sealing and the insulation is done in the right way. On the other hand, this could happen if the CFM of the fan is low and the quality of the product is low.

Bottom Line

If you are feeling irritated with the smell and moisture of the bathroom, there is a solution to this problem. Just go with the best quality exhaust fan that is found in the market, and you will get immediate relief from this problem. Most of the exhaust fans are designed specially so to give a beautiful and elegant look of the bathroom, along with a refreshing feeling. If we turn back, we see that the ancient exhaust fans were not so efficient in their work. They could not provide the proper service of eliminating the moisture and humidity from the bathroom, and thus people would suffer from lots of health issues.

As times passed, and with the help of advanced technologies, there has been immense development and changes in this product. The design of the product has also undergone good changes, and it is preferred by modern people. The mode of operating such fans are easier and swifter for the people. They also consume fewer electricity bills, which are good news before the people — so no need to think anymore. Just choose the best designer exhaust fans for your bathroom. That is the best way to give a healthy environment to your bathroom. Say “no” to the strong bathroom odor and unhygienic environment. Enjoy a good and fresh bathroom and have a relaxing shower.