10 Best Mascaras

Mascara and eyeliner are easy makeup routines for busy days. Right eye makeup always elevates your overall look. Managing household chores with our work is a daunting task, most of the time we just don’t have the energy to do anything let alone worry about how we look. But making an effort to look good by applying simple makeup like Mascara or eyeliner can go a long way in boosting our confidence.

Let me this, who doesn’t love to look good? We all want to look good and presentable. So let’s get started with the simplest form of makeup, Mascara. The truth is Mascara takes less than two minutes to apply. For any events, gathering with families or just hanging out with friends after work – get dressed and look amazing with the right Mascara.

The market is flooded with cosmetics of various brands and types. Mascara is not an exception to this rule. Finding the right Mascara that suits you is tough, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Mascara is available for separation, length and curl. The wades of the Mascara also differ, some are straight, and while others are curved.

The best way to find suitable Mascara is by reading about them and learning other people’s experiences through consumer reports & reviews. To make things simple, in this article, we have shared the top ten mascaras that you can consider.

Best Buy Mascaras Consumer Reviews


If you want to look unique and stand out in a crowd, eye makeup is a must. Today plenty of brands worldwide offer different types of mascaras that vary in quality, ink formula, and performance. So it is quite natural to get confused when purchasing any cosmetics, so to make things a little easy and less confusing, we are sharing ten mascaras that you can consider. The mascaras mentioned-below can be purchased at a reasonable price.

1. 4D silk Mascara by Tetyana for a long-lasting and smudge-proof look

4D silk Mascara

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Tetyana 4D silk Mascara is an excellent choice for everyone who is looking to buy eye makeup that is lasting and easy to apply. Apart from being long-lasting, Tetyana Mascara has a ton load of over positive things that make it a reliable purchase.

This 4D silk mascara is smudge-proof. The Mascara can be worn during summer when it’s hot or in raining when it is pouring without having to worry about smudging the eye makeup. The 4D silk fiber mascara by Tetyana is designed with a simple and powerful formula that delivers premium performance.

The Mascara delivers volume, length, definition, and lifts for an ultimate look. With a single stroke of 4D silk fiber mascara, you can transform the way you look. Irrespective of your eyelashes type, the deep and rich black Mascara will coat your eyelashes elegantly and make you look beautiful. With Tetyana 4D silk mascara, you never have to invest time or money on fake lashes to get the look you desire.

With deep pigmentation, hypoallergenic, and gentle formula, 4D silk fiber mascara is suitable for all occasions. One other thing that makes this Mascara an excellent choice is that after using it is easy to remove the makeup and wipe it with simple warm water.


  • Tetyana 4D silk fiber mascara is easy and simple to apply for a natural look.
  • It provides extraordinary look by delivering volume, length, definition, and lift.
  • At the same time, the Mascara is quick and easy to remove.


  • Do not find any so far

2. Lash Princess Mascara by Essence – gluten and cruelty-free

Lash Princess Mascara

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The next Mascara is our list if from a brand known as essence. Essence as a brand is known to manufacturer products that are unique and reliable. Lash Princess Mascara from essence is an elegant way to enhance your look.

Anyone who is looking for a mascara that delivers volume Lash princess is your best choice. The wand of the Mascara is conical in shape. Cone-shaped Mascara with fiber brush is all set to deliver dramatic volume and length without resulting in any clumps or globs.

The best of the Mascara is that it is set to last long; one can go about the day without having to worry whether or not Mascara will fade away. Lash Princess mascara does not flake, fade, and delivers a perfect look throughout the day.

The mascara formula is such that it achieves a bold look by separating the lashes. With lash princess mascara, you don’t have to invest in fakes ones to achieve the desired look. One other significant benefit of using lash princess mascara is that the product is cruelty –free. The product is developed by the essence, taking into consideration the need of our environment.

With ophthalmologic testing and gluten-free ingredients the Lash princess Mascara ticks all the right boxes. Lash Princess Mascara is for everyone who can enjoy the stunning and volumizing look.


  • Gluten-free and cruelty-free, developed to support the environment
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • It offers a long-lasting look that delivers volume and length.


  • Some customers observed that the Mascara takes time to dry

3. Mad Lush duo set wand by the balm cosmetics

Mad Lush duo set wand by the balm cosmetics

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The mad lush duo set Mascara by balm cosmetics is a simple and powerful eye makeup product. The balm cosmetics are known for manufacturing a complete line of skincare products. The company is also known for making hair care and nail polish. Mad lush Mascara was developed and released in the market by following the company’s philosophy – beauty in five minutes.

Mad lush volumizing Mascara is a fabulous product that delivers volume and intensity. The Mascara is a multi-dimensional product that provides an outstanding look to the wearer.

Mad lush Mascara by the balm includes a curved wand that ensures the neat application. The rich black shade of the Mascara makes your eyelashes look thick and beautiful, free from the fake look. The Mascara is designed to intensify the volume and definition of the eyelashes.

Most of the ingredients that are used in the mad lush Mascara are safe for the sensitive eye. Mad lush is a quick and easy way to complete your eye makeup for getting a stunning look. The Mascara is also easy to apply and smudge-proof for long-lasting usage.


  • Made by the balm cosmetics that is known for five minutes of beauty philosophy
  • Curved wand for extra neat application of Mascara
  • Rich black color mascara for natural look free from flakes


  • Mostly no cons, except few customers complained about light smudges around the corners in the summertime.

4. Maybelline New York Sensational washable Mascara

Maybelline New York Sensational washable Mascara

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The next Mascara in our list is from a well-known brand known as Maybelline New York. The Mascara is known for delivering a thick look to your lashes. The Maybelline New York mascara wand is made of ten layers of bristle for unleashing layers and layers of lashes for the full-fan effect.

Maybelline New York Mascara is of various types; based on your requirement, pick a model. For dramatic and iconic look pick, Maybelline great lash is the best Mascara by the brand. Maybelline mascara provides its users with a smooth, clump-free, and natural look.

With Maybelline mascara by our side, get any look, whether it is natural or dramatic. This Mascara helps you create eye makeup that draws eyes. The exclusive ten layer bristle brush of the Mascara is best for volumizing and lengthening your eyelashes.

The brush of the Mascara supported with liquid ink formula coats all sides of the lashes for a complete look. The formula of the mascara ink is simple yet powerful that provides waterproof finish. The ink of the Mascara is Ophthalmologist tested, everyone can use it. The Maybelline mascara is one such product that is safe for contact lens wearer.


  • The ten layer brush of the Mascara is designed for extra volume and length
  • The Mascara is Ophthalmologist tested and safe for the contact lens wearer
  • The price of the Mascara is very reasonable for its features


  • The brush of the Mascara can be little flimsy

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5. Vivienne Sabo Classic French Mascara Cabaret Premium

Vivienne Sabo Classic French Mascara Cabaret Premium

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Vivienne Sabo line of cosmetics from Paris is a well-known brand that makes quality products. The classic line of French Mascara is created to ensure every woman can achieve a sophisticated look. The ingredients used in the Mascara are such that it provides a premium quality performance.

With premium French classic line Cabaret mascara, transform your everyday look. The Mascara ensures an improved and smudge-proof look for all women. The lightweight formula of the Cabaret mascara is yet another advantage of using it.

With a single coat of Cabaret, premium mascara gets volume and natural look by coating all lashes equally. Mascara offers a deep black look and free from smudges, flakes, or transfer. The Mascara is designed for being delicate on your natural lashes. The Cabaret premium mascara is easy to apply and remove without resulting in any damage to your eyelashes.

The wand of the Mascara is designed for precision. The thin 1.5 mm tip makes application simple and easy. With a spoolie brush of the Mascara, comb your eyelashes for a smart, stylish, and sophisticated look.


  • The ink formula of the Mascara is designed and build for delivering a Sophisticated look for everyone
  • The Mascara is easy to apply and remove without damaging the eyelashes
  • The application is free from smudge, flakes, and transfer and cruelty.


  • The wand of the Mascara is short and stubby.

6. All-natural and organic Mascara by endlessly beautiful

All-natural and organic Mascara

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All-natural Mascara, by endlessly beautiful, is an organic product. For every vegan out there who is looking for cosmetic brands that are environmentally-friendly, consider endless beauty. All-natural and organic mascara is a superb gift for all vegan lovers.

As this Mascara is all-natural, it smells quite different from any other drugstore products. The pleasant smell of the Mascara because of its natural ingredients is something scarce to find. The endlessly beautiful Mascara includes no added preservatives, artificial color or fragrance. The Mascara is free of all harsh chemicals that may damage our eyes.

The Mascara is made of organic ingredients like chamomile, coffee powder, and Vitamin E, which nourishes your eyelashes. The organic ingredients present in the Mascara promote the growth of the eyelashes rather than damaging it.

The endlessly beautiful Mascara is available in black and brown colour. The high-quality formula of the Mascara would deliver a volumizing look. The Mascara is free from oil that lasts long and provides a beautiful and complete look.

The important feature of endlessly beautiful Mascara is that even a contact lens wearer can use it. Though the product doesn’t officially claim it to be hypoallergenic, yet a number of customers with sensitive eyes have used it.


  • All-natural and organic Mascara that is cruelty-free, suitable for vegans.
  • The organic ingredients used in the Mascara accelerates the growth of eyelashes
  • The Mascara can be worn all day long that delivers volumizing.


  • The Mascara is not suitable for anyone looking for a dramatic look.

7. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

LOreal Paris Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

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L’Oreal is a brand that is well-known in the beauty and cosmetic industry. L’Oreal makes up products that are good in terms of quality and performance. L’Oreal line of cosmetics is very stylish, which is designed for the needs of present consumers.

Lash Paradise mascara by L’Oreal is the first-ever voluptuous volume and length enhancing Mascara. The brush of the Mascara is soft, with a wavy bristle that produces a dramatic volumizing effect when applied. The 200+ bristle of the mascara brush ensures that every lash is coated and gives a full fringe effect.

The best part of using this Mascara is that the eyelashes are feathery soft to touch. The smooth glide formula of the Mascara delivers silky volume and finishes with a single coat. With L’Oreal voluminous mascara, you are all set to achieve even coating and smudge-proof eye makeup.

With L’Oreal lash paradise, Mascara formula and wand design will help you create any look that you desire. With L’Oreal full line of makeup products that complement each other such as foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow palettes that make you feel – you’re worth it.


  • Lash paradise mascara by L’Oreal is the first-ever voluptuous volume and length by the brand
  • The bristle of the Mascara is soft and holds maximum formula for a dramatic look
  • The Mascara is designed to produce silky volume with one coat.


  • It takes time and patience to remove the Mascara

8. Ellocy 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

Ellocy 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

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For everyone who is looking for a mascara that delivers double performance with single application Ellocy 4D silk fiber Lash Mascara is a great option. This Mascara includes 2 in 1 formula for a natural and voluminous look. With Ellocy 4D fiber lash mascara get the long-lasting look that dramatically lengthens the eyelashes.

The Ellocy 4D silk fiber Lash mascara includes two different brushes to create any desired look. The brush 2 can be used to make the eyelashes thicker without appearing fake-ish. The good news is that Ellocy fiber lashes mascara formula will not result in flakes, drying out or smudging.

The 2 in 1 formula mascara can be used to achieve two different looks. The natural look pulls out the first brush, and for voluminous look, twist out the brush two. Ellocy is the best makeup partner for long days that lasts through rain, tears, sweat, and water sports.

The Mascara is designed with a gentle formula that is suitable for all occasions. The Mascara allows for easy application and, at the same time, removal. The creamy and smooth ink of the Mascara spreads over all the lashes.

The Ellocy, as a brand, believes in producing products that deliver performance, the brand values customer satisfaction. This is the reason by Ellocy mascara, customers can go ahead with using it, and in case you are unsatisfied with the product, contact the company, which guarantees your satisfaction.


  • 2 in 1 formula for a natural and voluminous look with two different brushes
  • Best makeup partner for all kind of days and suitable for every occasion
  • The fiber lash is free from flakes, drying out and smudging


  • Do not find any real cons for the product.

9. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

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Covergirl Lash blast mascara gives women the freedom to redefine makeup. With lash blast mascara, you are equipped with the required tools to create a look by transforming yourself. The good news is that the lash blast mascara is volume-boosting that instantaneously gives your eyelashes ten times more volume than bare ones.

The lash blast mascara by Covergirl is designed to max out every lash and enhances the volume for your desired look. The mascara brush and formula is such that it easily coated each lash without clumps or flaking.

The Covergirl Lash blast mascara that delivers high volume is available in four different colours. With good colour options and excellent performance, you can pick how bold or elegant you want to look. To finish off your eye makeup, go with pro-tip eyeliner by Covergirl. With clean and sleek lines delivered by eyeliner coupled with the volume of the Mascara provides you with a complete look.

Lash blast mascara by Covergirl is bunny certified which means it has never been tested on animals and that the product is cruelty-free.


  • Lash blast mascara is designed for producing ten times more volume to your eyelashes
  • The Mascara delivers a clean and neat look that is free from clumps and flakes
  • Bunny certified by cruelty-free international available at a very reasonable price


  • The waterproof formula of the Mascara takes time to remove it completely.

10. MOMUP 4D fiber Lash Mascara

MOMUP 4D fiber Lash Mascara

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 Every person out there who is looking for Mascara that delivers instantly thick and longer lashes MOMUP 4D fiber lash mascara is an excellent choice. The Mascara is uniquely formulated to intensify the volume and length of the lashes to the maximum. With MOMUP mascara, you are all set to create longer eyelashes in a matter of minutes.

The waterproof and long-lasting Mascara ensures that eye makeup stays stunning all-day long. The good news is that with MOMUP 4D fiber lash mascara you need to worry about reapplying it. The MOMUP mascara is an environmentally friendly product. It is made of all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. The presence of green tea in the ingredients of the Mascara helps in nourishing your eyelashes rather than damaging it.

With MOMUP 4D mascara, your eyes are protected with natural and non-toxic formula. The Mascara is ophthalmologist-tested and perfectly safe for sensitive eyes. Even a contact lens wearer who is usually denied eye makeup can use this Mascara.

The easy application of the Mascara blends well with your busy morning schedules. The MOMUP 4D fiber lash mascara is good and suitable for all occasions. The Mascara can be used while working, partying, or gathering with families. The Mascara can be easily removed with a simple makeup remover and warm water, not damaging your lashes.


  • Instantly delivers longer and thicker lashes that intensify the overall look of an individual
  • Easy application and quick removal, a perfect choice for busy working women
  • Suitable for all kinds of gatherings


  • None. – We couldn’t find any cons for this product.

How To Choose The Best Mascara

Do you know multiple factors can impact your buying choice of Mascara? Well, there are many things that you should consider while buying mascara. We have researched for you, and we have listed all these points so that you can get that right finishing touch during your makeup. Check out the tips below, and this will help you in ensuring that you buy nothing but the best Mascara for your lashes

Brand of Mascara – The most important thing while buying the mascara is the brand of mascara. You are buying something that is going to be in the proximity of your eyes and hence you would want nothing but the best. You need to ensure that the quality of the mascara is top-class. A bad quality mascara may cause allergies or the blockage in the tear glands. Avoid buying inferior quality mascara at any cost.

Length of Lashes – Consider the length of your lashes. Understand if you have short or long lashes and depending on that, consider the kind of look you want. If you like lengthy lashes, then buy something that comes with lengthening formula. If that is not the case, then you can also opt for the standard formulas.

The thickness of Lashes – If you have thick lashes, then you can buy a standard mascara but if you have thin lashes then you must buy a mascara that can add volume to your lashes. This will help you in getting the desired look. It is one of the important factors that you must consider while choosing the mascara type.

Size of the Wand– Another factor to consider is the size of the application want. Each one of us hasa different kind of requirements so you might feel comfortable while using one type of want while others might not. Consider this difference is preferences and ensure that the wand size is comfortable for use

Type of Brush – You need to check the type of brush that is available with mascara. Some people like a straight brush and then some products are available with curved brushes. You must also check the kind of brush that you should be used with a particular type of mascara that you are buying.

Water Resistance – There are two types of mascaras available in the market. One of them is water-resistant and the second one is waterproof. As per our experts, you must opt for the water resistant type as the waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove even with a good makeup remover. 

LongLasting – We are sure that you want something long-lasting. This will ensure that you do not have to apply the mascara again during the long events. Buy something that is smudge-proof so that you can wear it without worrying about anything. You can also ensure that you do not buy the mascara that is tested on animals.

Easy to Remove – While the mascara should be long-lasting, it is also important to ensure that the mascara is easy to remove. It should not be something that you would need to scrub a lot to remove. The skin around the lashes is very sensitive, and chemicals can harm it. You must not rub the lashes to remove the mascara.

Event Type – You also need to consider the event type while purchasing the mascara. Are you looking for a mascara that you want to use during a holiday or are you looking for something that you need to use during the formal event? This would define the kind of look that you want from your mascara.

Color of Mascara – There are many different colors of mascara available. You need to know the color that you are looking for. You can also choose a pack of different colors that you can wear them in different events as per your dress.

Budget – Another thing here is the budget of the mascara. These things can be really expensive and in such a case, it would be a wise decision first to decide the budget and see what brands are available in your budget. This will make a choice easy while you are looking for the best mascara.

Mascara Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are The Top Mascara Brands for Quality Shades?

If you want to get something unique but safe, then going with a top brand seems like a credible choice. There are so many brands, and you can easily choose Mac, Huda City, L’Oréal Paris, Lancôme Monsieur, Estée Lauder, and Maybelline. These are not super expensive, but you can find that these are into the expensive category. But they are made from harmless ingredients which will provide you better use and numerous features. The best part is, they have a number of shades which can get you the finest finish.  

  1. How to choose quality mascara for the first time use?

Mascaras are manufactured by a range of brands for different price points. Among all of them, choosing the best one depends upon several factors like who are the manufacturers, finishing, ingredients, pattern, and size. You can choose between length and volume. After considering these aspects, choosing the best mascara will be easy. Make sure that you stay selective and choose reputed brands to avoid getting into any kind of issue. You can also prefer affordable brands because they can provide you with acceptable quality and better value for the money deal.

  1. What are the popular types of mascaras available in the market?

Mascaras are available in different patterns and types, which can help you get a reliable option. To figure out the best one, you have to be selective. You can compare these types to understand which one will suit your need. The common types are Lengthening Mascara, Thickening/Volumizing Mascaras, Curling Mascara, non–Clumping Mascara, Lash Defining Mascaras, Water Soluble/Regular/ Water Resistant,and Water Proof. These are highly reliable and better to use options. Each type has its pros and cons, so choosing the right one will be easy.

  1. What’s the common difference between Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara?

Thickness mascaras will help you get a new look where they create a fake eyelash. On the other hand, if you look for volumizing mascaras, they help increase the volume, which will help get a better look. Both are reliable types, and they can provide a great finish, but you have to be selective with the type. Each type can provide you similar properties, but they are totally different during the use, so you can prefer the best one for your specific need.  With each type, you can find great options.

Bottom Line

With this, we complete the brief on the ten best mascaras that you can purchase. The mascaras mentioned here are of excellent quality and performance. The Mascara provides a thick and lasting look for any individual to look and feel amazing. Most of the mascaras mentioned here are safe for use; they are cruelty-free. The mascaras mentioned here include significant features like smudge-free, waterproof, and flake or clump-free.

Mascara is the most important part of eye makeup. With the right Mascara, you are all set to enhance your eye-look and get people to notice. Remember the points discussed in the article to pick Mascara that is best to create any look you desire.