9 Best Beach Umbrellas

Summers are known to be the season for beach visits for you and your family. Beaches have always been exciting for the family to visit as it is a relaxing place and relieve off your stress. The vastness of the sea and the sun that gives a tan, both are relaxing. Although you want to get a tan on the beach, you do not wish to spend the whole time under the sun. You would some times need some shade to rest. Beach Umbrellas are the ones that matter a lot then.

If you are fascinated about visiting beaches then for sure, you would have bought a beach umbrella to complete the experience. They are easy to carry as they are foldable and can shrink into smaller bags. There are different kinds of umbrellas with different features attached to them. But the most important feature is the quality of the fabric used. Fabric protects you from getting excessively exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. It provides shade and lets you relax with some cool wind.

Another thing about these umbrellas is you can also use them by your swimming pools. These umbrellas are also useful during the rainy season when you want to enjoy a hot beverage watching the rain. The usage can be many and hence could be the reason to buy them.

Best Buy Beach Umbrellas Consumer Reviews


In the below section, we will be discussing the best beach umbrellas as per consumer reports that are currently available and also see what are the features that make them unique. We hope that this article can help you decide which beach umbrella suits your requirements. Without wasting much time, lets dive into them now.

1. FrankFord Commercial Grade beach umbrella

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FrankFordUmbrellas manufactures sturdy and fashionably attractive umbrellas, which are a must if you are getting to a beach. You have 26 varieties of patterns and colors to select from, and all of them are attractive and durable. The fabric used to prepare the umbrella is a marine-grade UPF 50+ sun protection. It is also mold and mildew resistant, heavy, thus giving a good grip on the umbrella. The fabric is thick and is made of tight construction, making it durable.

The pole used for the umbrella is 1.38 diameter in thickness and made of heavy-duty two-piece Ashwood. The rib is made of 5mm diameter zinc-plated steel that does not rust due to moisture. It is also fitted with a steel spring to ensure it opens up completely stretching to the fullest. It has no tilt functionality. The umbrella as a whole has been made with the most durable materials and has been designed and fitted by the finest workmen. The design ensures it is wind resistant and has been fitted such a way to the steel ribs that it does not tear away due to the wind.

Usage of the sand anchor is advisable to make the umbrella stand on the sand without budging. The umbrella is designed to last for a long time and comes with a warranty of 10 years on the fabric. The fabric is guaranteed not to fade for a long time. 2 years warranty is provided on the frame of the umbrella. It is also accompanied by a blue cover to help you carry it around.


  • Durable material that is said to be fade-proof for a few years
  • Wind resistant design
  • Made by the finest workmen
  • 10 years warranty on the fabric for the color and 2 years for the frame


  • No tilting function available
  • Users found the connectors to be flimsy
  • Some users said the pole is difficult to detach

2. AosKe Patio/Beach Umbrella

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AosKe is the brand that has one of the functionalities that was missing from the previous one. The tilt feature of the umbrella gives the advantage of adjusting it to any direction base on the direction of the sun. You can adjust the canopy without any hassle, and you can rotate the canopy by 360 degrees. The material used in preparing the canopy is Vinyl material. The material can block the radiation from the sun completely, thus protecting you from most of the sun-related damages on the screen. You will also not feel the sun’s heat under the canopy.

The pole ends with the anchor designed structure to ensure when fixed on the ground fixes strong enough to withstand strong wind. It fixes on sand, grass, mud, dirt fields without any hassle. It is difficult for the wind to budge the umbrella from its place. The structure of the umbrella, which is made of high strength fiber, also makes sure to fold the fabric tight so that the wind does not tear away the fabric. The pole is made of aluminum rod and is as strong as the steel rod. It is lighter in weight and will not rust. The structure makes the umbrella easy to store; hence it is a good one to have.

The design on the 100% polyester material is beautiful to look at. The material can block 99.9% of harmful sun-rays. It is also made of breathable and hence does not catch any odor. The color of the umbrella does not fade; make you think you just bought the umbrella.


  • Tilt feature available to make sure you can adjust the canopy without any hassle
  • The pole has an anchor at the other end to make sure the umbrella fixes to the ground strong
  • The pole is made of Aluminum hence strong and light weighted
  • Easy to carry as crumbles into a small stick
  • Canopy is designed with vents


  • Customers complained of the umbrella not fixing strong to the ground
  • Easily flew away with small wind
  • Received damaged umbrella

3. ezShade superior Beach Umbrella

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ezShade has a specially designed model of umbrella that is unique and innovative. With the umbrella that provides a canopy, accompanied is the additional accessory that is like a wall that avoids any sun rays even from the sides. The material used as the fabric is made of UPF 50+ material that blocks the UV/UVB rays by 99%. The pole is made of steel material due to which it light in weight. There is an attachment in the middle of the pole which can be used to adjust the length of the pole. It ends with a pointed edge, which will help you poke the pole into the sand or mud with ease. It is advisable to use an additional anchor as the pole does not fix to the groud so strong like the previous ones.

The canopy on the sides ends with a large piped opening where you can fill in some sand so that the umbrella does not budge in the wind due to the weight. You can easily reposition the side canopy based on the direction of the sun and enjoy the complete shade. You can also add in additional sun shields on the side and almost make it like a tent. These sun shields are sold separately. The umbrella can easily be folded and can fit into the cover provided with it. It becomes easy to carry or store as it does not take much space.


  • Made of UPF 50+ material blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Provides maximum shade when compared to the last products
  • Can add in additional weight in the side shields with sand to make sure it does not fly away
  • Sturdy steel pole adds additional weight
  • Approved by Melanoma International Foundation


  • Brokedown easily by a user – not strong
  • Needs additional anchor

4. FrankFord Umbrellas – 6.5 feet Beach Umbrellas

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FrankFord has come up with another model of umbrellas suitable for the beach which has 6.5 feet of canopy. Similar to the previous model discussed, this one also has Acrylic material that is designed with UPF50+ material that wards off all the harmful rays from the sun. The fabric is fitted on the structure so tight that the wind does not let the fabric tear away. It comes in around 26 different designs and colors that make the head turn when someone walks by. The color of the fabric does not fade away, and it is guaranteed to stay at least for 10 years. It is made of breathable material and hence does not catch an odor.

The design of the umbrella is such that it is wind resistant, which means it can withstand high wind to make sure it does not fly away. The ribs in the umbrella are made of zinc-plated steel that ensures stronghold on the material and also is rust free. The pole is made of two-piece ash wood that is connected with a steel connector. It is 1.38 inches in diameter, making it strong support to the umbrella. There are no vents in the canopy but it is tightly tied to the ribs, ensuring it does not tear away from the structure. The manufacturer also advises using a sand anchor to make sure the umbrella does not fly away. The umbrella comes with a manufacturer’s 10 years fading warranty on the fabric and 2 years on the frame. There is a carry bag provided so that you can fit in the umbrella to be carried around very easily.


  • Strong and heavy fabric making sure the umbrella is also heavy so that it does not fly away
  • Made by finest workmen to deliver a high quality and durable product
  • The pole is strong to hold the umbrella in the wind also
  • 10 years warranty on the fabric and 2 years for the frame
  • Comes in 26 variety of colors and design


  • No tilt feature available
  • No vents in the canopy provided

5. AMMSUN Beach Umbrella

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AMMSUN has a multi-colored umbrella that is specially designed for the beach due to its ventilation feature. The umbrella is designed with fabric that provides 100% UV protection as it is made of premium material. On the inside, there is the silver UV coating that will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. The umbrella is large enough to provide a good canopy even when you are lying down on the sand. The tilt feature in the pole can be used just by a push of the pushbutton available. It will help you track the direction of the sun and get the maximum share during the whole day without much adjustment.

The umbrella itself is made of all high-quality materials. The steel alloy pole is strong enough in high winds and also holds to the ground strong. The fabric is durable and can withstand both sun and rain and stay strong for a long time. The pole is connected with the fiber ribs that hold the fabric strong to make sure the fabric does not tear off due to the wind. The vents are provided on the top of the umbrella. These vents allow air to flow inside the umbrella hence making sure the air under the umbrella does not heat up. The umbrella is provided with a carrying bag into which the umbrella fits in well and is easy to carry. The umbrella folds into a small stick. You can add a sand anchor to make sure it does not fly away due to the wind.


  • 100% UV protection provided by the fabric used in the umbrella
  • Portable as can be folded and carried easily
  • The product is of high premium quality and has all the small features that are required
  • Vents in the top ensure stability is added to the umbrella
  • Tilt feature available


  • Bad construction as commented by one os the users
  • The pole is easily breakable

6. AMMSUN 7ft Beach Umbrella

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Ammsun comes with another model od beach umbrella, which is quite cool to look at. It is a 7 ft wide umbrella and is bigger than the previous one we discussed. This umbrella comes with the sand anchor that holds onto the sand with a good grip making it difficult for the wind to move the umbrella. The umbrella is air vented on the top, which fulfills 2 purposes. One is it provides stability to the umbrella when there is a wind blowing. The wind passes through the ventilation and hence avoiding the umbrella to fly away. The second is it provides a cool breeze when sitting under the umbrella and avoid any hot air due to the sun.

The umbrella is made of high-quality materials, making it strong and durable. The Umbrella fabric is supported by 8 strong fiberglass ribs. The pole is made of sturdy aluminum, making it light in weight and also windproof on the beach. It has 3 holes provided using which we can adjust the height of the umbrella. The umbrella is also having the feature of tilting and it is a very important feature. The shade can be adjusted using the tilting feature. The fabric made of polyester with silver coating inside makes sure the UV rays do not enter the umbrella and thus protecting you. It has the sand anchor, which is very helpful to have a worry-less relaxation on the beach. It also comes with easy to carry cover for the umbrella.


  • Sand anchor provided which is very helpful during windy season
  • A strong and durable material used to manufacture the umbrella
  • Tilt feature enables to have the maximum shade
  • Portable as can be carried very easily others


  • The weak pole as per a few users
  • Product quality has been questioned

7. BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System

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The Beachbub has innovated a normal beach umbrella to overcome a few of the issues found in the previous umbrella. The main feature that has been improved in adding weight to the umbrella so that it can stay strong while standing. It was achieved after thousands of hours of designing and engineering. It was built with feedback from various beachgoers. Hence this has come out to be a well designed one. The pole at the end has a pouch-like made of the fabric where you can add in sand and provide weight to it and hence making the umbrella windproof.  The umbrella is tested with 35 MPH of wind to make sure it works as expected.

The canopy fabric is designed to avoid the sun-rays and hence protecting you from having a safe relax on the beach. The pole is a two-piece one and can be connected with a connector. The umbrella has been provided with a carrying bag with which you can easily carry around the umbrella. The product also comes with various accessories like a shovel, sand gopher and towel hook. This hs been certified and tested by a magazine, also that it does not flow away with the wind.  The company also provides a 3-year protection plan 3 years for the frame.


  • Designed and engineered based on the beachgoer’s feedback and points of improvement.
  • Tested under a wind of 35mph to ensure it works well
  • 3 years frame warranty provided
  • Made of all high-quality material


  • The pole broke due to the wind easily as per customer

8. Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

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The beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama comes with the aluminum pole that is also installed with the sand anchor and one end. There is no need to dig into the sand to fix it and there is the sand piercer that will help you put the pole into the sand with ease. You just need to put it in the sand and start rotating and the piercer will go deep into the sand.  The ribs of the umbrella are made of fiberglass, which makes it strong and long-lasting.

The umbrella is made of a very reliable fabric that protects the user by avoiding harmful UV rays. The silver coating inside the umbrella also protects against harmful rays. The umbrella is designed with the vents which provide stability to the umbrella when it is windy. It also makes sure the hot air is not stored under the umbrella and thus keeping the shade cool. It is also provided with the tilting mechanism. This feature helps the user to track the sun’s direction and tilt the umbrella towards the sun, avoiding sun-rays hitting the user. The color of the fabric is designed with blue and green shades of color combination, making it bright and attractive. There is also a carrying bag that is provided with the umbrella, which is of the same color combination and can ve used to carry the umbrella easily.


  • It is designed with a strong aluminum pole that provides light-weight to the umbrella
  • Comes with a sand anchor and also the mechanism to easily dig into the sand
  • Detachable pole making it easy to carry around
  • Tilt feature helps manage the shade based on the sun’s direction
  • The aluminum coating helps protect from the sun’s harmful rays


  • The customers experienced the pole detaching the umbrella in mild winds also
  • Flimsy as per customer’s comments

9. Tommy Bahama 7 ft Umbrella

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The last one on our list is also from Tommy Bahama and is known to be a very attractive one due to its red color. The pole of the umbrella is non-corrosive aluminum one which is 1.25 inches thick in diameter. It has the tilting mechanism on top, which can be very useful to tilt the umbrella against the sun’s direction to make sure you are not hit by the sun’s rays. On the other end,it has the sand piercer which also has the sand anchor attached. Slightly put it into the sand and then start rotating the pole into the sand it digs out the sand as it gets into it.

The pole comes in two pieces and is connected with a connector. This enables easy carrying and packaging when not in use. The material used as the fabric is polyester fabric. It is the 300D quality, which ensures it avoids any harmful sun-rays hitting you. The edges of the umbrella have extra drops that provide extra shade. The umbrella is also vented to provide stability in the windy times. The fabric is tightly fit across the fiberglass ribs that are also strong to ensure the fabric does not tear off during high winds. The umbrella when completely open is about 82 inches tall, but when we disassemble it and fold the umbrella, it reduces to 44 inches. Hence it becomes easy to carry or store when not in use.


  • Non-corrosive aluminum pole makes the umbrella sturdy
  • Pole attached with a sand anchor
  • Provided with the same fabric design carrying bag to carrying or storage purpose
  • Vented canopy makes it stable in windy times
  • 2 position tilt feature available


  • Broken product delivered to the customer
  • The pole is made of very thin aluminum making it very vulnerable to a small gust of winds
  • Some customers found a defect in the product assembly hence had to return the product

Beach Umbrella Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

Are you planning a nice vacation at the beach this summer? Then you should always carry a beach umbrella along with you. To avoid dangerous sunburn and to beat the heat of the hot summers, you will need the best beach umbrella in the market. Here is a small buying guide about how to pick the right beach umbrella.


When you are looking for the best beach umbrellas, then you need to concentrate on the material used in the making of the umbrella. It is usually Polyester fabric or Pongee. These are the most common options available in the market, and this is a highly durable material as well. It is waterproof, and that is one of the essential points that you need to check when you are buying an umbrella. You should not go for the umbrellas that are made using Nylon fabric.


You are looking for the beach umbrellas, and that means you need to carry them in your car or van to the beach area and then to the beach from your vehicle. It should be light in weight so that you can easily carry it along with you. When it is light in weight, you will be able to carry it to any place of your choice.

UPF Rating

One of the main reasons why you look for the beach umbrellas is to keep yourself and your family safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Especially if you have kids along with you, then this is an essential feature to look for. UPF stands from Ultraviolet Protection Factor. You will find many umbrellas with different UPF values, like from 15 to 50+. If the UPF value is between 15 to 24, then you get 93 to 95 percent sun protection. From 25 to 39, it is 95 to 97 percent protection, and 40 to 50+ UPF gives you 97 to 98 percent protection from the harmful UV rays. You will suffer sunburn even if you are using an umbrella with UPF less than 40. So, it is always good to get an umbrella with 50+ UPF value. Also, if you have to spend a little extra, then you need not have to worry at all. It is worth spending the extra amount. 

Umbrella frame

You will be able to find the frame and ribs made of different materials like Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Wood.

  • Fiberglass: It is one of the most popular and durable material that is used in many fishing ships as well. It is very strong and stands still even in a windy climate. It is non-corrosive material and flexible. They do not break or crack easily.
  • Aluminum: The most commonly used umbrella frame material is aluminum. It is light in weight, but still heavy-duty material. You can choose an aluminum frame with fiberglass ribs or an aluminum frame with stainless steel ribs. It is your choice as the price depends on the type of material you are picking.
  • Wood: For a more natural look and feel, wood frames are a good choice. They are also made of strong wood and hence they do not break easily in any kind of weather conditions. You can find a wood frame with fiberglass ribs and a wooden frame with stainless steel ribs as well.

Size of the Umbrella

In the market, you can find the umbrellas from 5.5 feet to 11 feet as well. It is your choice of size. If you are choosing a bigger size, you will be able to enjoy better sun protection. It all depends on how many people will be using the umbrella at a time. If you are a large number of people, then you should go for a bigger one, and if it is just for an individual, then 5.5 feet umbrella is a good choice.


When we say weatherproof, then we are not talking about the waterproof or wind. You can make sure that the ribs and the pole should not get rusted due to the weather at the beach. You should go for the frames that come steel coated as they will protect the frames from rust and corrosion. That way you will also be able to extend the life of the umbrella as well.

Beach Umbrella Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a patio umbrella and a beach umbrella?

When you look at a patio umbrella or a beach umbrella, they both look similar. But when you start using them, they are different kinds of the umbrella. A patio umbrella will be fitted into a hole of a table, and it also comes with a base. But you will have to spike the beach umbrella into the sand. 

  • Do I need a base or an anchor for a beach umbrella?

Most of the beach umbrellas do not come with a base or an anchor. They are just planted into the sand. They are resistant to wind and will stand upright during normal winds. But if there wind is high, you will need an anchor. Anchors are available in different styles, and you will have to rely on the anchor or base provided by the manufacturer only because the anchor that you buy may not fit perfectly to the beach umbrella that you are already having. 

  • Can a beach umbrella save me from sudden rain when I am at the beach?

The material used in the making of any umbrella is usually waterproof. That means you can happily take shelter under the beach umbrella. But you should also keep in mind that if the rain is heavy with heavy winds, then you will have to look for alternative shelter. 

  • What is the most important factor to look for when buying a beach umbrella?

There are many factors that you need to consider while buying a beach umbrella, but the most important factor is the size of the umbrella. Size does not mean the height of the pole. You will have to concentrate on the diameter of the umbrella. This factor again depends on the number of people that are going to take shelter under the umbrella. For a small family, and for spending a whole day at the beach, you will need an umbrella with 9 feet in diameter. 

  • My umbrellas always fly away due to the wind. How do I anchor it properly?

It is a very tricky process to set up an umbrella at the right angle so that it does not fly away. You will have to plant the umbrella and tilt it in such a way that the top is facing the wind. That way, the pole will go deeper into the sand due to the speed of the wind. Do not sit on the dunes; rather, you can use these dunes as windbreakers. Always choose a spot that is close to water because wet sand will keep the umbrella pole in place. 

  • Do I need an umbrella cover for my beach umbrella?

You are not going to use your beach umbrellas daily, and hence when not in use, it is good to protect them and keep them safe. Most of the beach umbrellas come with a cover, and if your manufacturer does not provide one, then you can find a lot of options outside. Check out the size of the umbrella pole to make sure that you are not picking the wrong size. 


Beach goers are always excited to go to the beach to get a sunbath or also just enjoy a bit of heat. Beach Umbrellas do matter a lot to such people. The above list of products that we discussed are the best we could find in the market with the best features available. Others are available which you would want to explore, but for sure the above ones are the best you can find. We have also discussed all the features that come with them, which are also very helpful. Hoping you find it useful and helpful to decide which one to buy. Happy buying!