10 Best Glucose Meters

One of the lifestyle diseases that has become really common these days is diabetes. This is mainly because of the fact the pancreas is not able to generate insulin or the body develops insulin intolerance because of various factors. In such a case, a lot of people are advised to avoid sweets or any other form of sugar which can elevate their glucose levels. It is said that prevention is always better than cure and a lot of these lifestyle diseases can actually be avoided by a healthy and active lifestyle. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then one piece of advice that we have for you is to monitor your glucose levels on a daily basis. The advantage is that this way you will be able to control what you eat and you will also have an idea when your sugar is falling below the recommended levels.

There was a time when it was virtually impossible for people to measure their blood glucose levels at home. Every time, it was required to visit the labs to check the blood glucose level but today, the technology has made it possible for the people to check their blood glucose levels at home without having to visit the diagnostic labs. This is made possible using the portable glucose meters that are available on the market. The working principle is very simple and we are also going to talk about them in a very short summary.

This glucose meter comes with a lancing needle which helps you in pricking the tip of your finger and getting a drop of blood. With these glucose meters, you get reagent strips and you need to add this drop of blood on these reagent strips. The reagent reacts with the blood and once you insert the reagent strip in the glucose meter, the machine checks the impedance and the current that flows through the strip. This is then calibrated via pre-programmed settings and you get the blood glucose readings.

It is certainly important to have a glucose meter with you at your home. If you do not have one yet then we would recommend you to purchase it at the earliest so that you can also monitor your blood glucose levels easily. If you are not sure about which Glucose Meter to purchase then do not worry because we are here for the rescue. We have listed some of the best glucose meters for the money that are available in the market today and we have also listed a short review of these meters. So without wasting any more time, let us move ahead and look at the various models that you can purchase for yourself. Here are more details.

Best Buy Blood Glucose Meter For The Money


In this section, we are going to talk about some of the best glucose meters that are available on the USA market. You can check out the reviews along with the pros and cons of the glucose meter as well. We have also listed the link to the product page where you will be able to purchase the glucose meter that you like. So, do not wait any longer and check out our detailed consumer reports on best glucose meters

1. Care Touch Diabetes Blood Sugar Kit

Care Touch Diabetes Blood Sugar Kit

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The first one on our list is from care Touch. This is a complete kit that is available from the brand and the kit comes with a blood glucose monitor, 50 blood test strips, 100 lancets and a lancing device. There is also a carrying case included in the pack for you. In terms of memory, the device can store as many as 300 readings and it also calculates 14 days average for you. With the help of the 30 gauge lancets, you can also obtain blood from alternative sites like palm and arms. For this monitor, it takes just 5 seconds to get the reading and the best part is that there is no coding required as the machine recognizes batch codes encrypted on each test strip.

There is also a strip ejector for you which enables you to throw the strip directly in the dustbin without having to touch it. This keeps it hygienic for you. You can also flag the test for pre or post meals using the option available on the monitor. Apart from this, there is an automatic off feature which means that you will be able to save the battery when this is not in use. The power source for this monitor is a 3V battery which is CR2032. The carrying case certainly makes it easy to carry the whole kit with you.


  • Comes with 50 Blood Test Strip and 100 Lancing Needles
  • There is no requirement to code the device when you use a new packet of strips.
  • Has 300 memory storage and also has 14 days averaging system.


  • Nothing that we noticed.

2. O’WELL Contour Next EZ Diabetes Testing Kit

O WELL Contour Next EZ Diabetes Testing Kit

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On number 2, we have a diabetes testing kit from OWell. This is a complete kit that comes with 50 test strip, 50 lancing needles and a lancing device. Apart from this, you also get a control solution, carrying case and a logbook. This monitor is very compact and because of this, you can carry it very easily wherever you want. In terms of the reading time, it is just 5 seconds so you won’t have to wait for a long time to get the reading. This monitor is the number one choice for many senior citizens. This is because of the fact that the monitor doesn’t require any coding and there are also alarm reminders to ensure that the person doesn’t forget to check the glucose levels.

Apart from the features listed above, you will be able to flag the results for pre or post-meal readings. The best part is that the monitor shows the 7 day average, 14 day average and 30 day average. Because of this, you will be able to understand if the sugar levels spiked for a day or if it was high on a daily basis. Overall, this is one of the best glucose meters that is available in the market and you can surely choose this for yourself or for your parents.


  • It comes with a guarantee of 18 months on all the components.
  • There is no coding required when you are using the glucose strips to test the glucose levels.
  • The device calculates 7 days, 14 days and 30 days average.


  • Only O’Well strips can be used.

3. EasyTouch Glucose Monitoring System

EasyTouch Glucose Monitoring System

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If you are looking for something that is really affordable then this would be the right choice for you. It is presently retailing at a cost of less than $10 which makes it one of the most preferred products for the people. Talking about the features of this glucose monitor, this is a code-free monitor that manes that you would not have to code the device whenever you replenish your strips supply. Apart from this, the monitor is very efficient and it would give you results in just 5 seconds. There are many other advantages of using this glucose monitor.

This monitor lets you test using alternative test sites like the palm and the arm. You will also get a lifetime warranty so you do not have to worry about the quality of the glucose monitoring system. This monitor also has 4 alarm reminds for you. This reminds you throughout the day for checking the glucose levels. The monitor also has 300 memory results storage and it also calculates 7 days average, 14 days average and 30 days average for the user. You can also use the logbook to write down the readings. If required, you can purchase more needles and number of test strips when you need them. They are available at an affordable price. Overall, this is quite a good monitor at an affordable price. You can certainly choose them over other pricy options available in the market.


  • One of the most affordable glucose level monitors available in the market.
  • It comes with 1 lancing device, 10 twist lancets, and strips.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on this product.


  • Less number of test strips are provided with this pack.

4. Accu Chek Performa Glucometer Kit with 110 Test Strips

Accu Chek Performa Glucometer Kit

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Are you looking for a glucometer kit with a lot of test strips? If this is your basic criteria while looking for a glucometer then you would certainly be happy to look at this model. This glucometer comes with as many as 110 test strips which are at least a month’s supply. The kit comes with a carrying case that lets you carry the monitor, lancing needles, strips and lancing device. It is quite compact and to give you a perspective, the dimensions are 93 mm x 52 mm x 22 mm. The total weight of this device is just 62 grams along with the battery. The power source for this glucometer is CR 2032 which lasts very long.

This device also has a good memory capacity which eliminates the need for using a logbook. There are 500 readings that can be stored in the monitor and the readings are stored with the date and time. While using the new batch of test strips, there is no need to do any kind of coding which enhances the user experience and makes it easy for you to use the glucose monitor. There are 4 test reminds that you can set for yourself to measure the glucose and this reminds you of testing the glucose. This device can also calculate 7 days average, 15 days average and 30 days average.


  • The brand provides 110 test strips with this glucometer.
  • It comes with a memory capacity of 500 and the readings are stored with time and date.
  • The battery lasts very long and usually, you would need to replace after 2000 readings


  • This is a slightly expensive option

5. iHealth Smart Wireless Blood Sugar Test Kit for iPhone & Android

iHealth Smart Wireless Blood Sugar Test Kit

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There are many wireless Bluetooth monitors available in the market as well and if you are looking for such a glucose monitor then you can have a look at this model as well. This connects to your phone using Bluetooth and you get 50 Test strips and 50 lancets. Apart from this, the brand also provides a control solution for you. This provides a very good graphical view of the readings and it provides complete information for you. You also get a carrying case along with this device which makes it easy for you to store the monitor. This can be connected to the Android Devices as well as iOS device and it is certainly one of the most accurate test kits available in the market.

There is a rechargeable battery in this monitor which ensures that you do not have to change the battery. You can charge it using a micro USB cable that is provided. The brand also provides 3 years warranty on the machine. The best advantage of using this wireless Bluetooth monitor is that you will not need your logbook after this. The mobile will be your logbook. Overall, this is quite a durable and accurate machine available in the market which is approved and listed by the FDA.


  • Bluetooth blood sugar test kits which let you sync the data with mobile. Also supported on Apple Watch
  • One of the most accurate blood sugar monitors available in the market.
  • It comes with a level 2 control solution as well and the brand offers 3 years warranty on the machine.


  • Nothing as such.

6. SPECIAL BUNDLE – True Metrix test strips 100ct + FREE glucose meter

SPECIAL BUNDLE - True Metrix test strips

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On number 6, we have yet another bundle and this one is available from True Metrix. This comes with 100 test strips and the brand claims that it provides free glucose meter with the 100 test strips. You just need 0.5 microliters of the blood sample to test the blood glucose levels. Apart from this, the monitor is a smart monitor that actually detects the sample size, environmental conditions and also the control solutions in order to provide accurate readings to you. This is quite a unique feature when we talk about this glucose meter and this adds a lot of accuracy to the meter. The power source of this glucose meter is a 3 V battery which is known to be CR2032 in this case.

Talking about the other features, this machine gives a very good reading in just 5 seconds. The test strips have a long expiry date and there is nothing much that you have to worry about while using the monitor. You can simply use the lancing needle to extract the blood and you can then get the readings. Overall, this is quite a preferred brand and you will be able to choose this glucose meter. Many insurance companies also cover this and they will most likely reimburse you for the purchase cost of this glucose monitor. However, still check with the coverage of this glucose meter.


  • The brand claims that the machine is free with 100 test strips.
  • The machine is really accurate as it also considers physical environmental factors while checking the blood glucose levels.
  • Gives a quick reading to you which needs a minimal amount of blood.


  • No warranty information available.

7. Prima Home Test Multicare-In Meter for Glucose

Prima Home Test Multicare-In Meter for Glucose

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This product is one of its kind and the kind of functionality it offers is unmatched. This monitor doesn’t only measure the sugar level for you but it also measures your cholesterol and triglycerides. Since this monitor measures 3 things, it takes a little more time to get the reading. It takes around 25 to 30 seconds to get the results. Apart from this, there is also memory storage which can store as many as 500 readings along with the date and time.

To test the blood, you need to turn on the machine and then select the test that you want to perform on your blood. Once that is done, you would then need to insert the corresponding data chip in the port and once that is done, you will then be able to slide the corresponding strip on the front side of the machine. Now, apply the drop of blood on the strip and let it calculate the readings for you. This machine is also powered by a CR2032 3v battery. It should be noted that this machine comes with glucose measurement strips. To measure the cholesterol and triglycerides, you would need to purchase different types of strips. The overall price might seem to slightly more but the fact is that you are getting a 3 in 1 machine so it is actually worth the money.


  • This not only measures the blood glucose levels but it also measures cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Has a strip ejector which helps you in removing the strip and maintaining hygiene.
  • It comes with 10 test strips, 10 lancing needles, 1 lancing device and a carry case.


  • Slightly expensive because of the features loaded in this

8. iHealth Align Blood Glucose Meter for smartphone

iHealth Align Blood Glucose Meter for smartphone

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On number 8, we have a very portable machine that can be connected to your mobile phone. This is actually just a measuring device that needs to be plugged into your phone to give the readings. There is no screen on the device as the phone’s display acts as the display of the glucose monitor. The device needs to be plugged into the mobile phone with 3.5 mm jack and if you are an iPhone user without a 3.5 mm jack then you will need the adapter to connect this.

There is also a carry case provided along with this and the results are displayed in multiple formats. You can also see a graphical view of the results. The application is compatible with Apple Watch as well and you can get the results on the Apple watch. The device is FDA approved and it offers very accurate readings as well. Overall, this is a reliable option that you can consider for the purchase and it is available at a very competitive price. You can look out for the compatible strips and purchase them separately.


  • Works with the smartphones once you plug it in the 3.5 mm jack of the phone.
  • One of the most portable option available in the market. It also comes with a carrying case.
  • It gives results in just 5 seconds.


  • No wireless option and testing strips need to be purchased separately

9. Diathrive Blood Glucose monitoring kit

Diathrive Blood Glucose monitoring kit

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For those users who are looking forward to having an alternate of rushing to doctors every now and then to check the glucose level in the blood, the Diathrive Blood Glucose monitoring kit can be an excellent buy. With the features that are generally not present in Glucose monitoring kits, this kit provides a great value for money without compromising with the accuracy of the results.

The things that we loved about the Diathrive Blood Glucose Monitoring kit are better usability, reliable and faster results, and handy design. These all points collectively work brilliantly and the exclusive features that you get with the kit make this glucose monitoring kit a great product to have at home.

In other words, if you were looking to have a glucose monitoring kit that you can easily use without any major help, the Diathrive Blood Glucose monitoring kit would be an excellent product to look for.


  • Comes with logbook, carrying case
  • Extremely easy to read
  • Provides accurate results


  • None so far

10. Meten Diabetes Testing kit

Meten Diabetes Testing kit

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For those users who are looking to try their hands on the industry’s best product that can compete with almost every other product available in the market in terms of accuracy and performance, the Metene Diabetes Testing kit would be an excellent choice to go with.

Along with the build quality and reliable test stripes, you can completely rely on this device to get the most accurate and efficient results without consulting any doctor. The device has the industry-leading and most advanced biosensors that make it a worthy product to have at home for the sugar patients.

A few other plus points about the Meten Diabetes Testing kit are better usability, easy to carry and store design and excellent customer care. Try your hands on it, and you are going to love the performance and accuracy of the Glucose testing kit.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Easy to use read
  • Informative display


  • None so far

How To Choose The Best Glucose Meter

if you are someone who suffers from diabetes, then it is imperative that you should keep a regular check on the levels of blood glucose in your body. In such cases, a blood glucose meter will definitely come in handy. By keeping a glucose meter handy, you shall be able to keep track of your diet, exercise, while also ensuring that the medication that you are taking is actually working. Hence, you should purchase a blood glucose meter wisely. The following isa buying guide that will help you in making the right choice:

1. Ease of Use

The glucose meter has to be chosen wisely because this goes a long way in helping you protect your health. Hence, one of the factors that you will need to consider while purchasing a glucose meter is the ease of use of the instrument. You would want to purchase something that not only gives accurate readings but is also easy to use. Similarly, you should also see whether or not the glucose meter is easy to clean and handle.

2. Special Features

There are different types of meters available in the market. Depending on the type, each one might have one or more additional features and characteristics. Some of the additional features that you might find in glucose meters include lit screens, memory storage, keeping a record of insulin doses, as well as various other features. You need to determine whether or not you want all of these features and weigh all your options before choosing the best one.

3. Record of the Readings

Another important factor to consider is whether or not the glucose meter that you are thinking of purchasing has adequate capacity to keep track of your previous recordings.An ideal device is the one that is capable of keeping a record of the readings because that is the only way in which you shall be able to keep a clean record of your health readings, and this, in turn, will help you in improving your health.

4. Amount of Time Taken for a Reading

It is imperative that you check the total time taken by a glucose meter to give you readings. If the device takes too long, it may not be worth the amount spent, and that is when you can think of purchasing something that takes lesser time in giving you your health readings.

5. Flags

When you are someone who has diabetes, and it is needed for you to record your level of blood sugar both before and after you have taken a meal, then the glucose meters with markers and flags come in really handy. You will be able to keep adequate track of the level of blood sugar before and after a meal, as well as before and after physical exercise.

6. Insurance Coverage

It is very important always to consider the different brands that your insurance is ready to cover. This will help you spend less and will also offer great value for money. You should also not forget to consider the cost and total insurance coverage of the various other medical supplies that come with the glucose meter.

7. Amount of Blood Sample Size Required

If you have to give a huge amount of blood in order to get a reading from a glucose meter, then the entire process will be too inconvenient for you. Hence, you will definitely want to prefer a glucose meter that is capable of giving you accurate readings based on a small sample size of blood.

8. Automatic Coding

Finally, an important factor is to determine the extent of automatic coding in the glucose meter that you are using. Depending on the types of test strips, the blood glucose meters are known to be calibrated. Hence, there are codes that are made available and need to be entered with the utmost accuracy.

Glucose Meter Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Accurate a Glucose Meter is?

An average glucose meter manufactured by a reputed brand and comes for a mid-range price point can easily provide you accuracy by +/-20%. The accuracy rate is not that effective, but according to FDA and other research agencies, 95% of glucose meters are accurate, and they provide accurate data, which might vary by a little. No doubt that convenience is practical with a glucose meter, that’s why you can buy them and get better results with ease. The high-end glucose meters are reliable, and they can provide effective use.

  1. How to Choose A Reliable Glucose Meter?

To figure out an excellent quality glucose meter, you should check for three vital aspects. These aspects are – accuracy, easy to use UI, and storage-related features. After going through these factors, you can look for reputed brands. But, always choose a reasonable budget to get started, eradicating the most common issues, and figuring out a quality option. Make sure that you do not want to go with a cheap glucose meter because they don’t have the opportunity to track users’ data, and they are hard to use for beginners also.

  1. How to Use A Glucose Meter to Calculate Blood Sugar for The First Time at Home?

Using a glucose meter is comfortable at home, and it requires you to follow the manuals offered by the manufacture. However, the method is simple with all models where you have to get a testing strip, a lancet, and an alcohol pad along with Glucose meter for sure. Before starting, wash your hands, and make your hands warm for better blood flow. Turn on the glucose meter, place a testing strip, and now pierce your finger at the side. The type of piece will decide the kind of drop you need for this purpose. Place this sample on the testing strip and clean your hands off. You can get results now.

  1. Can I get a glucose meter without a prescription?

Buying a glucose meter is easy, and you can get them online and from a nearby pharmacy. Glucose meters are highly reliable for diabetes patients, and they can get these machines for an affordable price point. In case you are not sure whether you need a glucose meter or not, you can consult a doctor and get to know about it, but there is no need for a prescription.


These are the best glucose meters available in the market and we have covered all the details in our detailed consumer report. You will find the details regarding the glucose meter and we have covered a general opinion about these models. For any more information, we would suggest you to check out the product page where more details are listed about the product. You can consider various factors while purchasing the glucose meter. These factors can include portability, cost of a glucose meter, and cost of reagent strips, warranty and other such details. It is also worth checking if the brand is covered by your insurance because there are chances that the insurance company will bear the cost of this purchase.

With all these things in mind, go ahead and check out the various options available for you. This way you will be able to shortlist the best glucose meter for yourself. This was all for today and we wish you good health. Remember that an active lifestyle can help you in dealing with issues like diabetes and hypertension.