10 Best Furnace Filters

Furnace or heater is the most important part of the house especially during the time of winter. They are designed in such a way that they keep the house warm, and you can use a thermostat to control the temperature of the house. The furnace can be placed anywhere in the house like in a closet, garage, or basement. It is best to place the furnace at a centralized location to ensure the furnace works the best and for a longer time.

Do you know how the furnace works? It goes by a very simple mechanism. There is an inlet duct that absorbs the air from the house. This duct leads to a heater that warms the air and then recirculates that air into the house via various pipes leading to different rooms. There is a thermostat that controls the temperature of the house, and it is maintained as per the settings provided.

On average, the furnace lasts about 15 years without any issues. There have been cases where the furnace lasts for over 40 years. This could very much mean the furnace has been maintained very well and has been serviced regularly. One of the main reasons for the furnace to stop working is the accumulation of dust near the heater and the fan that circulates the air. Hence, there is a filter that has been provided that filters out all the impurities and the dust particles before reaching the heater. This ensures the air circulated in the house is much cleaner than before. The filters do not purify the air, instead removes the unwanted particles from the air so that much cleaner air is circulated. Not just the furnace, the air circulating system also circulates cool air from the air conditioning in the summer season.

Although it might sound absurd, it has to be known that the filters are the most important part of the furnace or the house air circulation system. In this article, we will be talking about various filters that are available in the market and their features that make them better than the others.

Best Buy Furnace Filter Consumer Reviews


For the maintenance of the furnace function, numerous filters are available in the market, and out of them, we have chosen the best of them for you to read through by genuine consumer reports. We have listed out their features to enable you to make the right buying decision. Now, let’s start looking at them.

1. FilterBuy Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter

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FilterBuy is the brand that has introduced the furnace filter, which also can be used for AC ducts. The company is a family-owned company that operates since 1958, and it has been reinventing and improving the filters along these years. It is designed to filter out 90% percent of the impurities like dust, debris, pollen, pet hair, and lint. They are directly sold through the factory and are of high-quality material. They are compatible and can be used either in the house or your business place. The company assures that you would breathe better air with the installation of their filters.

The filter is made of pleats that capture most of the impurities without any hassle. It is made of the beverage board, which stays strong even at 200 degrees F of heat. It also withstands the humidity, thus making it feasible in any season. They are MERV 8 ranked filters that ensure the filtering of most of the air impurities. The MERV 8 filters are standard for residential and small commercial purposes. It also is a must if there are pets in the house and thus can avoid recirculation of pet-related impurities in the air. To get the best size of the filters, measure the furnace opening and round to the nearest inch measurement. The company recommends cleaning the filter in 30 days and replace them with a new one at least in 90 days.


  • Family-owned business – which means they have learned the hard way to reach where they are currently
  • Can filter most of the impurities and especially required when you own a pet
  • The filters can withstand high temperature and can hence sustain for a long time


  • There have been complaints about the size of the product.
  • Customers felt the air did not filter easily through them
  • Few customers complained of bad quality

2. Aprilaire 213 Replacement Air Filter

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Aprilaire is made in the USA product, and the company claims itself to be the most genuine company with a genuine product. There are various models available of this brand and all are of the best quality you can find. It is of MERV 13 rank that filters out particles like spores, dust, pollen bacteria, and pet dander. It is also said to filter the dust mites. This helps create and circulate fresh air and thus making it healthier air to breathe. They are also part of the American Lung Association and hence they understand the various health aspects and requirements of it.

It comes with patented self-seal technology that helps reduce the amount of air bypassing the filter. It comes with an interlock rail system that is easy to install by anyone. The product comes in packs of 1, 2, 4 and 8 pieces of filter package. The company terms as a clean-oil commitment, which means that it can remove all types of airborne impurities and thus making the air healthier to breathe. The more the air circulates the cleaner it gets. It also reduces odor from the air and helps in reducing small breathing diseases like asthma. The MERV 13 filters come with a 1-year warranty; hence you can rest assured to know that it will last for a year at least.


  • This is a MERV 13 certified filter which removes impurities to a better extent when compared to other products
  • Part of the American Lung Association hence serving their part being related to the same cause
  • Self-seal technology ensures no air gets by-passed for the air filter
  • Easy to install by anyone


  • Received damaged package but the product intact
  • Filters collapsed during the use

3. Aerostar Clean House Air Filter

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The Aerostar filter for the furnace and the air ducts is the MERV 8 rating filter that ensures air is repeatedly filtered, removing all the minute impurities. It is made with electrostatically charged material that attracts the dust and the impurities. It can filter out allergens that include dust mites, lint, mold spores, dust and particles from the pets. It captures all these impurities from the air and allows clean air into the air circulation system and hence providing you cleaner air to breathe the next time. They are the cost-effective filters, and you can change them one in 90 days to continue with the healthy air.

The product is made completely in the USA. They are suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. The efficiency in them impacts various other things other than the air cleaning process. It reduces the power consumption by keeping the fan free of these specks of dust, making the fan rotation smoother. With air particles jamming the rotation, it consumes more power. The filters are expected to be cleaned once in 30 days to make it efficient in its filtration process.

They come in the pack of 4 and 6 and you can choose either of them before ordering it online. They are easy to fix even by yourself. Other than the MERV 8, there are MERV 11 and MERV 13 certified filters available in this brand.


  • The filters come with a superior filtration efficiency by filtering out most of the dust particles and also pet particles
  • The product is made in the USA hence you can rest assured of the quality of materials used in its production
  • The material is made of electrostatically charged particles that attract the impurities


  • Size varies and does not come as mentioned
  • The gap is created making the particles get into the duct

4. Nordic Pure Honeywell AC Furnace Air Filters

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Nordic Pure are the filters for the furnace and the AC ducts that come in various sizes. They come in a wide variety of a combination of features. The one we are discussing is MERV 12 certified filters that come in a pack of 2. There is also a pack of 1 and 4 available. The nominal size t comes is 20 x 25 x 5 inches in dimension. They are the replacement for the Honeywell air circulating system units. The company boasts of the product being completely made in the USA.

The filter which is MERV 12 certification,  it filters out dust mites, dust, pollen, pet dander,and mold spores. The frames are recycled, thus making them environment efficient. All the filtration of the allergens done by hem ensures you are away from all the different kinds of allergy that are accompanied. The brand also comes with other materials like carbon filter and baking soda pleated. They are of high MER rating thus making them even more preferable. However, for residential and commercial purposes, it is recommended to use the MERV 12 certified.


  • These are replacement for Honeywell units and serve with the best fit for them
  • MERV 12 filters giving more filtration abilities when compared to the previous ones
  • Made in the USA – this means all the certified materials are used in the production process


  • No MERV identification in the product
  • There were size issues – this made all the impure air pass through the gaps

5. Filtrete Basic Dust AC Furnace Air Filter

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The Filtrete branded filters are basic dust filter that has multiple features that that sounds by its name. This comes in the pack of filters together. It comes in the size of  16 x 25 x 1-inch dimension. These are non-electrostatic and come up to 3 months of usage time. They are also pleated ones. The best thing they are washable and hence you can re-use them once in 30 days. This will help keep the air clean with lesser impurities day by day.

It attracts and also filters out large particles of int, pet dander, dust from the household, dust mite, debris, and mold spores. This filter is designed only for residential purposes as they are only of MERV5 rating which is suitable for household usage. It is a 300 MPR product, which is equivalent to MERV 5 rating. It is recommended to change the filters at least once in 90 days and also in between, you can clean it to increase the air cleaning process. It also filters out some bacteria which are bigger than most of them. It is also said to work on smoke, pollen, making the air healthier to breathe.

There is a program set by the company to set reminders for you to change the filters. This makes sure you do not miss breathing the cleaner and healthier air. There are various ways to install them. For the central unit, you can arrange it slot wise and for the wall unit, you can remove the front cover and place the filter.


  • 300 MPR rating – equivalent to MERV 5 rating on the filter
  • This is only suitable for household
  • It contains the 3M traps capturing unwanted particles and impurities
  • Reminders are set by the company once purchased to change filters regularly


  • The ones advertised and delivered are different
  • Came with defective productions

6. Lennox Merv 11 Filter

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Lennox has the MERV 11 filters for the furnace and the AC which is known to filter various impurities from the air. This filtration process makes the air free of these contents and then making the air more breathable and cleaner. The package comes in a pack of 2 filters. These filters need to be replaced within 2-3 months of usage as there would be a lot of particles been accumulated. It is advisable to change the filters regularly to ensure the life of the furnace is increased. They are known to filter out particles like dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and other contaminants from the air.

The air filter is known to be an important part of the furnace to increase the life of the furnace. It is easy to replace and the brand comes in various sizes to meet your requirements. The materials used to manufacture are all certified to ensure the product is of high quality


  • MERV 11 filter that makes the filter much efficient when compared to many other products
  • They increase the purity of air with every circulation of air
  • Comes in multiple sizes for your car


  • The order came in damaged form
  • There are quality complains by the customers
  • Dimensions are causing the impure air to get into the furnace

7. AIRx HEALTH Pleated Air Filter

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The 16 x 25 x 1-inch dimension of AIRx air filter comes in a pack of 6 filters in a package. It filters out many particles that impact the sensitive lungs of children and even adults. It comes with the electrostatic air filter media removes all the contaminants from the air and thus sending in the healthier air to the furnace. This, in turn, circulates only healthy air making it breathable and good for lungs. The pleat counts in the filter are high, making it more energy-efficient and efficient in capturing more particles.

These are made in the USA, ensuring all the raw material is of the highest and certified quality. Like any other filter, it attracts particles like pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, and bacteria. This is the MERV 13 certified product hence it also has the capability of blocking the viruses. These filters are said to last for 90 days of usage.


  • Comes in a pack of 6 filter
  • Can be used for 90 days – after 90 days the filters need to be replaced with new ones
  • MERV 13 rating filter making it better filter than the most we discussed earlier
  • Made in the USA
  • The quality can be compared to that on the new one


  • Sizes do not fit as per the description
  • No MERV rating on the package provided

8. Arm & Hammer Max Air and Furnace Filter

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ARM & Hammer comes with MERV 11 pack that comes in 4 quantities of filters in them. The specialty of them is that they remove bad odor from the air that is circulated in the air circulation system. These are pleated air filters that filter most of the impurities and bacteria. The smell is captured by large carbon granules that are present in the filter. They are electrostatic filters that attract the particles with the static charge easily. Like most of the filters, they also come with a life of 90 days after which the filters need to be replaced with the new ones. These are washable filters and can be cleaned at least once a month to maintain the healthy air and also the furnace itself.

The company proudly boasts of being manufacture in the USA and with all the raw materials in the USA itself. Not just the filter, Arm & Hammer comes with various other household-related products. As these are MERV 11 certified, they are 30 ties more efficient than the regular ones.


  • Made in the USA – hence all the best materials used to manufacture
  • Each filter can last up to 3 months – between which it can be cleaned as required
  • Carbon granules absorb odor from the air


  • The frame quality is poor
  • Flimsy product and bends very easily

9. K&N AC Furnace Lifetime Washable

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K&N is the brand that has introduced reusable filters that are not present in any of the brands that we have discussed. They are MERV 11 rated filters that come in easy to clean and reusable features. They are like any other filters, but as they can get cleaned up with a simple method, they are unique. Like the other products we have discussed, they filter out the bacteria, pollen, spores, dust, and other contaminants. At the same time, the airflow is excellent, making it faster and healthier.

Due to their MERV rating, it helps in conserving energy. The make is also simple; hence the installation is also simple. The frame of the filter is made of ABS polymer, making it stronger and lighter.  You just need to spray water to clean them.


  • MERV 11 rating making it energy efficient
  • Excellent airflow due to its efficiency
  • Captures dust, particles and many other impurities without any hassle


  • The size of the filters was not compatible with the opening and hence making it impossible to avoid impure air enter the system
  • It led to higher electricity bills

10. Honeywell Home MicroDefense AC Furnace Air Filter

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Honeywell is known to have the most popular air cleaning system in the industry. The filters from them are also meeting similar expectations of the customers. The one we are talking about is the MERV 8 rating filters that come in a pack of 2 filters. The size is 16 x 25 x 4, that means it is thick when compared to the other products discussed. It is made of electrostatically charged particles that attract the particles. It also filters other particles like pollen, dust, dust mites, and many other impurities from the air to keep the circulated air clean.

They are efficient filters and they have a life of 12 months in total. You can in the meantime, keep cleaning it by removing the dust from the filter. It is very easy to fix as it comes in a standard size.


  • Branded one – keeps up to the expectations
  • Filters air of the impurities like spores, pollen, dust, dust mites, and many others
  • Can be used for 12 months – some of the previous ones said only 1-2 months


  • Made of poor quality as per the customer’s feedback
  • Shipping and delivery can be improved

Furnace Filter Buyer’s Guide – What To Look For it?

Most of the Americans know about indoor air crawling. But some people happen to misunderstand this concept. A furnace is something which you never pay enough attention till it stops working. Before you conclude which furnace filter to buy or if you are looking to change it; you must know the basics of home heating and AC systems. Air is distributed throughout the house with the help of ductwork. This air needs to be filtered to eliminate hazardous dust and microorganisms. Many furnace filters are available in the market. Let us look at a few major aspects to consider before you head to buy a furnace filter:

  1. Check the ratings of the filter

When you analyze a furnace filter, you will come across two kinds of ratings.

  • MERV Rating

It stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Before knowing about the MERV rating, you must know where these ratings come from? It came into existence by the work of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air conditioner Engineering). This is a highly authorized committee. This ascertains assurance to the customers. The range used is 1-16. The higher the number, the more efficient is the filter. The filters ranging from 1-4 are typically disposable. They cannot capture small particulate. Therefore, people who suffer from allergic conditions like asthma or upper respiratory problem should avoid these filters. It is less expensive. Filters ranging from 5-8 will keep the furnace system cleaner and lasts longer than the disposable ones. A filter with a rating of 9-12 will not only keep your equipment clean but also takes care of pollens & microbes. This will assign a healthy environment inside your home. You can’t get a filter better than MERV 16. It is used in hospital premises. It keeps your home healthy and disease-free.

  • MPR Rating

Another important rating is Microparticle Performance Rating. A higher MPR rating ensures more protection to your house. So obviously a filter having 300 filtration level is poorer than one with 1200 level. This protects your home from household dust, spores, lint, pet dander, and dust mite debris. This ensures a healthy environment for your house. You will feel fresh all day long.

  1. Types of filter

You need to make sure that the filter you have selected reflects your utility. Otherwise, it won’t fulfill the purpose. There are varieties of filters available. Some of them are listed below.

  • Washable filter: These filters are used in industries. It is good for catching coarse particles. It cannot filter minute particles like microbes. These are easily washable and can be reused after every wash.
  • Pleated filter: These filters have a larger surface area. It contains pleats. There are two varieties in a pleated one; a compact filter and a standard filter.
  • Disposable filter: These are use and throw filters. They cannot filter more dust. They are thinner and less sturdy.
  • Fiberglass filter: This is the most widely used filter. It is made from fiberglass. This makes it prone to damage. To prevent this, it is lined by metal jarring. These filters are average product and serve the purpose.
  • HEPA filter: These filters are the most efficient ones. This is because of their brilliant capability to remove minute particles up to 0.3 microns. This is the size similar to bacteria and viruses. These are best for allergic people.
  1. Variation in sizes

Talking about the sizes, you can select from many options. This also depends on the thickness of your furnace. The most common thickness is 1” and 4”. Other preferable sizes are 16*1, 20*1, 24*1, 12*12, 14*14, and 30*16. Most of these options match your old furnace filter size.

  1. Durability of filter

It is advised to change a furnace filter every 3-6 months. You should replace the furnace filter regularly. This is because if you don’t replace the filter for a long time, your central air system will start having problems. During the summer season, the AC pipes might start to freeze off. During winters, the furnace will overheat and stop working. A good quality filter can perform up to 360 days depending upon its height. Filters with 1’’ are usually functional up to 90 days. While filters with 4’’-5’’ function up to a complete year. Choose wisely according to your convenience.

  1. Take money into account.

Are you living in a rented house? Your attention should be drawn more towards this point. Many people never change their filters. This negligence wastes more money than you can think. It increases your utility bills and furnace repairs. The price of the filters solely depends on the material and quality. It also relies on the size of the filter. Larger size and HEPA filters are more costly. But they have benefits included. The price ranges from $20 to $200. An average priced filter works fairly well.

Furnace Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What are furnaces?

Ans. Furnaces are important devices for a comfortable home. A furnace is also known as a boiler or heater. A furnace is a heating unit that can be used to heat an apartment or an entire building. Furnaces are used as the main component of the central heating system.

Q.2. Why do the furnaces possess filters?

Ans. Furnace filters are an essential part of the overall furnace system. As soon as the blower draws in the air, the air is passed through the furnace filter. The furnace filter helps in keeping the pollutants and dust (such as tobacco smoke, pet dander, pollen, et cetera) away from the air. The process of filtering the indoor pollutants from the air can make quite a big difference in the overall quality of the air.

Q.3. Do the filters need to be replaced regularly?

Ans. The answer to this question is ‘yes’, yes the furnace filters are required to be replaced on a regular basis. We are saying this because the dirty furnace filters have the potential of causing serious damage to the furnace. It also increases the energy cost and hence is not good for the furnace and the user as well. On the other hand, the clean furnace filters make sure that the users get better quality of the air inside their homes. 

Q.4. Why do the furnace filters have ratings on them?

Ans. Almost every furnace filter consists of MERV ratings (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The MERV ratings signify the furnace filter’s ability to hold and capture the pollutants and particles. This rating may range between 1 to 20 (where 1 means the filter captures the particles of the size of carpet fibers, whereas the rating of 20 means the filter captures the microscopic particles such as viruses and bacteria).

Q.5. How much rating should the new furnace filter have?

Ans. People should buy the furnace filter on the basisof the place in which they want to install the furnace filter. Hospitals and labs need to install a furnace filter with a higher rating. While home requires a furnace filter with a rating of 3 or 4. Such filters can trap pollen, dust mites, and other types of common pollutants.

Q.6. How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Ans. The call of experts suggests that the furnace filters are needed to be replaced after every 1 to 3 months (depending upon the efficiency and type of the furnace). Most of the time, the furnace comes with guidelines that tell the users how often they should replace the furnace filters. If the filter consists of a plastic frame, then it means that the filter is reusable, it only needs to get cleaned periodically with the help of water and vacuum.

Q.7. How to choose the right furnace filter for my furnace?

Ans. Always make sure that you read the buying guide before making any purchases of the furnace filter. Buying guides informs the people about the important pointers that are needed to be considered while purchasing products.


With various brands available in the filters, it becomes very tough to make the right decision on buying one. Hence, we have chosen the best 10 filters available in the market and have discussed their features to know them better. Some of them can be installed easily by ourselves and some need professionals to do that. The furnace is a bit expensive product, and maintaining it is very important. These filters are indeed the lesser expensive way to maintain them. We are hoping we could make the right explanation to help you understand them better. Happy shopping!