10 Best Carpet Sweepers

Carpets are the items that one can use to decorate the room to bring the liveliness of it. They form the basic theme of the interiors, and based on the carpet color and texture, you can decorate the room as you require. Carpets come in various sizes, shapes, and texture and these features vary from where you want to use them. They are used in front of the chair where you relax or can cover the whole floor to form as a part of the interiors.

Carpets have various uses like decorative purposes, maintaining the acoustic of the room to avoid echo, and to avoid dust. With all these uses, it is a task to keep the carpets clean and maintained. You might feel that keeping the carpet clean is a hectic task, but with the introduction of the carpet sweeper, your job is made simpler and easier. You need not spend on getting it cleaned by an expert. These sweepers will help you clean and maintain the carpets with very fewer efforts and also in lesser time. With frequent usage, it makes it easier to maintain them also.

In this article, we will talk about the consumer reports of 10 best carpet sweepers that are available in the market place for you to buy. These are listed based on the user reviews and their features that make them a good one to buy.

Best Buy Carpet Sweeper Consumer Reviews


So, here we are looking at the 10 best carpet sweeper that we have listed down for you. We hope you can choose one of them.

1. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper


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Bissell Natural Sweeper is the perfect sweeper for your carpet and that is designed for a quick sweep. It has a history of 140 years of quality cleaning. It is quite as there is no electrical motor running in it that makes any noise. It’s all mechanical and all the push you give is enough for the sweeper to do itsjob. As it is perfect of the carpet, it sweeps up all the dry particles like pet hair, crumbs of food, cereals, dirt, dust and all other dry dirt. Not just carpet, you can also use it on the hard floor and plain floor, which has dry dust. You can use it on carpets, rugs, and hard floors.

It is a safe product to use as there is no electricity involved in the working of the sweeper. There are no fast-moving parts or any other components that make it a dangerous product to use. It is very easy to use and maneuver the sweeper as itslight in weight and also compact. It is also easy to store when not in use due to its compact model. It is easy to empty the sweeper with the all dirt inside; you just need to take it to a dustbin and open the compartment and empty it into the dustbin. There are two rotating brushes in the sweeper that picks up the dirt as you roll the sweeper ahead and also picks it up as it rolls back also. It is designed to be PVC free and all the smaller parts are made of recycled plastic, ensuring no additional carbon footprint is left.


  • Over 140 years of quality cleaning
  • No electricity required
  • Quiet cleaning and picks up the dirt while moving both forward and backward
  • Compact and lightweight makes it easy to use
  • Multi-surface sweeper


  • Customers complained about sweeper not working as expected
  • Works only on dry dirt with the specific size

2. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

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Fuller introduces the 9″ sweeper, which is compatible with both carpets and floor. It comes in a variant of 5 colors and the one we are looking at is red. It is a good choice for quick cleaning of the carpet or the floor with all the dry dirt/dust. They include something like crumbs of food, paper pieces, dust, and much other small-sized dirt. Easy to grab and finish cleaning work in a jiffy. Involving brushes in the sweeper the quality bristles in it, which is attached to a rotating part picks up all the dirt as you move it forward or backward. It picks up hair, paper clips, small glass pieces, dust and debris as it moves along. Anything gets underneath the sweeper consider it be taken in.

The device is compact and portable, making it easy to use and store. You can easily move it into another room without any efforts just by rolling it along the floor – you need not stress a muscle to get the cleaning completed. It is also lightly weighted which makes your task easier.It is compatible along with many types of floors as a carpet, tiles, hard floor and any other plain even surface where you see the dirt to pick from. It folds along with the handle hence make it easy to hang for storage. The product is also a durable and sturdy one. The brush is enclosed in a metal casing, which is sturdy, providing longevity of the product.


  • Good for quick clean-up and comes in 5 colors
  • Picks up all the dry waste or dirt like paper, paperclips, glass, and crumbs
  • Compact and portable product making it easier to store
  • Works on the tiles, carpets and other such plain surfaces
  • Sturdy and strong for longevity
  • Cleaning brush provided


  • Overpriced for some users
  • Does not pick up a little heavy or a bigger waste

3. Alpine Industries Triple Brush Floor & Carpet Sweeper

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Alpine Industries introduces the black colored sweeper which is convenient to use and easy to clean. It is easy for quick cleaning with mild or very little dirt when they are dry. They serve as easy touch-up sweepers for the last-minute clean-up that is required. As there is no electricity involved in the operating of this device, there are no cases of the long cord getting entangled. It is made with quality construction with a combination of plastic and steel to make it durable and sturdy. The length of the handle is good enough for anyone to work with it.

The product is so compact and light-weighted that even a kid could use it without much stress or effort. The construction and the weight of the product make it easy to maneuver and also require very fewer efforts. It also makes easy to carry on the sweeper from room to room. It is made to be quick and easy to collect the dirt and debris from any kind of plain surfaces. With its compact design, you can easily hang it to store when not in use. The sweeping box simply folds along the handle, which reduces space while storing. It is easy to empty the box with all the dirt in it. Just place it over a dustbin and then open the compartment below which will drop off all the waste into the bin.


  • The sweeper is designed for easy and quick clean-up
  • Works on all plain surfaces
  • The compact design makes it easy to store
  • The lightweight of the sweeper enables easy to maneuver while cleaning
  • No electricity required and operates silently


  • Does not pick up waste easily as per customer’s reviews

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper

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Rubbermaid commercial products are the brand known for the floor cleaners and they have introduced this carpet cleaner which is constructed of the durable galvanized steel. The sweeping path of the sweeper is 6.5” in length covering a good area while sweeping the floor or the carpet. It makes the sweeping process faster. The handle attaches to the sweeper through the threading which enables easy assembly. It has a low-profile design which will ensure you can use it under any furniture with ease and swiftness.

It is designed with easy-open debris pan which you can empty off without any efforts. It is manufactured with durable galvanized steel and ABS plastic which will allow for longevity of the sweeper. It works best on the bare floors or the low-pile carpet. It is installed with soft rubber which ensures the movement is smooth and faster. It also allows easy maneuver of the sweeper due to the smooth functioning of the wheels. Due to no usage of any power, there is no sound produced and the cleaning process is quiet. Due to the non-existing of the fast-moving part like a vacuum cleaner, the product is safe to use. Your cleaning process becomes faster and easier. It becomes even handier in places like small restaurants or your small shop where the space is small and filled with furniture.


  • Quiet and easy to maneuver sweeper
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • Durable galvanized steel used along with tough ABS plastic
  • Soft rubber wheels make the gliding faster and smoother
  • Easy to empty the waste collected in the sweeper


  • Does not work around corners

5. Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

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Shark Ultra-light cordless sweeper is designed to work on both, the floor and the carpet. The model is V2950 and is a 2-speed powered sweeper. It is a 13” with the rechargeable batteries to ensure there are no cords involved or gets entangled as you clean the floor. Like the manual sweepers we have seen till now, this sweeper works similarly but with motorized brushes that roll along to collect the dirt. The motor is powerful enough to sweep in any size or type of debris into the sweep box. It has a 2-speed control and can run up to 55 mins continuously in a single charge.

The handle is designed to provide multiple conveniences to use. The folding Backsaver handle allows for usage of the sweeper under the furniture and also in the crowded area. With even the motorized parts in it, it is still designed to be lightweight and also easy to maneuver along the floor. The design is also good enough for you to use it along the wall to clean. It also picks up the debris along withthe corners easily, which was one of the issues in the previous product. All the debris cleaned is collected in the container, which has a capacity of 1.8 qt. You can easily empty it in the dustbin by simply opening a compartment at the bottom of the sweeper.


  • Motorized brush movement making the cleaning faster and very fewer efforts required
  • Rechargeable batteries used which can run for 55 mins with a single charge
  • Ultra-lightweight makes the usage easier and also easy to maneuver
  • The handle is also adjustable making it easy to use in the crowded place


  • The built of the product is sturdy as expected by the customers

6. Ontel SWSMAX Swivel Sweeper, Purple

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The next one from Ontel is also a motorized sweeper that has its power source – that is, the rechargeable batteries. It works like a charm with its 360orotation along with the handle, making it easy to clean along with any direction. There are also corner brushes that remove the debris along with the corners, which later is pulled into the sweeper in a jiffy. The corner brushes run with 4000 RPM speed and in the process, removes all the debris from the corner. It is also with the low-profile design that makes it easy to clean under furniture. Like in a vacuum cleaner that requires the expensive bags to collect the debris this product does not require any such bag making it less expensive in the maintenance.

It has removable, cleanable and reusable bristles that are designed to give a high performance while it is switched on. Like mentioned before, there is no electricity required to run it. Instead, it runs on the battery power which runs for about 45 mins. Hence this is cordless which will ensure while using the sweeper, there is no entanglement of the cord. The device is lightweight hence easy to use by anyone in the house. It makes the light cleaning process faster with motors installed. The device is also safe on all kinds of floors.


  • Lightweight sweeper that makes the cleaning faster and easy to maneuver
  • Removable and cleanable brush bristles make it easy to reuse and, in the process, make it less expense maintenance
  • Safe on kinds of floor
  • Cordless and rechargeable batteries with runtime about 45 mins


  • Does not pick up the debris as expected

7. Eyliden Carpet and Floor Sweeper Hand Push Automatic Broom

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Another non-electric or motorized sweeper from Eyliden comes in 4 colors to choose from. It is easy to use the device with dual rotating brushes that pick big or small debris along its forward or return passes. Like in any sweeper, the hair would get stuck in the roller which needs to be removed manually and for this purpose, a cleaning brush has been provided. The sweep is rotatable 180 degrees making it easy to maneuver it as you pass along. There are 4 rollers provided at the bottom that eases the movement of the sweep.

The company is friendly enough to respond to your queries via email or even over a call. The product is lightweight which adds up to the ease of operating it. You would not hurt your wrist as it is lightin weight and it becomes very smooth while maneuvering the sweep. To add on, as there is no usage of any kind of electricity in the process there are no fast-moving components that can cause any harm to the kids if they use it. The handle of the product is also adjustable to the height of the user, which means it can also use it without any issues. No electricity expense or battery recharging required as it is a manual operating product. Works on carpets, rugs, floor and any plain surface.


  • Easy to use design as a simple push of the sweeper removes all the debris from the carpet or the floor
  • As it is light in weight it becomes easy to maneuver and can be used by kids also
  • The adjustable handle which makes easy for the kid to handle it
  • Works on most of the plain surface – be it carpet or the floor


  • Expensive when compared to other similar products
  • Not sturdy hence broke within a week

8. Winco FSW-11 Steel Carpet/Floor Sweeper

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Winco comes with the model FSW-11 which is a very light weighted product that requires no power of batteries to run. Like any standard sweeper, it has various brushes at the bottom of it that rolls as you run the sweeper over the floor or the carpet. The bristles used in the brushes are natural hence they provide longevity of the brushes and also pick up the debris with much ease. It is known to be rotary sweeper which powers based on how fast the user runs it along the floor or the carpet.

The steel handle provided with it has multiple rods using which you can adjust its height. You can attach only the handles as much required to adjust the height. The product does not require any electricity or batteries to operate; hence you need not worry about any expenses related to the usage of electricity. The foldable sweeper box ensures it folds along the handle to make it easy for storage.


  • Rotary sweeper does not use any electricity or battery power to run
  • Handles are adjustable as per the height of the user
  • Natural bristles of the brush make it easy to pick up the debris
  • A good quality product with a sturdy design


  • Broke easily within a couple of weeks
  • Does not pick the debris as expected

9. Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

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Karcher is known to be a very good brand to be manufacturing products related to the cleaning process. Likewise, they have come up with the portable one KB5 that is a cordless one. This is not a manually working product but has rechargeable batteries installed, which does the job for you faster and batter. There is automatic power on a system built in it, that switches on when you pull the handle. This feature makes it easy to handle it and makes it less stressful.

It is installed with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that would run the sweeper for about one hour. This feature makes it cordless to avoid the situation of entangled cord and you spending time to remove the tangle. It is easy to clean brush provided, which can be used to clean the brush roll in it. The compact design makes sure it gets easier to store the product when it is not in use. The charging cable is also provided with the product.


  • Cordless feature makes it safe for usage
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give a runtime of about an hour
  • Easy to clean brush provided
  • Compact design for easy storing and less space required
  • Automatic switch-on of the sweeper


  • Defective piece received
  • The battery is not very good

10. Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

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Last one our list is from Shark, similar to the one we discussed earlier but with slightly different features. This one is a rechargeable one with the ability to be cordless while using it. This feature makes sure you do not trip off while using it. The motorized sweeper is a 12″ one which covers a larger area as you sweep along. The handle is foldable, which will allow the user to sweep below the furniture so that it is easily reachable.

Like the other version, even this product is ultra-lightweight, making sure the user does not have to put in a lot of effort while maneuvering it.The product also has a 1-year warranty and they will provide the service with much ease. The battery runs for about 45 mins and that should be good enough for small usage. The emptying of the sweeper box is also very easy and you can empty it in a dustbin in a jiffy.


  • Rechargeable batteries make it easy to use when required
  • No cord used while operating it hence no worry of tripping over the wire
  • Easy to empty the waste
  • The foldable handle makes it easy to maneuver
  • 2 speed for the motor where you can decide on the cleaning speed


  • They are no build to last
  • The handle of the sweeper is not as sturdy as expected

How to Buy Best Carpet Sweeper 2020 – Simple Buying Guide

A carpet sweeper can come handy to clean up the dust, pet hair, and other carpet things. But the only problem is that many manufacturers are offering different types of carpet sweepers with little tweaks. And if you don’t know what to actually look for while choosing the right type of carpet sweeper, then you may end up buying the worst product. Therefore, to help you out, we have decided to list some of the highly essential points that you shouldn’t ignore as a possible buyer of carpet sweeper.

Electric Or Manual:

Basically, there are only two different types available related to carpet sweeper in terms of the overall functionality. It completely depends upon you which type you want to buy, but let’s keep it simple and understandable. So, if you want to complete the carpet cleaning task in less time, then it would be an excellent option for you to go with an electric carpet sweeper. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest a higher amount of money to buy a carpet sweeper, you should look to buy the manual carpet sweeper. And if you have decided to go with the electric sweeper, then you also have to keep an eye on some extra points such as power, suction power, cord length, etc.


If you want the top-notch cleaning of your carpet, you must have to keep an eye on the sweeper’s effectiveness. Many factors can decide the effectiveness of a carpet sweeper. But the most common and foremost aspect is the bristles in the bottom roller, and how it actually works with different things that present on the carpet. Plus, there are some other factors also present, such as the adjustability of the sweeper as per the carpet and angled cleaning. We suggest you choose an option that has ideal adjustability as per thin and thick carpet and must have the capability to clean or remove pet hairs from the carpet.

Lightweight Or Not:

The lightweight design of a carpet sweeper is something that you should consider before making the final purchase decision. Suppose if you bought a bulky carpet sweeper, then it would be a real headache for you to roll it on the whole carpet because you have to put extra effort while cleaning in this situation. And if you don’t want to deal with this kind of situation and you want to complete the carpet cleaning task with little efforts, then a lightweight sweeper option would be an excellent choice for you.

Handle Section:

If you focus on the handle section of a carpet sweeper before making the final purchase decision, you will be able to find the sweeper’s high usability. Let’s take a look a bit deeper in this section, so while selecting a carpet sweeper, you must ensure to choose a long handle with better gripping in the end. In this way, you’ll be able to clean your carpet without bending your back over. One other key thing to remember is that you should choose a sweeper that comes with the double side tilting handle for better convenience.

Price Point:

The price point is pretty subjective, and this is the main point that you always need to consider before making the final purchase decision related to all the products. While choosing the right type of carpet sweeper, you always have two choices to make, first is that you buy a basic option at a lower price point. And the second choice is that you invest a higher amount to buy an electric, and additional carpet sweeper features, the choice is yours.


Having discussed these 10 sweepers for the carpets, we believe you can get a good view of which one of them would best suit your requirements. These are carefully selected products based on the user experience and their reviews. We have also listed some user’s feedback on the cons, which will help you chose the best one of them. We are sure that even with so many sweepers available online, you would not find any better ones than the ones we listed. Have a wonderful shopping!