8 Best Instant Pots

At some point in time in life, everyone gets a chance to cook food. Be it just making coffee for yourself or preparing a Christmas dinner for the family. A proper cook at home would understand the needs of various appliances for cooking purposes. We have appliances like a grinder, cooker, frying pan, deep frying utensils, and may more that make the cooking process faster and convenient. If you have a small kitchen, storing all these appliances can be a tough task and you wish if you could discard some unwanted ones. But is that possible?

Well, we are not sure of that. But what we are sure of is, how useful the following appliance would be and can reduce the usage of multiple appliances. The most common type of such appliance we find nowadays is the pressure cooker. Nowadays, the hybrid version of the pressure cooker has cropped up and is known as the Instant Pot. The pot is the culmination of a Pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice cooker, steamer, and also works as a warming pot.

Having multiple options in a single appliance is a boon to the cooking fraternity. Not just that, it is known to have other benefits that make the cooking process efficient. It is supposed to save 70% of the energy consumption when compared with the conventional way. It is also known to save 2/3rd of the time required for cooking when you use the Instant Pot. This is getting better by each information we are getting. We will provide information on the 8 best cooker that is available in the market for you to buy.

Best Buy Instant Pots Consumer Reviews


Instant pots are known to have numerous benefits starting from uses to its safety measures that make them a useful product. As we go further, we will discuss the 8 best Instant Pots consumer reports that are available in the market place, and they are the ones we feel are the best ones to buy.

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo

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Instant pot is known to be America’s bestselling model of the multi-cooker and the one we are talking about is the 3rd generation. It is an improvised version of the previous versions and has a great deal coming out of the microprocessor installed in the cooker. The size of the cooker is 8-QT and is the biggest that that company offers in this model. The microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, adjust the heating, and also keeps the time and tracks it for you. It also calculates the time required to achieve the desired state of cooking with the current variables.

With 7 appliances in one, the pot is designed to cook at a faster rate by saving a good amount of time. It has a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, sauté pan, steamer, yogurt maker, rice cooker and a warmer. It has a led display of the time and has a 14 one-touch program to various dishes from soups to desserts. With the usage of oil and other greasy ingredients in the kitchen, the stainless steel is fingerprint-resistant. Although the pot itself is not a dishwasher compatible, the lid and the other accessories are dish wash compatible.

When mentioned this is an improvised version, we meant in all the ways possible, including the safety features. It has 10+ safety features that make the pressure a safer and most reliable product. It has safety measures like overheat protection and safety lock to make sure the pressure cooker is a safer one to use. The size of the 2pot is big enough to cook for at least 8 people. It is perfect cookware that can be used for the large family gathering or a Christmas dinner. The insides of the pot are also made of stainless steel to give you safe healthier food to eat. To be able to cook more varieties, the brand also has an app for both iOS and Android that guides you through cooking a variety of food.


  • 3rd generation of the model with most improvised features and safety measures
  • 14 one-touch program for cooking specific dishes
  • Easy to clean with finger-print resistant stainless steel
  • Overheat protection and safety lock features for safety purposes
  • 7 in one appliance – saves time and energy


  • Bad customer service received
  • Circuit issues found

2. Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova

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Another one from Instant Pot, which is similar to the previous ones but also has other features that make it different also. This is a Duo Nova style/model from Instant Pot and it is a 6 Quart size. The cooker is designed for beginner cooks who are experimenting and try out those new dishes for the family dinner or lunch. This model from Duo Nova is the best-seller from this series hence it has made up to this list. It is a seven in one appliance which includes cooker to warmer. It is also designed to be a yogurt maker. The size is good enough to cook food for 6 people and is ideal for a small family.

With all the right ingredients in the dish, the final and the most important reason for the food to come out well is the way it is cooked. The amount of time, the right pressure and the heat at which it is cooked are very important. The sophisticated microprocessor in the pot makes sure all these are taken care of automatically. It adjusts all these variables as required to cook the best, healthy and delicious food for you. The lid is also termed to be a smart one as it locks itself automatically and releases the pressure when required through the safe push button available.

With 10+ safety features present in the pot it is the safest and reliable pot to use. It has a 14 one-touch program that cooks the right food the right way. There are numerous recipes available in the iOS and Android app that is available for you to download. The controls provided with the led screen are all clear to read and use it. There is also manually provided to make the process easier.


  • Best for beginners to start learning cooking
  • Can prepare food for people easily at a single go
  • Cooks healthy and delicious food
  • Smart lid locks automatically
  • 10+ safety features make is reliable and safe one to use
  • Clear and Simple controls available


  • Missing accessories in the package
  • Some customer experienced the pot to stop working very soon

3. Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

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Another smart move that Instant Pot made is the introduction of the smart pot with WIFI available in it. It can be operated using Amazon’s Alexa and with a simple add-in download on your Alexa device. Unlike the previous ones we have discussed, this is an 8 in one product with the addition of cake maker in it. Like the previous ones, it is designed to cook faster and save some good amount of time. In turn, it also saves energy due to pressure-cooking capability. It has 13 one-touch program buttons that will cook your favorite dish faster and better.

Not just can you control the device through the Alexa device it is also preprogrammed to cook 1000+ dishes. You can also receive the alerts on your mobile phone as per the settings you have used on the app. It is also accompanied by some accessories that are important while cooking. It has a stainless-steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, measuring cup, soup spoon, and a condensation collector. 10+ safety measures have been implemented in the pot to make it the safest and reliable pot. Some of those features overheat protection and safety automatic lock.

The inner pot is also made of stainless steel to make the food healthier and safe. The control panel on the side of the pot is installed with an LED display that makes the control status easy to view. The pot is designed to save 70% of energy and cook food much faster than conventional ways.


  • 8 in one option with the addition of cake maker when compared to the other product of Instant Pot
  • WIFI option available for remote connectivity
  • You can control the device via Amazon’s Alexa device
  • 13 pre-programmed one-touch button available
  • LED display the current status of the pot
  • Stainless steel insides cook healthy food
  • Numerous recipes available and are pre-programmed in the app
  • Additional accessories provided with the package


  • An issue with WIFI connection faced
  • Some pots were shipped without a cord

4. Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Lux

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Instant pot in red and is the UX series that is a 6 in one pot. The pot runs on electricity and comes with 33 inches long power cord. This is an enhanced version of the previous one that has included cake and egg programs added to the controls. The basic work it does is of the pressure cooker, warmer, rice cooker, sauté, and steamer. It has 12 pre-programmed buttons for different dishes to cook. These are one-touch buttons that provide quick access to cook those special dishes. The pot is installed with 3rd generation of a microprocessor, which has great features being added to it. It has a 24-hour delay start which means if you need the pot to start cooking in the next 24 hours you

 can program it and it will start in the next 24 hours.

It also has the ability of 240 minutes of pressure cooking which is again due to the presence of the microprocessor. It also brings 10 hours to keep the warm ability. The inner material of the pot is completely stainless steel that has no chemical coating which makes the cooking safe and healthy. It is made of food-grade 304 material and the bottom has 3 ply material which evenly spreads the heat. The lid seals the pot so tightly that it does not let out the aroma, steam or the nutrients. The pot is also certified by UL and ULC making it a safe and reliable product to be used in the kitchen. The power cord provided with the pot is non-detachable and is a two-pronged one.


  • 6 in one version of the pot makes it easy for you to prepare multiple dishes using the same appliance
  • The microprocessor lets you program different types of heating and time the tasks a least 24 hours before the cooking
  • Stainless steel insides let the protects the nutrients of the food and makes it a healthy and reliable one
  • It has 12 pre-programmed one-touch buttons for the sake of cooking


  • Few customers complained about the quality of the product
  • Some felt the controls were too complicated

5. Potastic 6Qt 10-in-1 Programmable Pressure Pot


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Potastic brand brings you the Pressure Pot that is multiple appliances in one and is filled with features that are surely making you feel good about it. It is designed to pressure cook, cook rice, warm, bake a cake and many other abilities that have helped it come onto this list of ours. The pot is designed with 16 smart cooking programs thatare enabled with just a single touch of the button. The led display control shows exhaustive information to keep you informed of the current status. The pot can cook any food item, including the hard food that requires slow and long cooking. It is accompanied by additional accessories that will improve the cooking experience by a large deal. It comes with additional silicon sealing rings that keep the pressure in check, stainless steel steam rack, inner cooking pot, measuring cup, oven mitts, and many more. There is also a stainless-steel steamer basket, which will allow you to cook two dishes at a time.

Next comes the safety of the pot that is one important thing to note about. What good it is if such a heavy-duty appliance is not accompanied by any safety measures. Well, Potastic comes with 10 safety measures that have been added into the pot to make it a safer and reliable appliance to work with. The pot is also known to be efficient in conserving time and energy at the same time. As the pot works on pressure technology, the food is cooked faster and also all the nutrients are retained. For safety purposes, it has been certified by ETL.


  • 10 in one function available in the pot making it easier to cook and saves space in your kitchen
  • 16 different pre-programmed function available which cooks food just with one-touch
  • Recipe book provided within the pack which will allow you to experiment new food items
  • ETL certification for safety – there are at least 10 safety functions added in the pot to make it a reliable one
  • LED display provides most of the information required when cooking your favorite dish


  • A defective product received by the customer
  • Low or poor customer service response

6. Pioneer Woman Instant Pot – Floral Design

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Pioneer presents the floral design Instant pot that is designed to provide you with the best cooking experience. The pot is of the size 6Quart, which can easily cook for 6 people at a single go. The looks are indeed eye-catching and have the best looks of all the ones on our list. The body other than the floral design is covered with the sky-blue colored fiber, which is of the best food-grade quality. The front side of the body has the led display along with various control buttons on it. The control buttons also include the one-touch cooking options for various kinds of dishes. So you need not worry about what are the different settings required for a different kind of food.

The lid of the pot seals very well to maintain pressure during the pressure cooking. There is also the option of a glass lid which is for the sole purpose of warming the food and not for any pressure cooking. The glass lid enables the cook to see how much has the food cooked. The pot also comes with various accessories like rice pad, measuring cup and also serving spoons. The insides are made of stainless steel enabling it to cook healthy and safe food.


  • 6Qt size of the pot enables you to cook for 6 people at a single go
  • 6 programmed buttons for quick settings of the required dishes
  • Additional accessories provided to make the cooking experience better
  • LED display to show the status of the pot


  • Very slow delivery to the customers
  • Poor customer service

7. Chef’s Kitchen – Instant Crock Pressure Cooker – 8 in 1 function

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Instant Crock is similar to the Instant Pot in many ways, including its looks and its features. The pot we are discussing is of 6Qt size, which is approximately enough for 6 people. As the pot is known for, it is designed to provide fast cooking and also save 70% of energy when compared to conventional ways. As it is cooked in a completely sealed pot, all the nutrients, flavors and aroma is retained in the pot itself. Multiple one-touch programmed functions let you cook your favorite food without many efforts. You need not keep looking for the right settings for them. The pot is popular for its slow cooking and has provided a great experience to its users.

Safety is another aspect that is important for the pressure pot, and they have made sure all the safety measures are adhered to. There isa steam release valve that isan important feature in a pressure cooker.  There is also the non-stick removable cooking pot that makes the cleaning process easy. This inner pot is also dishwasher compatible. There are additional accessories that are provided with the pot, like rice paddle, measuring cup and a steam rack. The brand assures high-quality customer service. You can always call them to ask your queries answered by them. They assure to treat you like a friend rather than a customer.


  • Faster cooking and energy conservation due to the pressure cooking
  • One-touch programming makes it easy to cook
  • Various accessories included
  • Great service promised by the brand
  • 6QT size makes it an ideal pot


  • A defective product received by many customers

8. Sweet Alice – Smart Pressure Cooker -4 Qt

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This unique looking instant pot by Sweet Alice is a 4Qt sized pot that is ideal for a small family. The pot has been designed with much conviction to provide this great looking product. It resembles a dome and is completely white with very few black highlights. The control panel is completely in black with the led display giving the information on the current status of the pot. To preserve the looks on the outside, there is an anti-scratch coating applied to avoid any scratch. The inner pot is non-stick material to make it easy for cleaning. There are multi-functions available in the pot that can be set with the easy menu available in the LED display.

Due to the non-stick coating but no other chemical coating on the insides, the food stays healthier and retains all the nutrients of the food when cooked in this pot. To add on, cooking is much faster and saves a lot of energy when compared to the conventional way of cooking. There is a 24-hour preset option available in the pot and also you can warm the food for 24 hours straight. Safety is a must in such a kind of product and hence they have acquired the safety certification from FDA and NRTL by following all the safety measures. There are also error sensors provided to alarm the user of any issues in the pot. It also self-inspects of any possible issues to warn the user of the same.


  • Elegant design and unique looks
  • Smart Multi-function availability
  • Prepares quick and healthy food
  • 24-hours preset for cooking and also warmer available
  • Certified by FDA and NRTL for safety measures


  • Timer issues found by customers
  • Manual was not a detailed one as per many customers

How To Choose The Best Instant Pot

Due to a vast variation among instant pots because of the availability of different brands, it becomes quite tough to select any one product. If you are constantly in a state of confusion, we are here to help you with some tips for buying an ideal instant pot:

  1. Select an appropriate size:

Make sure to select an appropriate size according to the number of people in your family. You can also have two different pots with smaller sizes to suffice for an equal number of people. The instant pots are mostly available in three different sizes- 3 quart, 6 quart, and 8 quart. The 3 quart is the smallest, also known as mini pot. It is perfect for 1-2 people, and the smaller size uses less power as compared to the larger ones. You can cook simple recipes like steamed vegetables and rice. The most preferred size is the 6-quart size. It is ideal for people having 3 to 6 members in the family. You can readily make many meals at a time. The 8-quart is the largest of all! It is ideal for get together and large families.

  1. What is your budget?

We always recommend people to buy things of considerable cost. Therefore, make sure to measure your food intake and the number of people who are going to be benefited by the instant pot. The large size cooker often costs more than the mini and medium size. It is due to the enhancement of functionality in these cookers. Cooking is love for so many people; but, do not spend an extra penny on things that you do not require. If you buy a large size cooker, make sure you will utilize all its functions. Also, compare the different models to check the price. Finally, buy the most convenient product that suits your requirements. We also advise looking for a warranty while buying an instant pot. It would be easier for you to exchange the faulty product in a limited time. 

  1. Slow cooker or fast cooker?

Almost all the cookers are multicookers in the list. However, one primary thing of concern is the speed of cooking. If you want to have your meal cooked quickly, go for brands like Duo, Duo Plus, Nova Plus, and Lux. But, if you are okay with a slow cooking mechanism, you can readily pick anyone out of Aura or Aura pro. Make sure to choose an ideal cooker to avoid further disappointment. 

  1. Number of features/smart programs in it:

Instant pots have various features enabled in it. However, different models will present distinct availability of smart programs in it. All of the pot contains at least 6 smart features in them. We recommend you to go for a model that has 7-10 smart features equipped in it. It will provide more enhanced versatility to your smart cooker. There are features like yogurt, saute, cream, pressure cook, roast, slow cook, sous vide, bake, broil, air fry, and dehydrate. Look for the features of your choice and then select an appropriate instant pot for you. Gazing over the features is the most considerable point while choosing an instant pot. 

Instant Pot Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have been using a traditional pressure cooker for almost 20-years now, I purchased an instant pot yesterday, does it produce the same hissing sound like a pressure cooker?

Yes, while instant pot works on electricity, it is almost the same as that of a pressure cooker. When the right amount of steam is built up in the pot, you could hear a hissing sound from the float valve.

  1. Is it true that unlike a traditional pressure cooker, an instant pot should not release any steam through its valve while pressurizing?

Yes, it is true, no matter what an instant pot should not be blowing put any steam while cooking or while pressurizing. If you see such a thing in an instant pot, then the steam valve seal is not proper and the food won’t be cooked properly. You should stop the cooking and then properly seal the steam valve.

  1. Is there any danger in using an instant cooker? Do they explode like traditional pressure cookers?

No, it is one of the greatest advantages of an instant pot, the majority of the instant pots come made of at least 10 different safety features that would prevent the instant pot from operating at dangerously high pressure. Even if the pressure rises above the limit, it would be automatically released and the user would be warned.

  1. I find the steam valve of my instant pot very loose? Is it supposed to be this way?

Let us be clear if the instant pot is idle and not being used, the steam valve is supposed to be loose. On the other hand, if the instant pot is being used for any type of cooking, the steam valve would be tight as there is a pressure build-up inside the pot. PS: while cooking, you must check if the valve is tight. If not tight, your food might not be cooked properly.

  1. I need to make my meat tender, how much time should I cook it in an instant pot?

The time required to make your beef tender could depend on the size of the beef pieces, the amount of fluid, and also the set conditions. In general, if you are doing the cooking by the book, it would take around 20 to 30-minutes.

  1. Can I cook my frozen meat in my instant pot?

Yes, frozen or not, cooking meat is one of the key functions of an instant pot. However, for the better cooking of a frozen meet, first, place a trivet in the pot and then set the frozen meat on the trivet. Seal the pot and then adjust the steam valve to seal and then set high-pressure cooking for at least 20-minutes. Voila, you are ready to go.

  1. Can I stack chicken breast in an instant pot and cook them?

Yes, of course, you could stack several chicken breasts in an instant pot and cook it. However, each chicken breast should be seasoned properly, or else it would be unevenly cooked.


Without any debate, Instant Pot is, of course, the most efficient product, especially for the cooks who want to experiment with new dishes. With so many features available in them, we are sure the above product descriptions were helpful for you to figure out which one is the best for the buy. If you are still unsure, do run through the products again. We are sure you will be able to finalize it. Happy Buying!