10 Best Hearing Aid Batteries

A lot of people suffering from partial hearing disabilities and age is one of the leading factor causing such type of disabilities. Luckily, we have a solution to the problem and we can now heal such disabilities with the help of hearing aids. There was a time when the hearing aids were bulky and a lot of people shied away from using one but today, the case is different. The hearing aids are lot more compact. They have been miniaturized to a point where you can’t really figure out if the person is wearing a hearing aid or not.

With the miniaturization of hearing aids, they have also become a lot more efficient in terms of power consumption. All the hearing aids are powered by small batteries which are a lot smaller than the button cell. These batteries can power the hearing aids for 7 to 15 days or longer without any trouble or loss of efficiency. The thing is that the batteries are not uniform as they are available in different size for different machines. These batteries also have varying specifications. Moreover, you would need a lot of batteries in a single year so you can always choose to order a bigger pack of batteries for use.

While purchasing the battery, ensure that you purchase it from a good brand and the battery should also be leak proof or else you will end up damaging your hearing aid. Apart from this, you must also check for the compatibility and the battery number. This would help you in ensuring that the battery you are planning to purchase will fit into your hearing aid.

With all these factors in mind, you can check out the top 10 best rated hearing aid batteries consumer reports available on the usa market in 2022. The details in the section below.

Best Buy Hearing Aid Batteries Reviews


As we mentioned above, it is really important to purchase the batteries from a good brand and to ensure that the batteries are compatible with your hearing aids. The first part, we have taken care off as we have compiled the list of best quality hearing aid batteries for you. This consumer report will give you an idea before you begin, size 312 can be used in ITC (In the Canal) and ITE (In the Ear) machines, size 13 can be used in BTE (Behind the Ear) and ITE (In the Ear) machines and size 10 can be used in ITC (In the Canal) and CIC (Completely in Canal) machines

We have considered a lot of factors and we have listed the details along with the pros and cons associated with each type of battery. So check them out below.

1. Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 pack 60 batteries

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries

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Duracell is one of the best company that manufactures long lasting hearing aid batteries and the first one in our list is from Duracell. These are the 312 hearing aid batteries so if your hearing aid is compatible with 312 batteries, then you can certainly purchase these and you will be delighted by your purchase. The good about the packaging is that these batteries can be dispensed easily without any trouble and they come with an easy tab. In terms of power, the batteries have a potential difference of 1.4 volts and they mostly use zinc as the primary element.

Since these high quality batteries are free from mercury, they are a lot safer than many other batteries available in the USA market. The easy tab makes it very easy to dispense the battery and it makes it easy to replace the battery in the hearing aid as well. There are no issues with the quality and you can purchase these without any type of doubt.


  • Available in a pack of 60 which makes a lot more sense to purchase the pack.
  • The batteries are really long lasting as they are from Duracell
  • Totally mercury free battery which makes them really safe to use.


  • Slightly expensive because of the brand value and quality

2. Amazon Basics 1.45 Volt Hearing Aid Batteries

Amazon Basics 1.45 Volt Hearing Aid Batteries

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Next on our list are 312 batteries from Amazon Basics. These are also available in a pack of 60 and they have a voltage of 1.45 volts. The batteries are made of zinc and they are safe to use because of the absence of mercury. In addition to this, you will notice that the package has a shelve life of 4 years so you do not have to worry about the expiry either.

The batteries come with a tab which makes them quite easy to extract. Once you take out the batteries, you just need to wait about a minute and then put it in the hearing aid. This is it, you are not ready to use your hearing aid. Overall, if you are looking for a cheaper yet reliable option for 312 batteries then you can consider this pack without any doubts.


  • The pack contains 6 batteries and this package has 10 packs in total which means that you will get 60 batteries in your order
  • Quite an affordable and reliable option
  • Amazon guarantees 4 years of shelf life which means that you do not have to worry about ordering a large number of batteries.


  • Some people may not like the packaging of the batteries.

3. Original Power one Battery 10, (60ea/pkg) p10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries


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Powerone is quite a popular brand when it comes to hearing aid batteries. These batteries from Powerone use Zing Air and they are known for the quality. As per the information available, these batteries are manufactured in Germany and they are durable as well. As per the package, the batteries can be used with B0104, B20PA DA10N, DA10H, AC230E, 10HP, AC230EZ, ME10Z, AC230, L10ZA, W10ZA, 10AE, 10A, S10A, A10 and ZA10.

Talking about the size, these are p10 batteries which have a size of 10. The batteries have a voltage of 1.45 volt which is the standard for the hearing aids in most of the countries and in most of the models. If you need a lot of batteries then you can order multiple packs of these batteries at once while will certainly save you a lot of money. A good shelve-life ensures that the batteries do not expire before you sue them all.


  • Made in Germany which certainly assures you of the quality of the battery that you get.
  • Specifically designed for hearing aids and available in 1 to 5 pack size with each pack containing 60 batteries.
  • Affordable packages and hence a lot more popular


  • Nothing as such.

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4. Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries

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These are the second option from Duracell and they are also loaded with Activair technology. The size of these batteries is 312 and they are available in a pack of 80 batteries. They can easily last longer than a year since on an average, you are not going to use more than 50 batteries in a year. Apart from this, the batteries have a long shelve life of 4 years so you do not have to worry about the expiry as well. The brand ensures that it gives you the fresh package and moreover, the quality or the backup time doesn’t fall down with the time.

Overall, we would recommend you to order these batteries because they are safe and they are durable. These batteries are mercury free which is certainly required to ensure the safety of the people using these batteries. Lastly, the easy tab feature is a blessing as it really makes it very easy for people to remove the battery from the pack and use it in the hearing aid.


  • Available in a pack of 80 batteries.
  • Comes with an easy tab which makes it very easy to replace the battery
  • Long lasting and durable batteries
  • The packaging is quite amazing as well.


  • Slightly expensive when you look at per piece price.

5. EmazingLights CR2450 Batteries (20 Pack) 3 Volt Button Cell Lithium 2450

EmazingLights CR2450 Batteries

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There are some large hearing aids which may not use the standard p10 or 312 batteries. You would have surely come across such hearing aids. Some of these would actually use CR 2450 batteries which are thinner but has a greater diameter. These are one of the most common battery types that are used in devices. The total capacity of these batteries is 600 mAh and you will find the utility of these batteries in computers, calculators, watches, medical devices, toys and remote keys. Because of this, ordering a pack of 20 is fine as you would not have to rush to the market every time a device runs out of the batteries. These batteries high in energy density and the company also provide a warranty of 24 months on each package that it ships.


  • Pack of 20 CR 2450 batteries
  • Comes with 24 month warranty and they are available in a blister package.
  • Can be used in a variety of device including the CMOS, medical equipment, wearable, remote and hearing aids as well.


  • Some people mentioned that these batteries do not last as long as they expected them to.

6. Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery, Size 312 (60 Batteries)

Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery

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If you are looking for batteries brands apart from Duracell and Powerone then you must check out this listing on our page. These batteries are from Rayovac and they are zinc air batteries which are easily available in the market. You can choose between a pack of 60 batteries and 240 batteries depending on your consumption but it must be noted that these batteries come with an expiry of 3 to 4 years which give you enough time to use the batteries.

In addition to this, the batteries are quite affordable when we talk about the price perspective. Every single pack contains 6 batteries and you can order these in 10 packs or 40 packs if you have high consumption. The voltage output of these batteries is 1.45 volt and as per the company, they are the world’s longest lasting batteries.


  • 312 batteries available in a pack of 60 or in pack of 240.
  • Made in the USA and hence the quality is quite good.
  • The battery has an expiry of 3 to 4 years and hence you need not worry about the spoilage.


  • Some people reported an issue with the voltage.

7. Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries: Size 10 (80 Batteries)

Duracell Activair

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This is the third listing from Duracell in our list and these are the size 10 batteries which are also manufactured by this leading brand. Just like any other hearing aid battery from Duracell, they come with Easy Tab technology and they are available in a compact packaging as well. The batteries offer a voltage of 1.45 colts and this pack contains a total of 80 batteries.

If you are not concerned about spending a few dollars extra then you can certainly go ahead and purchase these batteries because when you buy batteries from Duracell, you can really be assured about the quality of the batteries and the backup that these batteries will offer you. This is surely sufficient supply for the whole year for you.


  • Duracell is one of the best brands that you will find in the market.
  • Easy to open and easy to install because of easy tab technology that is used to pack the batteries
  • Available in a pack of 80 which is yet another advantage of purchasing the pack.


  • Slightly expensive when you look at the price of these batteries.

8. Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries: Size 13 (80 Batteries)

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries

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If you are looking for size 13 batteries and if you were not able to find them until now then this is the end of your search. Duracell also manufactures size 13 batteries which are easily available in a pack of 80 batteries. These batteries come with a long lasting power supply and they are also available in a travel-friendly compact packaging. Just like all other batteries from Duracell, they also use activair technology which is nothing but zinc air. Because of this, the batteries are free of mercury and hence a lot safer to use as well.

The batteries can prove to be a reliable source of power for your hearing aid and they will also last slightly longer than the other batteries in our list. You can go ahead and choose them without any doubt about the quality.


  • These are size 13 batteries from Duracell and they are available in a pack of 80.
  • Reliable batteries which offer a long backup time when compared with other batteries.
  • Comes with easy tab technology along with Activair which is also referred to as zinc air.


  • Quite expensive when you consider per piece cost.

9. Powermax Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries

Powermax Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries

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On number 9, we have size 13 batteries from Powermax. These batteries are also made of zinc air technology and the company guarantees the delivery of fresh batteries to you so that you get the maximum possible shelf-life. The batteries are free from mercury and they are also available in different pack sizes. You can order one as per your usage. The output voltage of these size 13 batteries is 1.4 volt and they come with easy change tab so that you can easily change the batteries in your hearing aid.

Even on the packing, there is a small cutout which helps you in dispensing the new battery quickly.  The company also ensures that the batteries do not leak in the hearing aid and hence they do not cause any damage to the hearing aid. The normal shelf life of these batteries is 3 years. These batteries can be used in behind the year and in the ear devices.


  • Available in a pack of 16, 40 and 64
  • Comes with easy change mechanism which lets you change the battery in a few seconds.
  • Size 13 batteries which are free from mercury.


  • Brand value and price of the batteries

10. Rayovac Extra Advanced, size 10 Hearing Aid Battery (pack 60 pcs)

Rayovac Extra Advanced, size 10 Hearing Aid Battery

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This is the last product on our list and these are from Rayovac. These batteries are available in size 10 and they are available in a pack of 60 batteries. From the price perspective, they are priced at competitive price and as per the manufacturer, these are the longest lasting batteries in the market. You can check them out for sure and you will be happy to use them because of the fact that they are long lasting.


  • Available in a pack of 60 with 3 years date code.
  • Comes with a large tab design and the company says it is the longest lasting batteries
  • Made in the USA


  • Nothing as such

How To Choose The Best Hearing aid Batteries

If you are buying hearing aid batteries for the first time, then you will have to understand certain things before you buy them. Whether it is a minor hearing problem or major, your hearing aid will need batteries. It is always good to choose something that will last for a very long time. These simple things can help you choose the right hearing aid batteries for your loved ones or for yourself. 

Type of hearing aid battery:

Earlier, people used the mercury batteries for their hearing aid devices. But the latest devices work with the zinc air button batteries. There are a number of rechargeable batteries also available in the market today, but still people opt for the zinc air batteries due to their performance and long life. There will be a small sticker or tab for the battery. You will have to keep the battery along with the sticker. You need to remove it only when you are going to use and that means the battery is active. 

Size of the batteries:

Different sizes of batteries are available in the present market. You will have to choose the battery based on the size of the hearing aid that you are using. That means, if you are using a large hearing aid, then you will have to use a larger battery and if it is a small battery, then you will have to use a small battery. The batteries are available in the sizes of 5, 10, 13, 312 and 675. 5 is the smallest battery and 675 is the largest one. 5 is a very rarely used battery. There is a color code for each battery which makes it easy for you to remember. 

Life of the batteries:

As we discussed earlier, larger devices need large power for them to work and hence we use large batteries. Large batteries have long life and small batteries have less life. Here is the life of the batteries:

  • 10 Size : 3 to 7 days
  • 13 Size : 6 to 14 days
  • 312 Size : 3 to 10 days
  • 675 Size : 9 to 20 days

Along with one battery being used, you need to have a spare battery that can be used in case of emergency. 

Hearing loss:

If you are having severe hearing problem, then you will need more amplification for it to provide proper hearing. So, if you are having severe problem, then more battery will be utilized. 

Easy to dispose: 

The batteries used these days are mercury free and hence you need not have to worry about how to dispose them. The zinc air batteries are totally environmentally friendly and hence you can dispose them with ease. 

Battery shelf life:

The shelf life of the battery used in hearing aids is around 2 years to 4 years. But you should make sure that you are storing them at the room temperature and in a closed space. This will improve the shelf life of teh batteries. 


Another important thing to know when you are buying a hearing aid battery is about the temperature. It will consume less voltage when you place it in low temperature. But if you are placing it in too low temperature like freezer, the life time of the battery will be affected. You should also not leave it in high temperature as well as that can damage the battery cell. You should always make sure that you are storing it in room temperature. 

Altitude and Humidity:

If you are using it at high altitude, then there are chances that the battery is discharged quickly. Also, high humidity will reduce the life of the battery. 

Hearing Aid Batteries Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which brand provides the best hearing aid batteries?

A range of brands offers some high-end hearing aid batteries that can fulfill your need effectively. One of the widely preferred brands for quite a long time is Rayovac Proline Batteries. It has four years of life, and the batteries are not going to harm by decaying, ensuring a safer purchase. The power from this battery is constant throughout the use, so you won’t have any long-term use.

  1. What’s the usual lifespan of hearing aid batteries on regular use?

A highly reputed manufacturer can provide long life with their hearing aid batteries and get you a two-year lifespan. The number might vary with manufacturers, but you can easily expect a battery lifespan of two years without any problem. Some manufacturers are adding additional warranty to get you a secure use, and you can replace the existing battery for the slightly affordable price point, which will fulfill your need. It can also provide you a better use over time. Being selective with the manufacturer is important to get a great battery life and reliable use.

  1. Can I replace the hearing aid device battery with higher power options?

Some manufacturers are offering extra power in terms of a great battery-backup throughout the day. You have to pay a few extra bucks to get this functionality, but is it worth spending extra bucks? Going with a higher-power battery seems like a better option, but they are not as durable as a normal battery. The risk of damaging a hearing aid device is also there, and you have to be selective. Keep it in mind that you go with a reputed brand and a well-sold battery model so you won’t have to worry about any issues in the future.

  1. Why do I have to wait five minutes before inserting a new battery into my hearing aid device?

There is a five-minute rule followed by every person who uses a hearing aid device. There are several reasons, but it is said that when you remove batteries, you are allowing the activation process. It usually takes three to five minutes. In this activation time, you allow air to reach the material inside the battery, and it will activate properly. If you don’t wait, the chances of damaging a battery increases. It is not a major issue, but you have to be careful.


This was all about the hearing aid batteries. You can check out the various models and visit the product page of the model that is compatible with your hearing aid. Remember to purchase it in bulk in a single order because this will not only be a lot more cost-effective but this will also ensure that you do not have to order the batteries again and again.

You will be able to find some of the best deals on e-commerce sites as they often provide a good discount on the batteries. Check out the deals right away and order the compatible batteries for your hearing aid right now.