5 Best Hot Water Tubs

If you are a person who likes to take bath in water tubs, who would like to relax in the tub for a while then this product is for you. Hot water tubs are the extension of the bath tubs but with bubbles that give a good relaxing feeling. These are also known as Jacuzzi tubs. These hot water tubs have jets of water or air bubbles being spewed which gives relaxation. This also is used as hydrotherapy for massage purpose.

Bath tubs are usually used to take baths and are connected to the drain which can drain out the water. But in the case of hot tubs the water is not changed after each use instead is cleaned like that in a swimming pool. Hot tubs are usually the outdoor thing, but can also be installed indoors. In case of bath tubs soap and shampoo is used however in the case of water tubs no shampoo or soap is used, making it only for the purpose of relaxation and therapy.

Inflatable water tubs are portable and come in small package when ordered. They are easy to be inflating either indoors or outdoors and can also be deflated and packed back when not in use. This makes it easy to carry or transport to another location. The inflatable bath tubs can also be used by more than one person at a time. They have jet of water sprayed within the tub giving it a relaxation or for therapy related purposes.

Best Buy Hot Water Tubs Consumer Reviews


If you are thinking of buying one for whatever reason we have listed down the consumer reports & reviews of 5 best ones below and will take you through their features so that it is easy for you to make a decision. Now let’s go ahead and talk more about it.

1. Bestway Hot Tub – 4 Person Black

Bestway Hot Tub

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SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable hot tub is a very easy to install tub that can be installed anywhere. You can use it for a pool party near the swimming pool or you can use it indoor just for relaxation purposes. This inflatable hot tub can fit in 4 people at a once. This is built to provide relaxation. The tub releases jet of air bubble from the bottom of the tub. There are around 120 of pores for where the jet of air bubbles come out of the bed of the tub. This also provides a massage kind of relaxation to the muscles.

When we said it first in 4 people at once then you must be wondering is it really that strong to hold 4 people once? Well yes, it is made of durable material. The material used is a puncture resistant tri tech material. The I-beam construction also makes sure the tub retains its original shape and does not get disfigured after usage due to hot water. It is also strong built so that when the user leans to the side of the tub it does not bend on that side.

The setup of the tub is also very simple. There is no requirement of additional tools to setup the tub. The package also is provided with its own pump to inflate the tub. Once completely inflated and when not in use you can you the lid type cover to close the tub. Once setup where required you can start using it immediately. The maximum temperature of the water can get up to 40 degree Celsius or 104 degree Fahrenheit. You can also operate the tub while sitting inside the tub. There is a power saving timer that can be used to preheat the tub before 72 hours of usage. It is designed to be portable. Not just being able to deflate, it is also provided with the handles to lift when deflated.

If you are living in a cold place when it’s snowing out then this would seem best to be used indoors. You can use it indoor when you feel you need to use some privacy and relax with sometime of your own.


  • Durable material used and is made of puncture resistant material
  • This has an easy setup and does not require any additional tools to setup. The pump to inflate the tub is also provided
  • For maintaining purposes it is also provided with the lid which will make sure no leaves or dirt gets into the water if used outdoor
  • Has a timer inbuilt to pre plan your usage
  • It is portable


  • Issues with control panel found
  • Complaints of leakage of air found

2. Intex – 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

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This product is the 77 inches hot tub that is suitable for 4 people at once. This inflatable hot tub is puncture resistant material which is also three ply laminated. This hot tub lets you relax with a good massage like experience with soothing bubbles al around. These bubbles jet come out of 120 pores that are there at the bottom of the tub.

Most people using the hot tub or a bath tub complain on the skin related issues especially when the ward is hard. Well, Intex have found a solution to it and have introduced built in hard water treatment system which avoids most of the skin issues been complained before. The ideal temperature is 40 degree Celsius and Intex advises that if the water temperature rises above it, avoid using the tub.

As it fits people it is important that the tub holds all of them without issues, and hence it is built with Fiber-Tech construction which makes the tub rigid and does not lose its shape when leaning over it.  There is a lid been provided in the package to help retain het when not using and also avoid dirt falling inside the tub. It can be used both indoors and outdoors based on your convenience and requirement. This tub is recommended for users of age 6 and above. Also to note longer duration of time spent in hot water might cause dizziness and drowsiness.

As there is the hard water treatment system, there is also lesser chance of hard water salt being accumulated in the tub. There is the water filter been provided with the package which does the water cleaning and the salt removal thus making the water better for using it. For the maintenance there is a floating chemical dispenser which keeps the water clean and refreshing


  • Fiber tech construction makes sure the body stays rigid and hence each to lean.
  • A comfortable capacity of 4 people
  • Filter and chemical dispenser keeps the tub water refreshing and clean.
  • Temperature control with maximum of 104 degree Fahrenheit
  • Grab handle to easily move around
  • Easy to control led display control unit
  • Bag provided to carry around once deflated


  • Complaints of heater not working within few days
  • Bad customer support

3. Bestway Helsinki Airjet hot tub

Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub

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This is another one from Bestway which is similar to the last one but with some additional features. This is typically bigger and can hold up to 6-7 people at once. This is most suited for a pool party as the capacity is more. Hence best setup is outdoor for this tub. This however does not stop you from using it indoors. The only requirement would be bigger space inside your house to fit in

This tub is mad from drop stitch material which is durable and prevents damage. At the looks of I looks like it is made of wood from outside. However the walls of this is lined with interwoven threads which keeps the tub rigid within its actual shape so that when the users lean over it does not bend on the side it is leant. There are number of pores on the bed of the tub that releases bubbles to create warm and relaxing feeling. You just need to plug it into the electrical outlet and start using it.

It comes with a lid on top to prevent of dirt falling into the water. The setup is simple and the manual guides it very well. No additional tools are required to setup. It has its own pump to inflate and deflate when required.

One of the most important features of the tub is the built in water softening system. This ensures the hard water will not be too hard on your skin. Hence it avoids any skin irritation up to good extent. This is an unique feature to separate it from other ones. The temperature can be controlled from inside the tub and can have a maximum temperature of 104 degree Fahrenheit. The tub is portable and stylish looking one. It is also compact when deflated and easy to carry around. It can be taken over in your holidays to another place and easily fits in your car.


  • Portable and has a handle to lift it
  • Has wooden finish and looks good
  • Has a lid to make sure dirt does not get in when not in use.
  • Made of drop stitch material and is puncture resistant
  • Has a timer to set it to preheat he pool for you
  • Simple setup with no additional tools
  • Water softening system to make sure you are free of skin issues using it


  • Customers complained of high electricity bill
  • Air retention is lesser and users have found it to be leaking

4. Aleko Oval Shaped Inflatable hot tub for 2

ALEKO HTIO2BKW Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

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This is a differently shaped hot tub when compared to the ones we spoke about earlier. This has an oval shape and capacity for 2 people. Although company claims ideal for party, it is best suited for indoor personal use. This comes in the combination of black and white color. This tub is designed to give relief to joint or muscular pain, improve sleep, reduces stress and anxiety. And to add on the most important one add in a charm in the party.

This comes with easy installation. Inflate the tub with the hose that is provided in the package, add in water, connect to the electricity outlet and voila here it is ready for use. There are no fancy tools that are required to set it up.  Once in it you can control the temperature with the control panel on the side. Water can get hotter up to 108 degree Celsius. Then the bubbles start their work. With so many bubbles passing on you will get a massage kind feeling and making you time in the tub much relaxing.  The tub includes 1500 watt power pack, 900 watt heater 600 watt bubble and 12 volts filter pump.

As this is a portable tub it is also designed with good pvc material with thickness of 0.66 mm of the material. It is also provided with the cover on top so that if placed outdoor this can be used to avoid the dirt or the tree leaves falling in the water. As this is not too big it can be used indoors or outdoors. As it is for 2 people it is portable and can e carried easily to other places.

This product not only comes for 2 people. You have it in different shapes also. For 4 people it comes in square share. For six people it is designed in a round shape tub. You also have a square one for 6 people. There is also round one for 4 people. So it depends on your convenience and requirement which one you would opt to go for. You also have varying colors on the outside making it much attractive.


  • Good for joint pains and muscle pain.
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Easy to operate digital control on the side
  • Cover provided when not in use
  • Comes in various sizes to choose form
  • Comes with filter to clean up the water and keep it fresh


  • No inflating pump in the package
  • Warranty assistance not available

5. Bestway Paris Airjet Hot Tub

Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub

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Bestway have another one in the list that is good enough to be listed here. This is a 6 people capacity and hence most ideal for outdoor usage especially for pool party or normal party. This is a Jacuzzi style tub that has hot water bubbles that comes in from the bottom of the tub. This tub is designed for stress relief also massage for back, neck and shoulders. The massage effect comes from the jet of ari bubbles that comes in from the bottom pores. You can also use it indoors but as he space required is big you need to have sufficient indoor.

The controls are provided on the side of the tub and can be operated even when you are in the tub. The water can get as hot as 104 degree Celsius. Any hotter than this is not safe, and this is the standard that has been set by the regulators. There is also a timer that will save power.  Like other Bestway tubs this also has I-beam construction which makes the body more rigid holding to its original shape and making sure the wall do not collapse when someone leans.

The tub can be inflated and deflated as and when required with the pump provided with the package. The setup is simple and as well as the maintenance. No additional tools or support it requires as the manual provides most of the instructions. There is also a cover that is been provided to avoid dirt getting into the water when the tub is not in use.

There is an additional feature that is really attractive and easy to show off with your friends. There is an ambience light that is available inside the tub, which when lit in the night times would give a very good look to the party. This light changes 7 different colors making it a wow factor. Additionally there is cushioned air pad floor provided that gives additional comfort for the user.


  • Control unit on the side of the tub making it easy to operate
  • Sturdy and rigid build so that the usage can be more comfortable and does not collapse when leant on
  • Simple setup and maintenance – no additional tools required while setup
  • Ambience lights with colors to choose from is the best feature
  • Power saving timer available


  • Leaking problem, both air and water
  • Customer care could have been better

Things to consider when Buying Hot Tubs

If you are someone who likes to own a hot tub of your own to relax the sore muscles of your body, then I am sure you must have found it quite challenging to choose the right type of hot tub. In order to make this task of buying the best hot tub that suits your needs relatively easy, we have carefully drafted a buying guide which will hopefully help you in taking a wise decision. The following are the factors that are needed to be kept in mind:

Seating of the Hot Tub: It is imperative that you decide what is the total number of people that would be using the hot tub. Depending on the number of people who would be using the hot tub, you would want to buy a tub that will have place for one person or multiple guests.

Material: Material is undoubtedly a very important consideration when you want to purchase a hot tub. The material of the hot tub not only offers the much-needed durability, but also goes a long way in helping to give the fashionable look to the tub. Besides, the strength as well as the level of insulation is also decided by the material that goes into the making of the hot tub. The different materials that the hot tub can be made of includes vinyl, wood, as well as Acrylic.

Features and Additional Options: Due to high competition in the market, there are many brands of the product available and each come with their own set of options and features to stand out. You have to carefully choose the one that will be the best for you and your needs. There are hot tubs that will have jets in order to give your body a great massage, covers that will help conserve energy and protect you from getting huge monthly bills, as well as other features. You sure will have to prioritize which feature would serve the best purpose for you and your family.

Size of the Hot Tub: Size as well as the space that is being offered by the hot tub is a very important consideration that has to be kept in mind in order to make a right choice in the purchase of a hot tub.

Location of the House: This factor may not seem important at first. However, if you come to think of it carefully, it is extremely important. Before you even purchase a hot tub, you have to be absolutely sure as to the location of the house where the tub needs to be placed. Once this is decided upon, you can purchase the tub as per the space as well as the size available.

Insulation:  The type of insulation that goes into the making of the hot tub also plays a very important role in deciding the purchase. It is important that insulation is done in an appropriate manner in order to derive the maximum benefit from a hot tub. A good insulation, in turn, goes a long way in helping you cut the cost of heating to a considerable extent.

Warranty: In order to choose the best brand of spa that is best suited for your needs, you will want to go for something in which the seller is able to give you warranty as well as support.

Price: You will definitely want to derive full value and worth of the money that you end up spending when you purchase a hot tub. It is imperative that you determine what is your budget and buy the hot tub that best falls within your budget while also offering you the features and options that you need.


As mentioned before this a very good product that can be used for taking health benefits. This also serves as a party enhancer. Possibly to the pool side this looks and feels better. Sometimes the users are shy enough might use it indoors and smaller ones would make more sense.

Users have found it very relaxing and relieved them of the stress. Some of these products can have high power usage. So be careful before buying. Make sure you can afford the electricity bill or buy the most energy efficient one. For some regions the delivery charges can be very high, so be careful when you are buying it.  As some of the brands gives replacement warranties make sure you choose such brand and model to make sure you are at least kind of insured.  This is one of the products worth installing on and has a life span of 2-5 years. We hope he information above gave a good reading and will help you in your decision making process.