10 Best Home Security Camera System

When you are away from your home, you would always have a worry in your head that hope your house is safe, no intruders in the house, your pet in the house is safe, did I forget to switch off the stove and many such worries. Probably this is the reason why the home security systems with camera were introduced. There are various kinds of security cameras available on Amazon, not all would be the best to buy and you always need to be careful which do you choose.

Down below is a honest home security camera system consumer reports review and description of various such cameras available and based on this, you might be able to take the right decision to buy it for indoor and outdoor use. Now let us go ahead and see which of these systems are best suited for your requirement.

Best Buy Home Security Camera System 2021


1. Canary (CAN100USBK) All in one HD security camera

CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera

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This is the security camera which is built with 1080P high resolution lens so that you can clearly see what us going on in your house. This device is compatible with Alexa for voice command and control. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi which can be used to connect to your mobile handset and the Alexa. The lens of the camera is built for 147 degree view which is highly recommended. To add on, it also has high quality sound recorder.

The system is also build up with an alarm or siren that will sound up based on the settings fed into the system. You would be able to scare of the intruders with this feature. The siren is quite loud. Even if you have pets at home and need to an eye on them when you are away, this would help the best. You can also view all of these live from a distant location just by being able to connect to the internet.

The device has various sensors like 33-Axis accelerators, ambient light and capacitive touch. The sensors are good enough to sense the activities of the people and the pets. You can keep an eye on your baby. If it was sleeping and now awake. You can also control it by Google assistant.

Another feature of this device is it keeps a watch on the air quality, temperature and humidity of the room it is installed in. This will also help you monitor all these health related aspects. There is also one touch emergency access, where you can get in touch with 911 very easily.

If you want to talk to kids at home you can simple talk to them through this Canary which is a two way communication system. This device comes in two colors, Black and White. Canary also comes with 1 year limited warranty which gives you a worriless time using this device.


  • HD Camera with sound recording
  • Activity motion sensor
  • Alarm/Siren available
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • Some Customers complained about the alert not working even when they were ransacked by intruders.
  • Some services expire and can be restarted only when paid for it.
  • Customers have also mentioned about unforeseen costs that are incurred buying this product

2. Arlo Pro 2 Wireless home security system

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

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This home security system comes with 2 camera kit with a hub. This is the best wirelss home security system camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. This means it also is water and dust proof camera. When I say wireless it truly does not require any wire to connect to each camera. Each camera connects wirelessly to the hub. These cameras have rechargeable batteries which when installed outside the house can also be used recharged using a solar panel. Hence it is known as truly wireless camera.

The camera is built for both day and night with high quality night vision option. The camera has 1080p HD quality of video recording with sharper and bright details. Through the app provided with it, you can also zoom into specific area of the screen and make sure you get very detailed video image. As mentioned, to power the camera you can connect to the power cable. If it is frequently changing paces then it is also having rechargeable batteries built-in to power the camera.

The camera is also weather proof. It can withstand rain, sunlight and works like a charm even in such seasons. The video can also be recorded and stored in the cloud. At any given point you can refer to the video until seven days back. Anything older than that will be erased off the memory. This record is freely available

This camera can also be connected to the Alexa and you can give it command and control it via the Alexa. The device comes in 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 camera kit. You can install the camera at various places, like at the front door, living kitchen and various other places where you have the requirement of keeping an eye on.

The device also has smart siren with over 100 decibels of sound, which is as loud as a lawn mower. It also has 2 way audio communications from the camera to your smart phone. It has a mic and speaker for the same reason. You can either use an external storage device or the cloud storage to save the recording. The device is accompanied with 1 year warranty and the company will resolve the defects in case of such situations.


  • Option to add in additional cameras making the security much more stringent
  • Truly wireless – no wires or cables attached
  • Can be charged via solar panels – when in outdoor use, you can charge the batteries using solar panel
  • It comes with 2 years Singapore warranty


  • Reaching Customer support has been difficult for the customers.
  • The product has been complained on going offline for no reason.
  • Battery lasts only for 3-4 days as per customer review
  • Pro 2 version has rated bad when compared to the first version

3. Google, NestCam Indoor Security Camera

Google, NC1104US, Nest Cam Indoor, Security Camera

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This camera can be bought just one or combination of 3 cameras. The NestCam is only an indoor camera. This camera is supposed to be quick plug and easy install type. There is no need of hub that is required for some of the available models. Once installed, which is not very long, you can view the targeted area from your mobile phone without any hassle. You will always be connected to your phone. To set it up you need to download the Nest app from the app store.

You can also setup alerts on your mobile based on the activities and also have a two way conversation from camera o the mobile phone. The camera is also of high quality and works great during night time also. The camera illuminates the area it is focusing on to make sure it captures best video even during night time. The camera is also having 130 degree view and displays it at 1080P HD output. The video quality is also very clear even at night.

You can also control this device via Alexa. If you have installed this camera at your front door then it is easy to see who is at the door. You can also talk to them via the phone to see if they are some intruder or some genuine person come to meet you. This comes with 2 years warranty and gives you a worry less usage time.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Options to add in as many additional cameras you require
  • Two-way communication option


  • Can be used only as an indoor camera
  • The night vision has not been rated well by the users as they found it was not recording with good quality or visibility
  • The motion sensors are slow to detect movement
  • The recorded video is not saved in the video library and they disappear

4. Zmodo Wireless security Camera

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System

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This security camera system comes in a set of four cameras, which you can install at various places in your home. This can be used both indoors and outdoors. This camera is built to provide you a secure home at any season. It is weather proof and can withstand rain. It can work under the temperature of -10 C to +50 C. It has been rated IP65 weather proof.

Always know what is happening at home during your travel out by staying connected via the mobile app which is available on the app store. Not just that, set smart alerts on the mobile to send you clips of the activity that is captured through the activity sensor. These recordings can also be stored in the cloud. The company provides seven days cycles’ one month free trial for cloud usage. The camera has a high quality recording capability even during the night times. It has IR vision which is infrared lights and can capture video up to 65 feet from the camera during the night. When the lights are out, the camera sensor automatically adjusts the camera for the night vision. This feature is called the smart night vision.

This device output can be viewed on multiple screens. It can be viewed on 4 different devices simultaneously. You can also share the device with your family or friends for sharing special moments. The device is also build to connect to Alexa and can be controlled by it. You can command Alexa to show who is at the front door.

These are wireless camera, but each camera has to be manually plugged to a nearby power source and it does not have a battery to run. The camera resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels and can capture very good detailed video. It connects only via Wi-Fi to the viewing screens.


  • Works with Alexa
  • 1-month free trial for cloud service for storing the recorded video
  • Very good night vision as per company’s claim
  • Customizable motion detection available
  • Weather proof
  • Multiple viewing options simultaneously


  • Unless paid for monthly subscription these devices do not record even in a local storage
  • No local storage provided and hence the recording would require subscription
  • Customers have complained about non assistance from the customer support
  • Thick concrete walls form as an obstacle even with a short distance of feet away and does not connect

5. Ring Spotlight Camera – HD Security Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

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Ring security camera has a unique design, which does not appear to be a security camera at all. The security camera comes in 2 colors, and it is sold on Amazon as 1 cam, 2 cams or 3 cams set. This lets you watch your house when you are away from it, travelling or even if you are just taking a walk outside. You can view you house on your mobile, tablet or a PC. This device has a unique design which looks like a pigeon house. It has HD video recording with live view also available. Not just video, even audio is recorded and can be heard Live also. There are sensors that detect the motion and sends out customized alerts to the mobile phones. These sensors can also be customized to set ideal settings for your home. The device runs on battery power and can be recharged by connecting to a power plug. If installed outdoor you can also connect to a solar panel for continuous charge. Alternatively, you can keep an additional battery to replace, when the battery in this device discharges

Another feature of this security camera is, it has an inbuilt siren which can be triggered remotely by a mobile handset. You can also have conversations with the visitor via the mobile through the camera, so that you the purpose of the visitor’s visit. You can also connect the security camera to Alexa and control and command for task to be completed. You can say “Call to the front door” and then talk to the visitor.


  • Lifetime theft cover – If camera is stolen it is replaced by the company
  • Battery backup available – that is no power supply required
  • Works with Alexa and can be controlled via voice commands
  • Has inbuilt siren to scare off the intruders


  • Car detection can sometimes be funny as it picks up the car detected even at a distance
  • It has been reported of having a lag in the recording and also delay in the viewing
  • Night vision has been a problem and the camera picks up some static noise which ahs been experienced by various users.

6. Ring Spotlight Cam – Wired

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

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Ring Spotlight camera wired version is similar to that of the wireless version. The main difference is that this camera needs to be plugged into a power source. The camera needs to be near a power point to plug into the power for non-stop usage. There is not inbuilt battery to support when there is no power. This can be disadvantageous sometimes. The camera is built up with strong and sensitive sensors that sense the activities and send out the alerts on the mobile that it is preset to.

The camera is of 1080P HD quality and captures the video in high quality. You can view these videos if you opt to choose Ring protect Basic plan for $3/ month which are stored for 60 days in the cloud. You can review and share these videos with the friends, family and other with whomever you want to. This ring spot light has a built in LED strip that lights up during night to illuminate the surroundings for capturing best video.

If the motion sensors detects some activity and you happen to figure out those are intruders you can activate remotely the inbuilt siren which is designed to scare off the intruder. The video that is captured by the camera can also be viewed live giving you control of the situation at the earliest. The alerts are designed to send to your favorite device, be it your mobile, a tablet or a PC.  The sensors on the camera can be customized to manage its sensitivity and the range. This will help you to set it up as per your requirement at your home. This camera is backed with 1 year limited warranty and service from the company. This gives a good relief to the user as they know they are in safe hands.


  • Has inbuilt Siren and has led lights
  • Customizable sensors to manage the motion detection
  • Available in 2 colors Black and White
  • Has the ability to connect to Alexa and work based on voice commands


  • Wired Camera makes it difficult to install and find the right place
  • The Wi-Fi router needs to be within 15 feet of distance for the camera to work properly
  • Customers have complained about the waterproofing not to work properly and the camera inside have water lodged

7. Arlo Go HD Security Camera

Arlo Go - Mobile HD Security Camera with Data Plan

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This version of Arlo, known as Arlo Go is a camera which can be installed discreetly due to its size. This camera needs a data plan of its own to stream the video. It connects through 3G, 4G and LTE. Plans with Verizon and AT&T are not compatible with this device. The camera has a hassle free no wire feature. It does not need access to the power cable on its own. I has inbuilt battery that powers this small cutie.

This is a strong device that is also weather proof. It can withstand rain and shine and also is rain proof. That means all the seasons it will make sure to protect your house. If the camera happens to detect any sound or movement it will send instant alert to the mobile. The camera is of high quality and the record is crystal clear making sure every detail is captured. You can also live stream the video to make sure you are tracking things without any delay. It also makes sure to capture the video at night at a very good quality. It can see what is happening in the dark also.

If the camera is on the front door and it happens that there are visitors you can talk to them and see if they are the genuine visitors or are they intruders. In case of genuine visitors you can have a 2 way talk also. In case you have it installed inside your home and your children are alone, you can also talk to them to make sure they do not feel lonely and know of any issues. To store all these recordings there is a local storage facility provided within the camera which will be stored on the SD card. This speaker can also be connected to Alexa which in turn can control the device on voice commands. It is supported by 1 year manufacturer warranty which the user would really appreciate.


  • Small and can be installed stealthily
  • Local storage facility
  • Camera built for video capture in dark also
  • Can be connected to Alexa


  • The recording happens even for a small movement in the far of the view also. Like people walking on the street and hence wasting the storage
  • Monthly fees were termed to be expensive for the customers
  • As it is based on cellular network the reception was termed to be poor by the customer
  • Users found it difficult to connect to Alexa

8. Reolink Outdoor security Camera

Reolink Outdoor Security Camera Mobile Cellular 3G 4G LTE SIM Card

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Reolink Go is a security camera which is specifically built for outdoor security. This is built for all weather proof and has a IP65 weather proof rating. This means it works seamlessly in bright sun, rains, hails, and snow. This is enabled with 4G-LTE Network connectivity capability for being connected with the viewing screens at all times. Do not need a Wi-Fi to stay connected. This is 100% wire free camera as it would not need to be connected to a power source and it has rechargeable battery installed in it. To have a continuous power supply to it you can always connect it to a solar panel which is sold separately.

The video quality is a 1080p full HD and it has 33feet starlight night vision which captures the video at night with good illuminated brightness. This makes sure you can identify any activity and take appropriate actions to avoid further escalation of the situation. The sensors installed in it make sure that no false alarm can be raised and also no blind spots are left out. The sensitivity of the sensors can also be adjusted as per the requirement. If there are any motions detected then you will be intimated through an email, message and also sound alarm if this was already setup.

The audio of the camera is built to enable 2 way conversations from camera to the viewing screen. The camera is also built in to support up to 64 GB of SD card which can be used to capture and sore videos for future reference or review. This camera can be used during travel in your own van, camping in the jungle, security outside your house, security in the stable and many more such outdoor requirements.


  • In-built Siren available
  • Local storage facility up to 64 GB of recording
  • 2 way conversation enabled system
  • High video quality even in the dark


  • No customer support number or contact details were provided with the package
  • Some customers found it difficult to setup the device
  • The stability of the network was not there hence causing the viewing of the live cam difficult and shaky.

9. Smart Outdoor Security Camera

Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Integrated floodlight

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This Smart Outdoor Security camera comes with a flood light which acts as a security device and also helps you with navigating you path to the door with the light. This camera is built with sensor when it detects an animal, a car or a person it send out alert to the mobile phone as what it has seen. It can also be viewed on multiple screens and can be shared within the family. The alerts can also be customized to be received only during the time we require it. This is suitable at the door outside your house. It can scare off any unwanted visitor or an intruder during night when it switches on the flood light after detecting movement.

The camera also provides free storage of the video that is captured which can be reviewed or shared later for any purpose. This device also comes with all the hardware that requires it to be installed. It has very simple installation process and can be installed by any person with basic skills. The viewing is also very easy and can be viewed in any device anywhere anytime. The product has 1 year warranty.  Good camera for the outdoor security purpose.


  • Integrated Flood light
  • Custom alerts can be set
  • Detects car, animal or person and sends out the right alert to mention what it has detected
  • Very Easy to install


  • Viewing of the recorded video has been one of the concerns and needs high speed internet
  • Water proof did not work well with few users
  • Customer support was delayed even on frequent chasers
  • Few customers also have complained on the quality of the product

10. MI Home security Camera

Mi Home Security Camera, Xiaomi HD 1080P

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MI has always been the brand which has come up with products in all the segment of the electronic devices. It has also come up with a very good home security camera and this also hails very well. They have come up with a very high end 130 ultra wide angle camera lens making it easy to capture high quality video of what it sees. It has very secure and reliable connection and connects through 4G and 5G enabled network. It also supports Wi-Fi.

It has a very specific feature that is truly a mark of intelligence. If the family members do not like to be captured on the video, a simple calibration of your IPhones to the camera would hibernates the camera when it detects that IPhone.  This is a very cool feature. To add on to the night vision camera, there are 8 infrared LEDs that enhance the video capture during night or in less light. These cameras are powered with lithium ion batteries.

The camera also provides smart motion sensing ability. This ability makes sure there are no false alarms or alerts being set. The sensitivity of the camera can be customized to make sure of this. The app used to view the camera recording also has the picture in picture enabled. The camera also has been enabled with 2 way communication speakers and mic making it easy to communicate to visitors outside and making sure they are no intruders. The camera output is of quality and the image is of wide angle covering more area to make sure there are no blind spots.  The product also has 1 year limited brand warranty.


  • High quality night vision camera
  • Two way audio communication
  • Can also be connected to Alexa which accepts voice command to complete tasks
  • Privacy protection – camera is smart to hibernate when a family member is there
  • Wide angle lens leaving room for lesser blind spots


  • The app is not available in USA when one of the customers tried to download it.
  • Some customers had trouble connecting to the internet hence unable to setup
  • Users also found it difficult to connect additional camera

How To Choose the Best Home Security Camera System

Home security camera systems have now become a necessity regardless of the part of the globe you are living in. Home security systems are available in different types and price ranges that make it a difficult task for the homeowners who are planning to buy these for the first time. Apart from the brand, there are several other things that play an important role in choosing the best-in-class home security camera system.

Here we are going to discuss a few such points that we think can help you buy the most efficient and reliable home security camera system. By keeping the following points in mind, you will be able to find good quality and reliable home security camera system that works well and offers the best security to you and your family.


The first major thing that you should consider while purchasing a new home security camera system is the ease of installation. Make sure that the system you are planning to buy has better connectivity and installation. By doing this, you can easily cut the cost of installation that can cost you a lot depending on the area you live in. So, when you are planning to buy a new home security camera system, instead of falling for the price and brand, make sure to check the installation too.


Another important thing that you should consider while purchasing a new home security camera system is usability. Lots of advanced versions of security systems are available in the market that look great at a glance. However, like a normal home buyer, they may be too hard to get used to. So, make sure that you understand every single feature of the security system and can easily use them without any issues.

BY doing this, you will be able to find a reliable home security system that is easier to use and maintain. So, be sure to look for usability before actually purchasing the home security camera system for your home.

List of features

One more that you should not ignore while purchasing a new security system is the features it is providing to you. By having a look at the feature set you can easily judge whether the product you have shortlisted for your home is the right choice or not. By choosing the home security camera based on features and usability, you will be able to get the best value for your money and get the best safety.

Video and recording quality

Another important aspect thatyou should not ignore while purchasing the home security camera system is the video capabilities of the system. Make sure that that camera has better tech and usability that helps you capture clear footage that can help in case of emergency. Look for the camera systems with exclusive features like night mode camera recording, wireless alarm and others. This is going to enhance the overall value of the product and will make you feel safe.

Value for money

Lastly, make sure that the home security system you are looking to buy worth the value or not. To check this, read the online reviews, check for the usability and brand value. By doing this, you will be able to find a perfect home security system that worth the money and is a better choice than most of the other choices available in the market.

So, these were the most essential and useful points that you should be looking for while purchasing a new home security camera system. BY following this simple buying guide, you will be able to find the most efficient and reliable home security camera system that completely worth the money.

Security Camera System Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the different types of security camera system?

There are numerous varieties of the security cameras available in the market. And they can be categorized by the way they work and how they are connected to the systems. Also, you can go with the night vision camera or IR cameras that work flawlessly in the night. So, choose a perfect security camera system according to your needs and budget. You can also go with the 24-hours surveillance system with wireless connectivity.

  1. Can I record and view the footage simultaneously?

Yes. There are a few models that offer live feed along with continuous recording. So, if you are looking for a camera that can save and show the feed simultaneously, you can go with the models that offer this facility. Though these models are expensive than the traditional surveillance cameras, but have better functionalities and features that make them a worth purchasing product for safety.

  1. What are the prerequisites for having the security camera system?

The security cameras are worth purchasing and enhance the safety of your place. However, there are a few things that you should have in order to get the best security camera experience. These essentials are, the uninterrupted power supply, a wireless internet connection (in case you opted for the wireless feed camera system) and a compatible smartphone for the added camera feed.

  1. Can I zoom with the camera?

Yes, there are a few security cameras that provide motorized optical zoom to a level. You can go with the manual zoom options too for some high-end security camera system. So, choose a perfect security camera and get the best value for money. The amount of zoom and technology behind it defines the cost of the surveillance camera and it is essential that you choose a good camera with the features that you need for yourself.

  1. Are wireless security cameras effective?

The wireless cameras are the modern way of surveillance and offer a wide range of advanced features that are not the part of traditional security camera systems. The wireless cameras are not only easier to use and install but also offers better performance than the traditional ones. SO, if you are after a reliable and more effective security camera for yourself, the wireless cameras can be a perfect choice for you.

  1. What are PTZ cameras?

PTZ security cameras or the security cameras with Pan Tilt and Zoom facility are the cameras with the best-in-class coverage and if you are looking to buy a security camera for the larger area, you should consider buying these PTZ cameras over the other ones. PTZ cameras are available in two categories, one with the digital zoom and the other one is with the optical zoom. Both cameras have their pros and cons and you should consider the one that suits your needs the best.

Normal security cameras do not have these three features and thus you should go with the cameras with PTZ facility for better value and efficiency.


With all these security cameras being looked into, you need to decide which of them is of use to you. There are camera systems with multiple cameras and some are just front door cameras which makes sure you look before you answer the door. There are more of these cameras available on Amazon but not all of them make it to the list as this had only 10 spots. You can still review hem on Amazon as these were best fit for most of the criteria. Decide on your requirement basis and do not buy them blindly. They are the ones that will make your home secure when you are away and keeps you alerted.