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Now this is a usual scenario, you getting lost finding your friends house for the first time. I still remember because I could not locate my friends’ house, I had to head back home. But then, on the way I met my friend’s father who took me home. Something similar must have happened hen GPA was invested. Long time ago, also did humans had their share of experiences when they were unable to locate a place or a person. I guess they would have felt helpless in such situation. Well, in the modern age also humans always wanted a way to locate a person or a thing and that started with the satellite “Sputnik”. Scientists were trying to locate the satellite and hence that’s where they were able to conceive the idea of the GPS.

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In the modern times most of us depends on the GPS. Sometimes you do not realize but you have been using GPS for sure. You are booking an Uber and your Uber driver finds the place you are at. Then it is the GPS which is helping the driver to reach your place. Even while you are driving your own car and you see on your Google maps to make sure you are headed to your destination; the GPS is working in the background to feed the data to you showing where you are. In recent days the GPS accuracy has increased making sure it shows the right place you are in.

Best Buy Car GPS Consumer Reviews


As we go down this reading, we will be talking about consumer reports of these best 10 good quality GPS and their features and realize how are they helpful to you and which one could be installed in your car so that you do not get lost. Hold on to that “thought GPS”, I am taking you the right way.

1. Spytec GL300MA – Mini GPS tracker

Spytec GL300MA

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Spytec have solved a long time problem of finding the important things or person for you by introducing the miniature GPS device. This is so small that you can slip it into the backpack or put it under the car seat, you would not be able to spot it. Now you must be wondering how long would the battery survive to provide you the details of this GPS. Well, it run for 2.5 weeks before it goes dead after fully charged.

This GPS device provides real time GPS tracking and visualization. This is a sleek device. It can then be accessed via the app provided and can track where the device is. You can also do various other things and we will soon talk about it. The GPS is also quite precise within few feet. This is usually preferred by private investigator and professionals to carry out their secret investigations.

This is 4G enabled and you can subscribe to the network data a very affordable price. You can also customize various alerts through the app, like proximity alert, download data of the presence of the GPS where had it been and so on. The alert can be received the text message, email or push notification. The company also has a 24/7 customer service to deal with any issue or concerns. The GPS can also be tracked with multiple devices making it more convenient. The device is also discreet and it does not have any information stored on it to track back to the source. The tracker has unlimited charge as it uses satellite technology. You can also download various reports so that you can go through historical tracking details.


  • Accurate tracking makes it easy for the user to find their lost things or track the teen’s whereabouts.
  • Very discreet as it does not store any information of the user and does not track back to the source
  • Helpful for investigators as they ae involved in secretive investigations
  • 24/7 customers service to resolve your queries or concerns


  • Subscription based service hence if not renewed on time the device stops working
  • Sometimes the device shows incorrect place and has been complained by the customers
  • Customers have also complained on poor customer service

2. Garmin Drive 51

Garmin Drive 51 USA

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Garmin is world well known brand to provide various kinds of GPS devices. The one we are talking about now is the Garmin Drive 51, which support lifetime maps support withing US. This come sin 2 sizes, 5” and 6” screen. This is a bright screen to make sure you see everything clearly. This device has preloaded lifetime maps of US and in another option US+Canada. This also gets updated of any changes. You are driving but you cannot see what is structurally ahead. Well, the device the driver of any curves, speed changes, railway crossings, speed camera and many more such information.

The device also shows the TripAdvisor ratings for pit-stops, hotels, attractions or any other points of interest for the driver. To guide the driver, well it also mentions the visible landmarks to make sure you are on the right way. The real direction features also mentions turn-by-turn which way to go by, how much distance covered and reminding you where to take turns. The four-square features have millions of places or spots which might surprise you. To make the navigation safer and better, you can also add in a camera to this device.

To look for a place it has a keyboard from which you can type in the place name to look for it. There are various buying options for the device to make it compatible for your needs. It also comes with accessories like GPS navigator + the car dashboard mount.


  • Garmin Brand is known for accuracy
  • Driver alerts makes it safer and convenient
  • Camera can be added as an additional feature to increase the efficiency
  • Lifetime maps are available and can be updated easily
  • TripAdvisor ratings are available to make surprising pitstops


  • Model not very satisfying
  • Only basic features work
  • Keyboard issues

3. LandAirSea Sync Real Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker

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This is LandAirSea Sync GPS tracker which has various features and some are truly awesome. The GPS works on 4g/LTE which has preinstalled AT&T sim with unlimited cellular data. To activate this there is only one-time charges of $29.95 and that’s it. No need to pay again. This 4G GPS tracker works with a precision of 6 feet and you can also go back and view the data yourself. You can also use this device for your personal car or for the fleet of vehicles. Not just cars, the device is so small you can use it for teen tracking, pet tracking, car GPS, spy gadget and many more such uses.

For vehicle or fleet of vehicles, this device comes with 1-year subscription included, and no monthly fees charged. This device is designed for domestic use only. It can also be used for international use with different settings. The device is also smart to send the impact alerts to the pre-fed numbers/contacts. It also helps locate the vehicle. There is 24/7 roadside assistance. If you are using it for fleet management, it helps to keep track of the vehicles for you. You can provide live information to your customers on the location of the vehicle. The device also helps recover stolen vehicles if the device in it. This device does not need any batteries and hence can never die.Driver gradin system with it helps you to analyse your teen if driving properly or the driver in the fleet.


  • Accident impact alert – alerts the contacts pre-fed
  • Roadside assistance – they send you the assistance wherever you are in the US
  • Fleet management helps the business thrive
  • Driver grading system gives you more confidence in the driver


  • Not that any known of

4. Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker

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Amcrest is the most miniature form of GPS I have seen. This tracker comes with pre-added sim and is 4G/LTE enabled. As it is so small and sleek, it becomes very easy to conceal and slip into the things like bag or a purse and it becomes undetectable unless searched for. The tracking has different subscriptions monthly wise. The tracker sends data on a lag basis and the higher the subscription the sooner you would get the data. There are no activation or cancellation fees charged.

The GPS has the ability to create GEO fencing. Which means you can virtually create a fence and make sure the pet or the teen crossing this fence would send an alert to the contacts added. This alert can be customised to be received on a text message, an email notification or through the push notification. The device also stores the data for up to 1 year. The battery is of 2600mAh and runs maximum of 10-14 based on the type of the updates that are sent. The device uses the Google maps to track and map.

The product comes with warranty for lifetime and can be used only in the US, Canada and Mexico. The company is so confident on its product that if it works any differently a 100% refund will be provided to the customer. The device also is whether proof and that when it comes in contact with rain also it will function as expected.


  • 10-14 of battery backup for 60 seconds updates
  • Geofencing makes it easy to track the teens
  • Alerts are sent via different mode
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only available for US, Canada and Mexico
  • Software is confusing

5. Cestovet – GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation for Car

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This is the GPS navigation system from Cestovet that comes with a 7” screen with good brightness to avoid any glare on the view. There is no lag in the display of the navigation system. It has 8 GB ROM to store the maps and this device stores the map for the whole of North America – US, Canada and Mexico. The space also can be extended via SD card up to 32 GB.

As this is a GPS navigation system it gives proper details and instructions on the roads, sounds waring if any required. It displays information of how much distance to be covered and estimated time of arrival to the destination. The device also gives out real voice instructions in over 40 languages. It prompts out at various information like curves ahead, school zone, read light nearby or any other such information which is required during the driving. The installation process if also very simple for this device. It has been provided with a suction cup which can be put on the windscreen and voila it is installed physically.

The lifetime update of the maps is another feature of this device. No need to pay or anything for this update. Lifetime update is for the US, Mexico and Canada. The display also provides both 2D and 3D view mode and can easily switched between.


  • 7-inch touch screen makes the navigation easier.
  • Installation is very easy
  • Lifetime free map update in US, Canada and Mexico


  • Silly mistakes in the product
  • Poor quality complaints

6. Ohrex GPS Navigation for CAR

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This GPS navigation system form Ohrex comes with a 7” screen which is very convenient to navigate and view various details on the navigation. This system comes with the preloaded maps of US, Canada and Mexico and has the latest 2019 updated maps. There are also other maps available for other regions to be downloaded like Europe, Australia, UK Ireland and many more.

The maps are free to be updated for lifelong and can be done via a PC. There are also no Ads in between in the maps making it safer and easier to navigate. The maps that are updated are very detailed and suggests directions turn-by-turn making it very precise and making sure you do not lose you way. You can search you destination by entering postal codes, or address or coordinates.

The GPS is known to be quick and accurate making sure you take your decision faster when driving of where you are heading. It displays various information like current speed, estimated time if arrival. Installation is also very easy. It comes with a suction cup and can be stuck onto the wind shield to make it visible. The GPS also provides points of Interest, making it easy during travelling.


  • Preloaded Norther America maps
  • Lifetime update of the maps available
  • Europe, UK, Ireland and Australia map available
  • 7 inches screen making it easy to navigate


  • Incorrect GPS information provided
  • Faster drain of the battery

7. Car GPS, 7 inches 8GB Navigation System

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This is a GPS navigation system which has 7 inches screen. This is a touch screen one which makes it easier to use and navigate. This has 8 GB of ROM available in it to install the maps into it. The instruction on it is available in various languages. The warnings are mentioned by this GPS system and provides accurate information on the location of the place you are in. It warns you in place of sharp curves, signal lights, exit on the high way and many more such information that are very helpful. The maps are updated on the system at least twice a year. This is a cool feature making sure your search process accurate. This update is free for life-long.

The user also has the option to customise the route based on various parameters and has well control over the navigation process. The company I also so proud of the product that it gives a 100% satisfaction 90 days money back offer if not working with the expectation. They also have a customer support where they would return back within 24 hours.


  • Multi-language prompts are available
  • Life time maps update and at least twice an year making it more accurate
  • 100% satisfaction or else money back within 90 days


  • No cons that we have come across

8. CARRVAS 7 Inch GPS Navigation

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Carrvas is the company that has designed this GPS enabled navigation system that is made of 7 inch screen with resolution of 800 x 480 of resolution which gives a very good image while looking at the system. This comes with a 2500mAh battery which has a run time of about 3 hours. The batter is made of polymer material and is rechargeable.

The screen is a capacitive touch screen with good touch sensitive and also has no glare while viewing in the sun. The product comes with pre-loaded maps of North and south America and you can also get other maps than this but you need to connect with the company to get them added. This forms as a very good viewing screen also in trucks, cars and other similar vehicles. This also has the voice assistant available which would give turn-by-turn instruction to the driver making sure the river is awake and in the right way. The product also comes with 100% 90 days money back guarantee. Also, it provides lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime map update and the current one is updated in 2019
  • Good screen which is also visible in the sun
  • 100% 90 day return if not working as expected


  • Only 3 hours of battery
  • Package could have been done better

9. Optimus GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2

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Optimus GPS tracker is another miniature form of GPS tracker which can be used for various purposes. This is usually used to track vehicles if they are somehow kept in the vehicle. It can also be slipped into the teen’s bag which can be tracked to see the vicinity covered by the teen. The network used to do the GPS tracking is via 4G LTE. There is again a customizable amount that are charged for using this tracker and varies on the report that can be generated.

To track you need to download the app on your Android or IOS phones and then do a quick installation as per the instruction on the manual provided. To enhance the usage of the GPS we can also set alerts to alert the user by sending text or email message to warn of the alert. You can also set a virtual fencing for yourself and make sure you get alerts when the GPS is beyond this fence. This way you can track your vehicle, teen or pets.  The battery is also powerful and can run up to 1 to 2 weeks.


  • Virtual fencing possible making it easy to track
  • Email and text alerts when the alerts trigger
  • Comes with inbuilt data plan for the coverage in the US


  • Available only in the US

10. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker

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This tracker is claimed to be one third of other miniature trackers that are available. The best thing about this other than the US coverage it also overs over 180 countries and there is an international sim used and has charges for it. Easy to conceal, as it is in a small size. You can track cars, boats, animals, elderly people and may more.  The battery life this provides is up to 3 days.

You can download the app on to your mobile Tracki and start tracking the GPS. You can set various kinds of alerts like if it crosses a boundary it sends an alert on the app, sms or through the email. You can set alerts on various kinds of events such as when the tracker is outside,the Geo fencing created, speed crossed, and start moving alerts. Now this tracker requires the cellular data to show the location and uses 4G network to work as expected. There are options to choose subscriptions for monthly fees based on what kin of tracking is required. Other than that no hidden charges or any contract with the company.

There is also a Live customer service provided and that too no matter what time or country you are in. This could really be useful for the users. This also has SOS panic button that sends alert to the pre- installed contacts. This device is also having lifetime warranty.


  • Can be used in over 180 countries and not just America
  • Wi-Fi indoor tracking is available
  • Replaceable batteries
  • 5 mins setup


  • Not too easy to assemble and setup
  • Not accurate GPS system

Things to Consider When Buying Best GPS for Cars

Today, a GPS screen is a very important accessory for your car. It offers you a lot of conveniences while you are driving your car. However, due to the increasing demand, many varieties are available in the market today, and selecting the one that suits your car, the best is quite an ordeal. Here is a comprehensive buying guide that will help you in purchasing the best GPS for your car:

Screen: One of the most important factors while buying a GPS for your car is the screen of the GPS. You are in regular touch with the screen while you are navigating sitting inside the car. Hence the size of the GPS screen inside the car must be adequate enough to serve your purpose. As per most of the experts, the ideal screen size of a GPS inside the car is somewhere around five to six inches. Anything less will be inadequate and will not be able to serve the purpose.

Type of the Receiver: The type and efficiency of the receiver play a very important role in determining whether or not the GPS in the car is good for you. The receiver determines the actual sensitivity of the GPS screen, and it is best that the receiver in the GPS screen is good and can serve the purpose well.

Voice Control: Not many people think about it. But actually, voice control can be extremely important when you are driving. When you are driving, it is extremely handy to have a voice control feature on your GPS so that you can easily navigate through the roads while also being able to concentrate on your driving skills. This feature is of particular importance to professionals such as taxi drivers, car drivers, police offices, as well as others. Those who need navigation daily will tell you how important the voice control feature is for the GPS.

Live Traffic: Another important factor to keep in mind while you are going for the purchase of the GPS screen in your car is whether or not the GPS has live traffic functionality. It is very useful to get traffic updates from time to time. This feature comes in handy when you are in a hurry and have to select routes that will help you avoid traffic. This feature thus helps you save a lot of time and energy.

Rerouting: Sometimes, it is but natural to deviate from the route that the GPS screen is showing you. It is at this time that the additional feature of rerouting comes in handy. When you accidentally miss the route that is initially displayed by the GPS screen, it is helpful to have the feature of rerouting. In this case scenario, the GPS route can recalculate the route, and this, in turn, means that you will not be swayed away from your original destination. Also, the feature of rerouting is handy when unprecedented situations are coming to your ways, such as accidents, construction works, and the likes.

3D Map View: Though not considered imperative, this is a feature that might be attractive for a few users. Some of you can better read a 3D print of a GPS screen rather than follow the voice or the normal route. There are types and brands available in the market which offer this feature, and you might select a model depending on your wants.

Calling: A few GPS screens are tied to your phone and are used to make calls hands free. This could be an important feature for some of you, particularly if you are someone who has to be on the phone constantly.


All the systems we discussed now have varied uses and also some are just trackers and some are navigation system. However, both uses the same technology. There are some 90 days satisfaction else money back guarantee which are worth trying for and you have nothing to lose. There are other companies also that do have these devices. But we believe these are the best one’s available from which you can choose. Happy locating your favourite one.