10 Best Recliner Chairs

What is your idea of a relaxing weekend? Watching your favorite series the whole day, and then watch a movie in the night with a bucket of popcorn, or read your favorite book until you finish it. In all these cases, what is the common thing? You would be sitting the whole time as you do this relaxing bit. Having the right chair is the key, and if you do all this on a recliner, then it would be the most relaxing weekend without any doubt. Recliners provide you the additional comfort and are super cushiony.

Someone has rightly mentioned the recliners to be a Super Chair. The relaxation you get on the recliner is a superlative form and if you have already experienced it, you know what we are talking about. It will surely become your favorite spot in the living room. Not just you, even it will be the best spot for your grandpa and grandma if they are looking to relax. You can gift them to make sure they get the best comfort at their old age. You are also missing on the best part if you have the one with the massager you surely are aware of how relaxing it would get.

Your friends, when they visit your place, and they know you have a recliner, they would surely complete with you to call dibs on the chair. You sure can boast about it in front of your friends and it sure has style statement attached to it. The leathery finish would, of course, have the best comfort as it customizes your comfort as you sit on it.

So, here we will be discussing on the 10 best recliners we feel would be best suited for you to choose from as it is highly recommended consumer reports for the readers. They have been carefully chosen based on the user reviews and also based on various ratings provided to them.

Best Buy Recliner Chair Consumer Reviews


As mentioned earlier, we have put down a list of 10 best recliners that we think would suit your requirements. Let us look into them one by one.

1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather

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Esright has brought you the best recliner that has numerous features making it a comfortable and convenient one. The recliner comes in 7 different colors to choose from and two materials. It is made either of fabric or of PU Leather both that provides super comfort when you use it. This is a single-seater recliner and as all the recliners do, it takes additional space due to its bulkiness. It has 5 different functions that make it a favorite one to have at your place. The recliner chair has a vibrating option, reclining, heating, 360Oswivel and also rocks.

The cushion of the recliner is thickly padded to provide you that additional comfort and hence providing you maximum relaxation possible. The backrest and the armrest are thickly padded additionally to make sure you feel like you are sitting on the clouds. It is made even more comforting with the addition of the cup holder at the end of each armrest. You can place the drinking cup or the water bottle so that you can watch your showing with your hands are free to clap when required. The sides of the recliners have pouches where you can store the magazines or books so that they are handy when you are the recliner and suddenly feel like reading them. The chair needs a power source for some of the functions to work.


  • Includes 5 functions like reclining, vibrations, 360 degrees rotation, rocking, and heating
  • Double padded at places like back, armrest to provide the additional comfort when sitting on it
  • Friendly design – 2 cupholders and pouch for holding magazines adds up to the comfort
  • Easy assembly possible – customer support available in a short time
  • The corded remote control helps you manage most of the controls while sitting on the chair
  • Comes in 7 different colors to choose from


  • Some customers complained of poor quality in the construction of the recliner
  • Defective product received

2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

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Mcombo recliner is an electrically powered chair that has additional features that make it apart from the previous one. The chair comes in 5 different attractive colors to choose from. It is best suited for the old aged people due to its lifting mechanism. The chair lifts the person sitting in the chair to assist them to stand. It is powered by the TUV certified motor which does the job of lifting the chair. The motor is a powerful one designed to achieve this task. There is a stand at the bottom of the recliner which is designed to maintain the proper balance of the recliner, especially when it is lifting.

The other available feature is vibration and heating. There are 8 nodes in the chair which is designed to vibrate at 5 different intensities. There is one heating area near the waist, which gives you the right temperature to bring down the waist and lower back pain. You can also set a timer for the vibrations to stop at intervals of 10/20/30 mins. It is installed with high-quality faux leather that allows easy cleaning. You can simply use a dry cloth or slightly damp cloth to get the job done. Any lazy person would easily get addicted to this chair due to the additional facilities added. The USB charging port is surely that feature that would make you lazy. There are cupholders on the end of each armrest where you can place your drink while enjoying your presence on the recliner. It does not recline to a completely flat position but does with a high degree of inclination.


  • Lift function helps the old aged people to stand without much hassle
  • Functions like vibrations, heating a reclining available in the chair
  • Easy to clean the Faux leather made
  • Charging USB ports available along with cupholders on the armrest


  • The wooden part inside the chair broke in the chair when in use
  • Motor goes out quickly

3. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner Black

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With the availability in two colors to choose from, Signature Design by Ashley brings you the super chair that is extra comfortable and is filled with features. The recliner chair has the power lift available, which is very helpful for old age people or someone who has a knee problem. With the touch of a button on the wired control, the dual-motor lifts the chair to a position where it is comfortable for the user to stand and exerts lesser pressure on the knee. The additionally padded chair provides comfort to the user at the back, armrest and the seating region. The faux leather upholstery also adds to the comfort.

The black upholstery, which is a neutral color and looks like made of leather is thick poly fiber giving those looks. The sizing of the chair has been generous, that is it mimics the size of an extra-large chair and a person can sit with additional space to spare. The assembly is also very easy with all the instructions being provided within the package. The product Is received directly from the manufacturer to remove all the middlemen for you and the package received is of additional protection and convenience. You can always have the trust of the manufacturer as they directly send it to you, and you can talk to them of any issues you face. They will resolve your issues in a jiffy. The two colors are black and saddle and the latter are also available in the pack of two.


  • Power lift and tilt function makes it easy for people of old age to use the chair
  • Reclines back easily and elevates the leg section with much ease
  • The hand control is corded and makes it very comforting to control the positions
  • The additional cushion is super comfortable


  • Some customers received the chair with bed-bugs in it
  • Customer service can get better

4. ANJ Electric Recliner Chair – Single Sofa Style

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ANJ Recliner, which is powered by electricity, is the recliner chair that is adjustable to different positions for your different purposes. Napping time, you have the right position available, reading a book a slightly reclined position available, and watching TV you have the no reclined position there. With the adjustment to a various reclined position, you can choose easily between them to your comfort level all available to control from where you sit. It provides great convenience to people, especially with a minor disability and also due to the age factor.

The design of the chair is made such that there are over-stuffed pillows on the head and the back to makes is super soft and you feel like you can sink into the softness. The durable steel used in the construction ensures 25000 times of usage. There is a low powered USB charger available to make sure you need not move from the position just to charge your mobile. With the breathable leather used in the upholstery of the chair, it is easy to clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The chair has been designed to bear heavyweight and additionally wide for anyone being able to sink into it. The company is so confident in its product that they provide a 1-year warranty for the installation problems and damaged and missing parts. You can get it exchanged for free if you face any of those issues.


  • It is an Electrically powered recliner with multiple positions available in a single button press
  • The back is designed to be thickly cushioned to ensure comfort at the next level
  • Although not additionally padded – the armrest is super comfortable
  • The metal frame is made from durable steel providing long life
  • Smooth reclining positions without any jerks
  • Available in 3 different colors


  • Broken product received
  • Some customers found it to be uncomfortable

5. Bonzy Home Air Leather Recliner Chair Overstuffed Heavy Duty Recliner

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Made of faux leather upholstery, the recliner is overstuffed with cushion at the back, head, and armrest areas. These areas let you sink into the comfort and relax your body so that you can get relieved of all the stress from the muscles. The chair is available in seven different colors, where you can choose the best that suits the color of your room you want to place it in. The faux leather is made of breathable material, and it has a very easy to clean surface that will ensure you do not feel any odor while you rest on it. Although delicate, it is wear-resistant, making sure to provide longevity.

The one-pull reclining option available in the chair, lets you move from a seating position to a reclined position in a jiffy. You cannot settle in-between position and has to be either in the seating position or the completely reclined position. The looks of the chair are also designed to fit into most of the room without many changes to make. It is a luxury chair anyone can afford. The generous sizing ensures you need not worry who is sitting on the chair, a small kid to fully grown adjust can sit without any hassle. It can also form as the recliner in your home theatre room. The chair comes with 7 days replacement warranty and a 36 years warranty for the frame and reclining mechanism.


  • The chair is designed to be comfortable and durable at the same time
  • Deeply cushioned to make sure the comfort is available all the places
  • A super-strong frame which has been provided with a warranty from the manufacturer
  • Generously sized to make sure anyone can sit in it comfortably
  • 7 days replacement available if any issues faced


  • Missing some additional features and is not motorized

6. ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker

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ComHoma introduces the recliner with 3 available colors to choose from that would suit the room you want to add it to. The par where you sit on the chair is super padded to provide great comfort and you to sink into. The chair has multiple functions available, unlike the one we discussed previously. It reclines at a required position, rocks when you want it to, massage available, heating and also swiveling to 360 degrees. The inclination of the chair is maximum up to 152 degrees. To add to convenience and comfort, there are cup holders available where you can place your drink. The chair is of the highest standards, which has additional strength, durability, and comfort.

With the wired remote available, you can control all the functions of the chair within reach. On the part which has access to the lumbar part, there is the heater; there are 4 massage points and 5 massage modes available to provide you the comfort. The frame of the chair is durable to make sure it carries your weight and performs those functions without any hassle. There are various relining angles available for different requirements. The side of the recliner has a pouch where you can store any magazines or books which you have easy access to when you are on the chair. The model offers soft padding and excellent lumbar support.


  • Has functions like reclining, rocking, massage, heating and swiveling
  • The armchair houses the cup holder
  • Pouches on the sides make it available for magazines and books
  • Additionally, padded to makes sure you get that comfort
  • A High-quality material used in the construction


  • Not very comfortable and has a hard construction
  • Some customers felt it is cheaply made.

7. Giantex Power Lift Massage Recliner Chair for Elderly

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Giantex recliner is specially designed for older people and is not too cushiony. It has wired remote which you can use to control the functions of the chair while sitting on it. It is not too wide or cushiony like the previous ones we have just looked at. The upholstery of the chair is made of fabric and not foam or leather-like material. There are 2 colors available – dark great and light grey ad both of them are of high-quality material. The power lift available makes the chair very useful for the elderly to stand up where they have weak knees. The powerful motor enables smooth movement while lifting.

The headrest and the backrest part are highly cushioned to make sure the elderly feel complete comfort. The footrest is highly retractable supported with highly durable metal frames. The armrest is wider to ensure comfort while sitting on it. There are 4 points of vibration available in the recliner with 2 on the back and 2 in the waist area. The recliner also has 5 modes of vibration that will help you relax the muscles as per your comfort. The material used in construction is of high quality and the structure is also durable in its sturdiness.


  • The electrically powered chair makes it convenient and comfortable while using it
  • The metal frame is of high quality making sure it bears the weight of the user with much ease
  • Various massage points available in the recliner for you to get into the relations mode
  • The chair is crafted for style and comfort together.


  • The chair is of poor quality

8. Yaheetech Fabric Recliner Sofa Modern Single Recliner Sofa

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Yaheetech is the brand that comes with the fabric recliner sofa that has three relaxation modes available in it. You can sit like a normal chair, just lift the leg rest as you sit or sleep flat on the chair. A simple push on the backrest puts the chair into the reclining mode and there is no usage of any buttons to do so. The presence of the high-quality pocket spring provides extra comfort to the user on the chair. The manufacturer describes the softness to be marshmallow-like as it is cushioned with the high-quality foam.

The recliner is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the user up to 120Kg. The chair is designed to be sleek with good cushion comfort available in it. It is also designed to be easily assembled and needs very less time to do so.


  • Three relaxation modes available in the chair
  • Pocket springs available in the chair makes it more comforting
  • Marshmallow like softness in the cushion available
  • Durable and strong materials used in the construction
  • Linen fabric used in the upholstery of the chair


  • The customers complained of the chair cheaply made

9. HOMCOM Massage Sofa Recliner Chair with Footrest

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Homcom Massage Sofa is made of faux leather-like fabric on it, making it a very comfortable one to use. The chair has a thickly padded headrest and also wide armrest. The chair has a wired control which can be hanged in the side pocket. The footrest comes additionally and can be moved away if you do not require to use it. The chair is stationed on the strong metal frame which ensures sturdy build. The chair becomes a requirement when you are relaxing watching television or reading a book.

There are 10 vibration points available in the chair, including on the backrest, seat, and footrest. The chair has soft leather-like finishing, which adds to the comfort. As mentioned, the chair has a strong frame with durable finishing giving longevity to the comfort. There are heating points available in the chair which you can use to relax you back. With its ability to bear heavy weight, you can be sure you are safe on it.


  • The chair is specially designed for massaging and heating purposes which can provide high relaxation
  • Leather-like finishing provides additional comfort
  • Wired Remote-controlled functions making it easy to operate the chair
  • The durable and strong frame bears heavyweight


  • Difficult to move the chair due to its heavy built and two parts in it

10. CANMOV Electric Power Recliner Chair

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Canmov recliner is an electrically powered chair with the adjustable headrest making it easy for people of different height to sit on it. It can be adjusted with different angles you sit in it for different purposes. The chair is fit in with the 2 USB ports and they are hidden in the armrest. The chair forms a very good home theatre recliner with all the features it has. It has 2 cup holders at the end of the armrest where you can place all your drinks. You can also place your mobile handset in the cupholder in case you require it.

The company claims the assembly of the device is very simple and easy. You can assemble it in less than 10 mins. The chair is generously sized with any person being able to sit on it. It is also sturdy enough to bear heavy weight also. The company is so confident about their product that they provide a 1-year warranty to the product from the date of purchase at the retail outlet.


  • Adjustable headrest makes it easy to adjust when in different positions
  • 2-USB ports built-in to ensure you do not run out of power for your mobile
  • Easy to assemble – the company claims you can do it in just 10 mins
  • Cup holders available on both the armrest
  • 1-year warranty provided with the product


  • Damaged product received
  • The armchair is very loosely assembled

How to Choose The Best Recliner Chair

Recliner chairs offer you a lot of comfort and style to the house. But with so many different options available in the market, which one are you going to pick? This is a tough question to answer, as all of them are pretty comfortable and beautiful as well. So, now to clear this confusing, here is a small buying guide. This buying guide has the important factors that you need to consider while buying a recliner chair. Just go through the important factors and invest in the right recliner chair. 

The Size:

The first thing that you will have to decide when looking for a recliner chair is the size. Before you decide on the size of the chair, you will have to decide how much space you will be able to allow for it in your house. You will be able to find them in three different sizes like Compact, Standard and Grand. Compact and Standard is good for one to two persons, while Grand is good for more than two persons. 

Your comfort:

The person who is going to use the chair should sit on the chair once to check the comfort levels. If you are just going with the size, then you are making a mistake and investing in the wrong product. It is not just the size that is important while buying a recliner. If it is not comfortable for you to sit, then it is just a waste of money. 


Another important thing that you should check before buying a recliner chair is the extra features that are offered by the recliner chair. Some recliner chairs come with cup holders, laptop holders, pockets to the chair for placing your mobile and if you are spending a little extra money, you will even be able to get a massager in the recliner. When you are relaxing in the recliner chair, you will be able to relax both body and mind with a gentle massage that is offered by the recliner chair. 

The material:

You will be able to find recliner chairs made with fabric to high-quality leather as well. Each of them comes at a different price, and hence you need to check your budget before buying them. If you have a high budget, then leather recliner chairs are going to offer a stylish look to the house or room, wherever you are placing it. 


When you are buying a recliner chair, you will have to make sure that you are taking proper care of the chair. Depending on the material of the recliner chair, you will have to maintain it. If it is made of fabric, you will have to dust it with dry cloth from time to time. If it is made of faux leather or pure leather, you will have to make sure that the polish of the leather is good. If the look is dull, then there is no point in investing so much on a recliner chair. You should always go for dark colors if possible so that there will be less maintenance. 


One of the important features to check is the price. Price does not always talk about the quality, but in the case of furniture, that is true. You get what you pay for. It is always good to invest in high-quality material and the one that comes with some interesting features. When you invest in the right product, it is going to last for a very long time, and hence you need not have to worry about your investment. But you just need to compare whether the features offered and the price match with each other or not. 

Recliner Chair Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long the recliners last?

It totally depends on the quality of the recliner you have bought and how you use it. A good recliner with a better brand name and material quality will easily last for over 12-15 years without an issue. Just make sure to buy a good quality recliner with better material and easy maintenance. By this, you can easily get a better life and better value for your money.

  1. Can they be replaced by normal sitting chairs?

No. Normal sitting chairs are meant for the perfect posture and prolonged sitting, whereas the recliners are meant for more comfortable sitting generally during watching the TV or a movie. Prolonged sitting may cause back pain or other issues. So, instead of using it as a replacement of the sitting chairs and sofas, try using it as in the occasional sitting area or the recreational area of your home.

  1. Should we go with the manual or battery-operated recliner chairs?

Manual recliners are meant for longer life expectancy and better usability. On the other hand, the powered recliner chairs are meant for more comfortable and easier sitting. The power-operated recliners are great for those buyers who are looking for an easy to use recliner chair that can be used in the predefined position with just a press of a button. So, if you are looking for a better value for money and comfort, the powered recliner chairs would be a perfect choice to go with. On the other hand, manual recliners are great if you are looking for easy maintenance and better life.

  1. Are recliner chairs bad for posture and back health?

Not actually. But the prolonged sitting can be harmful to your back and posture. So, instead of using it for all-day sitting, we will suggest you to try the dedicated sitting chairs. The recliners are meant for a short time and you should not use them for long. This will not only help you get better back posture but will also provide recliners better life. So, use them for a few hours instead of prolonged sitting.

  1. Should we go with the expensive recliner chairs?

Expensive recliner chairs may be a good choice if you have a budget for them. By going with the expensive ones, you can be assured of getting better material, after-sales, and comfort. You can also get some exclusive designs and unique sitting positions that are not available with the normal recliner chairs. However, it is essential toknow whether the product worth the money or not. So, have a look at the features and material before finalizing the deal.

  1. What is the best position to keep the legs?

The recliners commonly have the footrest. And it is essential to use them if you are looking for proper comfort and good posture while sitting on the recliner chair. You should never leave your feet hanging in any recliner position. So, be sure that you use the recliner as per the instructions to get the comfortable sitting for hours.


With these 10 recliners we have just gone through, we are pretty confident you will find one that suits your needs very well. These were selected based on the customer’s review and their ratings. They also have the best features in combinations that make it easy for you to choose. You can choose to gift it to your grandparents or for your use, which provides the best comfort. We are pretty sure you will get the best weekend relaxing method once you buy it. Happy buying!