10 Best Popcorn Popper Machines

Movie and Popcorn can be called as synonyms. Popcorn is a perfect snack to nibble on when watching movies, TV shows or Videos. They also make amazing fillers for a game night and children’s birthday parties. Popcorn is a versatile food; you can turn Popcorn into a dessert by mixing it with caramel sauce. On the other hand, coating popcorn with spices like salt, pepper, or chili powder gives us a savory starter or filler.

It is needless to say that we love Popcorn and enjoy eating it. Grocery stores sell microwavable Popcorn, which is quick and easy. These popcorn packets vary in terms of flavor and size. But the drawback of using microwave popcorn is that they are processed and may contain certain ingredients which are entirely not good for our well-being.

Apart from microwaveable popcorn packets, one can make Popcorn through skillet pans. This technique of making popcorn has faded as it is old fashioned. So, the question is, how do we make Popcorn, and what is the best way to do it?

The straightforward answer to the above two questions is Popcorn poppers. This piece of kitchen appliances is an easy and fast way to make healthy Popcorn. The Popcorn so made is fresh and free from preservatives.

In this article, we have shared the consumer review reports of the ten best popcorn poppers for the money that you can consider buying in 2020. Read on to know more about popcorn poppers, such as features, pros, and cons.

Best Buy Popcorn Popper Consumer Reviews


Before we get into reviewing the ten best popcorn poppers, let’s answer the question – What is a popcorn popper?

A popcorn popper is a kitchen appliance that is used for popping the popcorn. The devices can be either oil poppers or air poppers. An oil popcorn popper appliance uses cooking oil to make the popcorn. Whereas, air popcorn poppers; pop the popcorn without using any oils. Air poppers are preferred by many, for it’s a healthy option and oil-less.

The popcorn popper is not a luxury item; it is a simple appliance that makes crunchy Popcorn to be enjoyed by all. Here, we have shared ten best popcorn poppers by consumer reports & reviews with their features.

1. West Band Stir Crazy Electrical Hot Oil popcorn popper

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The first popcorn popper in our list is from a brand known as the West band. West band as a company is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical kitchen appliances. The company has been in the business of production from the year 1911. The west band has made a name among the customers for producing products of premium quality, performance, and value for money.

West Band stir crazy electric popcorn popper has maintained the standards expected by the customers of the company. This popcorn popper is an easy and efficient way of making tasty popcorn. The popcorns coming out of this popper are crunchy and evenly seasoned. This is because the popper includes a built-in butter well and a moisturizing stirring rod.

The popper, as mentioned in the title, works on electricity. But the handles and base of the poppers are made of a material that is heat-resistant. The resistant feature of the stir crazy popper was included mainly to ensure the counter tops is protected and for convenience of lifting the bowl in which the Popcorn is made from the popper.

The lid of the popcorn popper doubles as a serving bowl. This means less dishes to wash and more time to enjoy freshly made popcorn. The surface of the popper is also coated with non-stick material, which allows for simple and quick cleaning.

The size of the popcorn popper is such that it can fit easily in your pantry. The popper is designed for convenience as all the parts of the popper can be stacked easily for space-saving storage. Yet it is spacious enough to make 20 cups of Popcorn in one go.


  • It includes a triple-layer heating plate that increases the performance of the popper.
  • The clear lid of the popper allows you to keep an eye while making Popcorn and prevent burning it.
  • Easy to clean and maintain because of its non-stick surface.
  • The lid of the popper doubles as a serving bowl.


  • Measuring cup not included
  • Not easy to clean the insides where little groves and oil get stuck.

2. Presto 04821 Orville Redenbacher’s hot air popper

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This popcorn popper is specially designed for health-conscious individuals. The presto popcorn poppers use hot air to pop the kernels. The popcorn popper requires no-oil to make crunchy popcorn, which can be nibbled on and enjoyed without feeling guilty. The hot air technique of making Popcorn is preferred by many as it is low in calories.

The popper is designed to make popcorn in large batches. The Presto 04821 popcorn popper can make 18 cups for gourmet popcorn in less than 2 ½ minutes. The customers observe that the popper makes the Popcorn quickly with no unpopped kernels left behind. The hot air technique of popping popcorn doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot use butter.

Presto hot air popper can be used to make butter popcorn. For doing so, use the measuring cup on the top of the popper acts as a butter melter. Use this cup to add butter of desired quality and enjoy buttery, crunchy, and well-seasoned Popcorn. The butter added to the measuring cup must be in room temperature as the hot air produced during the popping process melts it and coats the popped Popcorn with it. The popper includes clear plastic cover and cup that stays put and prevents the popped Popcorn from flying all over the kitchen.

The popper design includes a chute – an opening for easy flow of Popcorn. The popper does an excellent job of directing the popped Popcorn along with the unpopped kernels from the chute into the serving bowl.


  • Hot air popping free from oil and low calories
  • Does an excellent job of popping all the kernels with little or no unpopped kernels left behind.
  • The cover and base of the popper can be cleaned easily with a soapy water solution.


  • The material of the clear plastic top of the popper is said to have melted after repeated use by some customers.

3. The original Popco silicone microwave popcorn popper

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For a cheap and best popcorn popper, consider the original Popco silicon popper. This is the simplest popper that you can use to make crunchy and delicious popcorn. This popcorn popper can be used in the microwave as well. The popper bowl includes lid and handles for convenience. The bowl of the popper is designed in a way that ensures even distribution of heat with no unpopped kernels. The price of the popcorn popper has not affected its features or quality. The premium quality of the popcorn popper is a perfect addition to your home.

For making popcorn all you need to do is the simple addition of kernels to the bowl along with some oil, salt and flavouring of your choice. The popper can make popcorn measuring up to 15 bowls in total. The material used in the making of popper is BPA free, PVC silicone-free dishwasher safe. Even health-conscious people can use popcorn poppers as it uses little or no oil. The popcorn made from Popco silicon microwave popper has fewer calories, which allows for guilt-free nibbling.

The popcorn popper bowl is collapsible and can be stored easily, even in a pantry that has space constraints. The compactness of the popper and easy to maintain material are two important features for investing in the product.


  • The popper is available at a reasonable price with toxic-free popcorn
  • The premium quality material used in the making of the popper extends its life
  • The popper can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher


  • We could not find any cons for the product

4. Ecolution original microwave micro-pop popcorn popper

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Ecolution original popcorn popper allows one to make healthy and non-toxic Popcorn. Buying packet popcorn to make it in the microwave can be harmful to health as they contain chemicals. Whereas, Ecolution popcorn popper is made of temperature safe borosilicate glass bowl that allows for enjoying toxic-free popcorns. For making Popcorn in this tool, just place the kernels in the bowl, add oil (optional), place the bowl in the microwave, and enjoy the Popcorn in a few minutes.

With Ecolution popcorn, you can save time spent on running to the grocery store to buy package popcorns. Instead, invest in bulk kernels and enjoy Popcorn whenever you want. Further, the design of the Ecolution original micro-pop popcorn popper is such that it spreads the hot air evenly. When hot air spreads evenly, it prevents accident burning.

As the popcorn popper uses hot air technique to pop the popcorns, you need not worry about calories. The Ecolution popper is a healthier alternative to packaged popcorns found in the grocery store. The lid of the popcorn popper can be used to measuring cups and butter melt. Tough no oil is required for popping the Popcorn, yet one can use the lid to melt the butter.

The popcorn material is not only high-quality; it is dishwasher safe as well. One can place the popcorn popper directly in the dishwasher, which allows for easy cleaning.


  • Easy and fast to clean
  • A healthier alternative to packaged Popcorn as it uses no oil
  • The borosilicate bowl that is used for popping the Popcorn allows for toxic-free Popcorn.


  • Some customers found the plastic melt after repeated use of the popper.

5. Great Northern Stainless steel stovetop popcorn popper

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Popcorn popper by Great northern company is designed by experts to keep in view the needs of a customer. Every customer who is looking for a popper can be used as a stove top consider this model and brand. The makers of the popper decided the design and working mechanism for its simplicity.

With stainless steel stovetop popcorn popper, you are all set to pop pan after pan of popcorns without having to invest in expensive models. The features of the popper are amazing and perfect for making crunchy and delicious Popcorn. The outer and inner body of the popper is made of stainless steel, which is elegant to look and easy to clean.

Stainless steel appliances are always a great addition to your kitchen. Further, the duplex heat pad of the popper allows for even cooking. The even spread of heat by the duplex pad prevents the burning of the Popcorn and allows for a clean finish. The easy pour lid of the popper makes it convenient for transferring the contents to a bowl and enjoy during a movie night.

Allows the wooden handle of the popper is heat resistant. With a wooden handle, you are all set to open the lid without burning your fingers. Also, the popper includes a vented lid for moisture release. The release of moisture through the lid prevents the Popcorn from becoming soggy and chewy.


  • The stainless steel bowl is a great addition to the kitchen in terms of aesthetics and convenience.
  • The easy pour lid and moisture release vent are two great features of the model
  • Allows for quick cleaning with the help of a towel.


  • The popper is not suitable for the induction stove.

6. Whirley -Pop Popcorn popper kit

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Whirley-Pop popcorn popper is a complete kit for enjoying crunchy Popcorn from the comfort of the home. The popcorn kit by Whirley – Pop includes popping corn kernels, buttery seasoning and popping oil. With Whirley popcorn, you are all set to make delicious popcorn in three minutes. The secret buttery seasoning and popping oil included in the popcorn kit is an added advantage to the customers buying this kit.

The popcorn popper has the capacity of popping flawless and delicious popcorns of 6 quartz. The Whirley popcorn popper is a stovetop model. The stirring system of the popper uses a patented technology that ensures that the kernels are not burnt. The stirring system of the popper works well by moving every kernel until it pops.

The Whirley popper kit comes with a removable lid and quick release clip. The quick-release clip of the popper is an important feature of the kit as it releases the air from the popper makes Popcorn soggy. The removable lid and quick release clip also help in cleaning the popper easily. The popper kit maintenance is simple; all you need is a towel and soap solution. After transferring the Popcorn into the bowl, just wipe the popper with a rag and keep it aside for later usage.

The Whirley popcorn popper is a commercial grade appliance that produces delicious Popcorn every time.


  • The stirring system of the popper is of commercial grade and patented.
  • The popper comes with a complete kit that includes popping oil and buttery seasoning
  • The maintenance of the popper is simple


  • The pot includes one handle, which is difficult to lift when it is hot.

7. Silicone microwave popcorn popper

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This silicone microwave popcorn popper is made of premium material that can be used repeatedly. The durability of the popcorn popper is highly recommendable. The popper is made of a material that is BPA – free and FDA approved. The popper is free of plastic fillers and toxic-free, making it a healthier option to use in microwave.

Silicone microwave popcorn popper by BARRETLGQ is the best alternative for store-bought packaged popcorns. The popper can be cleaned easily as you can place them in dishwasher safe. The popper by BARRETLGQ is also safe to keep in the freezer and oven. The design of the product is such that it allows for compact storing that saves space. The silicon BARRETLGQ popper comes with a lid and handles that is comfortable for removing and using.

The best part of investing in this model is that the company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all kitchen products. The company also provides a money-back guarantee on its kitchen products. The popper provides for a healthier option for enjoying the popcorn guilt-free. For making Popcorn on this popper you need not add oil. Yet if you are a person who enjoys buttery flavor in your Popcorn you can add it before popping the popcorns or after.


  • A healthier option for popping the Popcorn with little or no oil
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee provided by the company
  • The popper is FDA approved and BPA –free


  • The quantity of the popper is comparatively low.

8. Hamilton beach electric hot oil popcorn popper

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Hamilton is the well-acquitted brand for kitchen appliance in the world. The brand is known for its quality and durability and high-end performance. Hamilton hot oil popper works on electricity that makes delicious and flawless Popcorn to enjoy a movie night.

Popcorn is the world-famous snack that most of us prefer eating when matching a movie. To make the Popcorn add the kernels to the popper with the choice of greases such as oil or butter and plugin. With Hamilton beach popcorn popper everyone is set to enjoy their own bowl of Popcorn.

The Hamilton popcorn popper has a good capacity; it can make up to 24 cups of Popcorn per batch. Also, the lid of the popcorn popper when inverted doubles as a serving dish. Also, the popper includes built-in butter well, which can be used to melt butter when popping.

The popper comes with a non-sticking popping plate that allows for easy cleaning.


  • The lid of the popper acts as a bowl
  • An easy and quick way of making enjoyable Popcorn


  • Doesn’t include detachable cord for easy storage

9. Nostalgia 6- Quartz stirring popcorn popper

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Nostalgia popcorn popper allows for making a large quantity of Popcorn in a single batch. The popcorn poppers allow for making 24 cups at a time in less than 3 minutes. The popcorn popper works on halogen technology that allows for the faster popping of kernels. This technology is very different from the traditional stirring popcorn popper.

The motorized stirring rod included in the popper mixes the kernels well and helps in even popping. In addition to this, the vents in the bowl allow for moisture to escape and make crunchy, delicious, and hot Popcorn. The non-stick plate of the popper can be removed easily for cleaning, serving, and quick maintenance.

The cord of the popper can be wrapped for easy storage. The popper handles and base are made of cool-touch material that is safe for handling. The popper can also be used for making kennel corns, and roasted nuts.


  • A large quantity of Popcorn can be produced every time
  • The cool-touch technology, motorized stirring are two important features of the popper
  • The popper can be used for making roasted nuts in addition to popcorns.


  • No recipe included for making roasted nuts.

10. Hot air popcorn popper by DASH DAPP

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The last popcorn popper in our list of poopers is from a company known as DASH DAPP. The popper includes outstanding features like quick and simple usage, multifunctional, healthier cooking technology, and compact in size.

To make Popcorn in the popper add the kernels to the high capacity heating chamber and push the touch button. The popper uses hot air without any oil for making Popcorn that is healthier and less in calories — the measuring cup of the popper doubles as butter melts. The popper can be used easily even by a child. The design and make of the popper are sleek and compact. The popper is an ideal choice for apartment dwellers, college students, and first-time users.

The popcorn popper can make 16 cups of hot and fresh Popcorn for large parties and groups.


  • Compact and easy storage option for apartment dwellers
  • Hot air technology for popping the Popcorn that is healthier for consumption


  • None

How To Choose The Best Popcorn Popper

The following factors should be considered when you want to purchase a popcorn popper:

Type: There are different types of popcorn poppers in the market. You have to decide based on your needs. Knowing which type fits your requirements and needs is the ideal way to go while buying a popcorn popper. There are commercial popcorn popper and stovetop models available in the market. For say, a commercial type is large and is much expensive than the stovetop model. Commercial type is best for multiple usages. Meanwhile stovetop model comes with gears and mechanism that allows it to ensure that the popcorn is best. There is also an electric-based popcorn popper, which is good for home-usage. They tend to offer the required functionality for a user who intends to use it purely for self and family.

Material: One of the major things to look for is the type of material about the popcorn popper. The type of material will impact the period required to cook your popcorn and will also affect the price and weight of the device. There are plenty of variants when it comes to material in the form of glass, stainless steel, and aluminum. The glass ones tend to be transparent and allows you to see the popcorn kernels with ease while stainless steel and aluminum tend to give even distribution of heat and have a low weight in comparison to the glass ones.

Popping Speed: We all love to see the corn kernels pop and turn into popcorn. The reason why people use popcorn popper is that they tend to offer faster operation than the microwave. Normally with a popcorn popper, it takes 3 to 4 minutes to turn the kernels into popcorn while some machine can do in a mere 3 minutes. Look for the popcorn popper, which has better speed and requires less time.

Size of the Popcorn Popper: One thing that you need to consider when going for popcorn popper is the size of it. The size factor depends on the need of the user. You’d want to have sufficient space to make plenty of popcorn for yourself and your family. If you tend to have a small popcorn popper, then you may have to prepare multiple batches whilst with a large popcorn popper, you will get plenty of room. But another thing to factor is also the price spectrum. The larger the popcorn popper, the higher the price tends to be.

Taste: Another important criterion to see when it comes to popcorn popper is taste. Not many people see this factor coming in, but its equally important. Before you opt for any popcorn popper look for the dos and don’ts about the popcorn popper, see if you can use additives like salt, butter or caramel or even cheese powder in the popper or not. If you’re one of those who add additives in your popcorn, then you should look for something that offers you the option to add additives in it while making popcorn.

Warranty and after-sales: Warranty is one of the prime things to look for when buying any product or appliance in the market. Warranty plays an important role when it comes to popcorn popper. If there is ample warranty period and after-sales service is one of the top-notch ones, then your popcorn popper will be maintained and be in good working condition. Look for the one with good warranty conditions and after-sales service.

Cleaning mechanism: You should consider in mind the cleaning mechanism of the popcorn popper. Once you use the popcorn maker, you also need to do the cleaning to keep it fresh and in good condition. Since there are different types of popcorn popper in the market, each one comes with its cleaning mechanism. You can put some in the dishwasher while some may require cleaning on the top counter cleaning by the tap.

Cost: Everyone of us tends to look for the best deals so that we can have value for money products. Nobody will be willing to shed money from their pocket without getting the right value for it. So it is obvious you also need to factor in the price when it comes to buying a popcorn popper. There are different popcorn poppers in the market at different price levels. Look for the one that suits your needs and budget.

 Popcorn Popper Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a Popcorn Popper Worthy of What It Costs?

Popcorns are easy to make, and you can use any pressure cooker, or other utensils to pop them. But, if you use a Popcorn Popper, you can find a better convenience rate mainly. These devices are made to enhance your experience and get your most beautiful quality popcorns under a few minutes. They work on electricity and cleaning them is easy. Taste of popcorns depends upon which oil you are using. Adding artificial flavor can help, and there are timers in these devices which get you high-quality popcorns. So, if you like popcorns, then it is worth getting a product.

  1. How to use a popcorn popper adequately?

Using a popcorn popper merely is easy and requires you to follow manuals offered by the manufacturer based on the type or model you have. In case you are using an electric popcorn popper, you need to add corn, which is coated with a little olive, mustard, or any other oil that you prefer. Now, set the timer based on quantity and let the device work. It will take less than 40 seconds to get amazing popcorns that you are going to love for sure.

  1. Why my popcorn popper still left some corn seeds in the end?

Adding too much quantity than the device is rated for can cause you this issue, where you can find corns lefts at the bottom. Due to this, always put the right amount of corn. In case you are not using oil or anything which can help to popcorns effectively, then this issue occurs. Some people add salt to make them tasty and popping out the whole batch. This method is useful, and it can effectively work for anyone who is using it for the first time also.

  1. How can I make sweet popcorns in my popcorn maker?

There are several ways to make popcorns, and using salt is the common method. But some people use powder sugar while coating all the corn with oil. Now, you can find that these corn will be tasty, but if you want some different flavors like caramel, they are readily available in the market. You can use corn and the flavor to get such different tastes. No doubt that having such variety feels great. You can choose other flavors that are unique and find a different taste for popcorns.

Bottom Line

With this, we would like to conclude that the best ten models of a popcorn popper that you can consider. Before buying a popcorn popper understand the different features of a model. The pros and cons of a model play a vital role in deciding which popcorn popper to buy. The best popcorn popper to buy is one that meets your family requirement. For a healthier option, give importance to models that use hot air technology for popping the corns. We hope this article helps you in picking an informed decision when buying a popcorn popper.