10 Best DNA Testing Kits

Humans are very curious about their own identities since forever. This has led us to set up a whole new industry for personal testing of DNAs. The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) carries an entire story of our past, present, and even our future. The expressions of genes in our DNA makes us who we are, determining everything from our eye color, our hair color to our height, or which diseases we could defeat easily. The study of DNA even provides remarkable information about our heritage.

DNA testing is a very simple method. First of all, you have to collect a little amount of your saliva and then seal it in a small container and lastly mail the container to the lab in a labeled box. After a specific period of time, you’ll be able to see the results on the web. Most of the personal DNA test kits are affordable. After receiving DNA samples from customers, the DNA testing companies test the DNA for certain gene variants. Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA. They are of four types, namely – Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), respectively. There are approximately 3 billion pairs of A, T, C, G bases in a human DNA, strung in a sequence together, and this genetic information altogether is known as a genome.

The companies that test DNA determine the sequence of four letters that is present at maximum locations in the genome. Many sequences are shared among human beings. Hence the companies target the specific letters that vary between individuals, called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). Most of the SNPs have biological relevance. SNPs are associated with traits, while some are associated with diseases.

Best Buy DNA Test Kits Consume Reviews


Let us discuss the top ten DNA Test Kits that you can buy easily on the Internet –

1. AncestryDNA (Genetic Ethnicity) DNA Test Kit


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The AncestryDNA Genetic testing kits effectively traces from 1000 global regions, creating a precise and thorough portrait of your lineage. The AncestryDNA Genetic testing kits help you discover the story of your DNA in simple and easy steps.

All you have to do is send a sample of your saliva to the AncestryDNA lab in a prepaid package, and in around 7-8 weeks, your report will be ready. The AncestryDNA test kit estimates ethnicity with in-depth historical insights and greater geographical details. It is overall the best DNA test kit. This AncestryDNA test kit subscription provides access to family trees (millions), billions of records, and a good insight into your origins and genealogy.

The AncestryDNA test kit is one of the most selling DNA kits. The test kit might even reveal the existence of a long-lost cousin, aunt, or sibling. The data provided by AncestryDNA test kit even shows the paths of your ancestors, what your ancestors did, and reveals the events that led them to move from one place to another.Now you can use the custom labeling, color coding, and other tools which are innovative to see your DNA connections more clearly.

There are three types of Ancestry DNA test kit available for different kinds of testing: 1. AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test, 2. AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity + Traits Test, 3. AncestryHealth Core: Health + Genetic Ethnicity Test.


  • The AncestryDNA test kit is easy to use.
  • The kit helps users to link with relatives.


  • Subscription is required for full results.

2. 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service

23andMe Ancestry

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It is one of the best DNA test kits which can predict health risks. The kit lets you know your personal story in a very different and new way. You can easily discover the ancestry composition of yours from across more than 1500 regions. The kit helps you discover your paternal and maternal origins and tells how the ancestors moved across the world over hundreds of years.

The 23andMe Ancestry kit has a special DNA relative tool that helps you find, connect, and send a text to those who shared some common DNA with you. You can automatically start the family tree of your own using the DNA.

This DNA test kit helps you trace the details of how specific populations were passed through various generations. It provides you with information about the chromosome segments that are overlapping between your family and you in order to let you triangulate relatives for the family tree.

You can even explore your own traits. The reports such as – photobleaching, freckles, etc., lets you discover your uniqueness. The best thing about 23andMe Ancestry test kit is that all of your data remains private and highly protected. The test kit keeps the data encrypted and under the customer’s control. It provides you with a private place for exploring and understanding your genetics.


  • The test kit provides great access to the information for medical uses.
  • The kit is easy-to-use.
  • The 23and Me Ancestry test kit lets you find and contact the people who share a common DNA with you.


  • The customer care service is condemnable.

3. MyHeritage DNA test kit

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

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The MyHeritage DNA Test Kit is one of the best and cost-effective DNA test kit. It gives access to additional information without additional charges. The kit effectively analyses the roots of your ancestors in great depth in order to provide you with a diverse ethnicity breakdown based on a percentage that may include 40 or more different ethnicities from across the world. There is a special, engaging format that presents the results, making it fun to watch and even share. You may discover unexpected surprises in terms of your ethnicity.

MyHeritage DNA matches your DNA to other DNA and lets you find your new relatives from across the world. It has a special DNA matching technology that necessarily reveals the DNA percentage that you share with your matches, which shows you how closely related you are to your match.

It has some amazing tools that are known to be One-to-Many Chromosome browser. The tool helps you with most of your new discoveries. The DNA test kit also offers a unique family tree integration feature that integrates the DNA results with other family trees present online. This DNA test kit is offering the options of both free as well as paid subscriptions.

Moreover, this DNA test kit keeps your personal data and account well protected and secured using encryption of multiple layers. The testing is being carried out in some of the world’s leading laboratories of the United States that are certified by CLIA. You’ll have all the right to delete your DNA data whenever you want. MyHeritage never licenses or sells customer’s DNA data to anybody without customer’s explicit consent.


  • The pricing of the product is quite affordable.


  • A few customers have reported a longer wait for results.

4. STK paternity test kit

STKs Paternity Test Kit

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The STK paternity test kit is simple, accurate, and affordable. The FDA approves the contents. The DNA of customers is handled with the strictest confidentiality throughout the entire testing procedure. The brand is completely dedicated to customer’s privacy and security.

The STK paternity test kit uses the latest DNA based technology with the state of the art equipment. It performs the most powerful standard test in the industry and gives a very accurate result. The method is quite simple; DNA samples may be collected by simply swabbing the inside of the cheeks with the enclosed sterile swabs. This is a quick, simple, easy, and painless process and can be effectively used for the people of all age groups, including newborn babies. The sample can be easily mailed in a prepaid envelope to the laboratory.

There are swabs, tamper seals and envelopes provided in the kit. The STK paternity test kit is internationally accredited by A2LA as an ISO 17025 relationship testing facility. The results can be reviewed within 3 to 5 working days. The brand also provides telephone interpretation of results.


  • The test kit provides a rapid and discreet result.
  • The procedure is painless
  • and very easy.
  • The testing is highly accurate.
  • It has internationally accredited laboratories, such as ISO.
  • Online interpretation of the result is being provided.


  • The product can only be shipped to the US.

5. TellmeGen DNA test kit:

DNA Test Kit tellmeGen

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TellmeGen DNA test kit is an ancestry & Health test kit which provides information based on ethnicity. It provides the most information present in the market. It helps its customers extend life expectancy. This DNA test kit lets you discover your uniqueness. It helps you know the predisposition to certain diseases such as baldness, obesity, muscle gaining, alcohol tolerance, memory, intelligence, pain sensitivity, and longevity.

The TellmeGen is an ancestry DNA test that gets automatically updated without any advances. They also let the customers consult the experts present in different forums such as a genetic forum, medical forum or nutritional forum. TellmeGen has its own philosophy of making all the latest advances accessible for everyone. It is a perfect DNA test available for any family. The customer care services are always available to assist its customers. It helps you anticipate your future diseases in order to live a better and longer life. It is a great ally to your family’s health.

TellmeGen uses a new chip from Illumina. It has a specific Global Screening Array (GSA chip), which consists of more than 600,000 markers. Additionally, it has been customized with around 10,000 SNPs that are previously selected in order to obtain additional clinical information. The genetic analysis is performed in different centers with all the corresponding regulations. It offers a securing accuracy, the highest quality standard, and better reliability of results.


  • The company provides good customer care services.
  • It provides personalized treatment to each customer.
  • The information is periodically updated in the customer’s account.


  • Time taken for result generation is quite condemnable.

6. AncestryDNA DNA Test Kit (Health + Genetic)

AncestryHealth Core

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This highly rated DNA Test Kit by AncestryDNA comes in three different versions. You may choose the version that suits your requirements the best. The more advanced versions come with more perks. Account set-up is very simple and user-friendly. You will also get personalized guidance and insights by a genetic counselor if you have any concerns.

Determine your eligibility on their website. You may then proceed to send you a saliva sample to them. Your reports will be reviewed, and your sample will be processed after you are considered eligible. Your origin results will then be available online in 6-8 weeks. These results will include your health report two days later.

You may use this kit to analyze your ancestry and know more about yourself. The personalized reports will help you review your health and serious genetic conditions (if any) as well. You may then proceed to share the results with your healthcare provider for a healthy future. No other DNA test kit will give you such a unique experience.


  • It is very highly rated on the e-commercial site.
  • Their counseling service is also great.
  • They provide their users with complete confidentiality.


  • The providers charge an extra fee included in the MRP for clinical oversight services.
  • They may even charge extra fees during the procedure.
  • The results do not include intricate details, so do not expect any if you bought it as your secondary test kit.

7. DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit:

DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit

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This paternity test kit by DNA Direct Solutions is very simple and secure to use. It also includes lab fees on the MRP and can be used for the paternity test between a father and a child. The test contains pain-free cheek swabs for sample collection and free mailing service for the sample to the labs. The instructions provided in the kit are very easy to follow.

This test kit will give you 100% accurate results. If you are having this paternity test for legal reasons, you will be provided with a discount. The test will take less than two business days to conclude. You may register online so that you can receive your results in the e-mail. An e-mail and a phone number are also included in the results to clear further doubts. You may then print the results which are e-mailed to you.

The test includes 22 genetic markers to provide you with the most precise and accurate results. The kit will be mailed to you in discreet packaging to maintain privacy. Remember than you have to send the sample to the labs only in the envelope provided in the kit and not any other. This highly rated paternity test kit is everything you have been looking for. The price of the kit is also cost-effective.


  • The customer will get the result in just two business days after the arrival of the sample in the lab.
  • The price is comparatively lower than the other paternity test kits.
  • The kit is also very easy to use and comes with an additional discount if the customer has bought it for legal reasons.


  • Some people received the wrong packages.
  • Also, some customers had to wait longer than the others.
  • Residents of New York can only use this kit for legal reasons.

8. Vitagene DNA Test Kit:

Vitagene DNA Test Kit

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You will get diet reports, fitness reports, ancestry reports as well as vitamin reports with this kit. The best feature of this kit is that it will provide you with DNA Nutritional Trait details in the results. These include common diet traits such as – cholesterol, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism. This feature covers more than 30 nutritional traits.

The customer will also get a DNA diet menu based on their goals and genetics. The 700 recipes have measured calories and ingredients. You will also be able to get better results from exercise after you get to know what exercises are best for your genes and muscle composition. The kit will also help you break down and analyze your ancestry as well as your ethnic composition.

Register first so that the samples can be mailed easily to the labs. The lab will take 2-3 weeks to receive the sample and analyze the results. The results will then be mailed to you. The reports, along with things listed above, will have information on health risks and recommendations on diet and lifestyle changes. You will be provided with a list of foods, supplements, and exercises that are just right for you.


  • The test kit provides a diet as well as fitness reports.
  • You may also know which vitamin supplements are best for you.
  • Personalized food recipes are also great.


  • The information on dietary supplements has not been approved by the FDA.
  • It is not proven that the kit will prevent and diseases and conditions.
  • Some customers found the information to be very general and not to pay for.

9. Family Tree DNA Test Kit


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This DNA test kit by FamilyTree is claimed to be a family finder. It provides you with interactive tools to find your relatives. It will also help you trace your lineage and find family connections. This kit will also help you determine your ancestry based on your autosomal DNA.

The kit comes with a return shipping envelope. There is also free return shipment provided to customers from the USA. The cheek swabs are also easy to use and require no saliva. The company offers its customers with an enhanced and robust tool to find their family from the family matching system.

The results from this test will also provide you with an ethnic makeup percentage to know your ancestry from different regions of the world on a percentage basis. You can even discover your family with one cheek swab. The MRP includes the test kit as well as lab charges.


  • The family matching system is very enhanced and advanced.
  • The kit will provide you with great ancestry results.
  • This kit is also great for gifting it to someone.


  • Some users have claimed to receive faulty results.
  • It also has a significant amount of bad reviews on the e-commercial sites.

10. 5Strands Test Kit


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This Test Package includes three different tests. These are – Environmental Intolerances, Food Intolerances, and Nutritional Deficiencies. Choose the test that suits your requirements the best. This test will help you achieve the best lifestyle by helping you adjust your dietary habits. The test kit requires you to submit your hair samples. It will then be used to identify imbalances such as – headaches, bloating, upset stomach, etc using a bio resonance technology.

You will also receive an elimination guideline to help you with your food intolerances such as intolerance for vegetables, grains, fruits, lactose, etc. and environmental intolerance for pollen, trees, fabric, lotion etc. You can use these guidelines as preventive measures and become healthier. In the nutritional deficiency test, you will receive information about almost 80 minerals and vitamin levels in your body.

Testing will take up to ten days after the hair sample has been received in the laboratory. The results, when concluded, will be mailed to you. You can reach out to them through e-mail or phone number provided to you if you have doubts or need further assistance. So, select the test that suits your needs first. You may then proceed to send you a pulled hair sample and send it to the lab in the bag provided. You will be notified when your sample reaches the lab. In 5-7 days you will get the results in the e-mail you provided.


  • You can use this test kit to get a variety of details.
  • You can easily use the guidelines that come in the results to improve your health.
  • The test kit is very simple and easy to use.


  • The cost of the kit is a bit on the high-end.
  • This kit cannot be used to test IgG and IgE mediated immune responses.

Things To Consider When Buying Best DNA Kits

The following factors should be kept in mind when you want to purchase a good quality DNA Kit:

Purpose of the Kit: It is important to keep in mind the purpose of the kit. You have to remember the fact that the details and the end result that you get from the kit could be something that might be difficult for you to face. Hence, you should keep in mind the risks involved and also the effect of the results on your individual self as well as your family. Besides, you would also like to buy a kit that will also help you in interpreting the results. Just testing and not understanding the result will not add any value. You have to understand and interpret what the result is.

Type of DNA Test Kit: Another important factor to consider for a DNA test kit is the type of kit itself. Now as far as DNA testing goes, there are different kinds of tests. Each testing kit is meant for a specific kind only. For example, you might have to do DNA testing for checking a medical condition. But before you go for any type of testing, you should make sure that you select the kit as per the type of DNA test that you desire to do.

Which Company is the Best: Yet another factor is which DNA testing kit company has proven itself and which is the best company in the market for supplying the DNA kits. Since DNA testing is a sensitive issue, you will like to go for a kit by a company that is known in the market. You do not want to fall prey to excessive claims by different companies, but rather choose a well-known company and buy the test kit from that company. 

Accuracy of the DNA Kit: Well, testing for DNA is undoubtedly a sensitive issue. You will not want a kit that does not give accurate results. Hence, when you go to the market to purchase a DNA kit, make sure you keep in mind that you do ensure that the results are accurate. If you do not get accurate results, you might be posing risks for both your mental as well as your physical health. The family members may be adversely affected too.

Possibility of Making a Change: After having done the DNA test, will you be able to not only consider but also implement the changes? Well, this is an important question that you would need to ask yourself before selecting a DNA test kit. If the answer is yes, then you should go for a DNA test kit that also suggests how to implement the changes that you would need basis the test results. There are test kits which would make all kinds of suggestions-such as the amount of caffeine intake, the type of exercise, and other suggestions. Hence, these factors need to be borne in mind while you go to select the right DNA test kit for yourself or your family member. 

Storage of Testing Data: Once you do a DNA testing, the data of the same might remain with the company. However, you might not want to share sensitive data with the company. Therefore, it is safe if you read the privacy policies of the companies and then see how sensitive data is stored. You should carefully read the policies and then understand what sensitive data would be stored and who are the people that will have access to the data. You should understand all these things before purchasing a DNA kit.

Customer Reviews: What not many people like to consider is actually a very important factor. While doing research for different kit types, you should bear in mind to read through various reviews by the users. Doing this will give you a basic understanding of different types of tests and what do they help you achieve. Sometimes you might consider a particular brand but after going through the experiences of different uses, you might get to know that the results from the kit are not accurate. In such a scenario, it is better to avoid such a testing kit and rather go for the one that gives accurate results.

Conclusion: DNA Test Kits consumer reports are very useful to determine paternity. They can also be used by an individual to know their lineage as well as their family tree. These days DNA Test Kits are also used and claimed to provide tailored diet charts and exercise requirements based on the DNA of the individual.

The kits can also be used to determine and get information about genetic disorders and whether these disorders can be passed on to children or not. Choosing a DNA Test Kit that suits your requirements completely is not a hassle-free job.

Some of the DNA testing companies have 99.9 per cent accuracy in identifying SNPs, but all tests do not meet the same standards. So the accuracy of the DNA testing kits may vary depending upon testing methods. DNA testing companies use various methods to determine a person’s ancestry. A person can even find relatives he didn’t know he had.

We brought this list of the ten best DNA Test Kits that we came along. We have discussed each of them in detail, along with their pros and cons. We hope this article helped you to find your DNA Test Kit.