10 Best Reverse Osmosis System

Life is good when you have good health. The concept of health is that hen you have it good you need to maintain it. Its all in your hands. Hence staying healthy depends on the diet. You can get fit by exercising, getting those abs built up, but if you do not maintain it, it is a waste of time. Hence getting into good healthy habits is very important. As a part of this healthy diet, water forms an important ingredient. Consumption of right amount of water and the one with right nutrients is also equally important.

With modernisation in human life there have been lot of pollutants getting into the soil, which is the food source for us. The water sources like river or underground water and also the air is all polluted at some level now. Hence it becomes utmost important for us to keep a check on the consumption of water. To minimise the impact of polluted water, the water purifiers does a lot good. If you have kids at home then this is a good thing to have.

Now, based on the type of water or the region you live in, the water purifiers can be chosen. There are various technologies to purify water. Sediment filter are the most basic ones of the filter. They are the filter that just removes the small particles of dust, dirt or any other impurities from the water. Then there are the activated carbon filters, Ultra filtration (UF), Ultraviolet (UV) and the latest one is the Reverse Osmosis popularly known as RO. RO method removes the most harmful chemicals, metals and impurities. Usually most of the purifiers comes in the combination of these filter together. In this upcoming consumer reports we will be talking on the best RO water purifiers available and which would be best for you to choose.

Best Buy Reverse Osmosis System Reviews


1. iSpring RCC7AK – 6 stage water purifier

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As we spoke in the beginning section, we have to make sure the water we drink should be of utmost purity and RO water purifier that comes with 6 stage purifying levels and in this one 6th one is the most important one. The RO capacity for this filter is of the high capacity which purifies the water of many contaminants. The company claims that it purifies water up to 99% of the 1000 contaminants. It also removes excess of various other chemicals like fluoride, sodium, calcium and many more.

RO is a membrane in the filter that removes harmful chemicals but also in turn removes other important nutrients. Hence the acidic content of this water increases. This purifier is installed with 6h stage purification that adds beck the necessary nutrients making the water less acidic. This is done by the alkaline remineralisation filter.

To achieve this purification of the water that makes sure the water is odourless and crystal clear. The purifier is fit with the components of high quality. As it is the matter of health, the company does not compromise.

The installation is also very simple. It has a do it yourself kind of installation. Installation can be completed in the matter of couple of hours. There are no complicated tasks to complete the installation. The purifier ensures low maintenance.


  • DIY installation makes sure you need not pay anything to the guy who would have visited to install it
  • Premium components are used to make sure the purifier is of low maintenance
  • 6 stage purifying makes it a reliable one
  • 1 year warranty


  • Leakage in the purifier has been encountered
  • Some customer complained of the por quality components

2. APEC Water RO System

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APEC comes up with the water purifying system that is manufactured and assembled in the USA. That means it has gone through various certifications. Not that it is just certified, all the components used inside are also of FDA approved food grade quality like the water hose, water running pipes, the filters and so on. This purifying system lets the water go through various filtration process.

The purifier has gone through WQA certification and claims to remove 99% of the contaminants. It also improves the taste of the water which means the water used in making any food also makes the food tastier. The filters used also are bigger in capacity which means you can also use these filters for a long time, that is at least for a year. There is also a stylish faucet that us in the package which is also 100% lead free making it very safer to use.

Company boasts of premium quality components being used and the product is a heavy duty and trouble free. The product is designed to avoid any clogs in the system. They also have 20 years of expertise in the same field and hence they have been developing the purifier with the changes in the environment.

This purifier works on 5 stage purification. 1st stage removes dust, particles and rust. 2nd and 3rd are carbon blocks acting as filters ad can remove chlorine, improves taste, removes odour and fogging in the water. In the 4th stage the RO process takes place with high grade FILMTEC. It removes 99% of total dissolved solids and contaminants. In the 5th stage it removes any possible residual taste.


  • 5 stage purification
  • High capacity filters that run for more than 1 year
  • Experts for 20 years and all the components are made in the US
  • Faucet provided
  • Donation made for every purchase made


  • Noise complaints
  • The waste vs clear water ration is too high
  • Leakages found

3. Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System

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Whirlpool is a well-known brand in home appliances and they are good with RO water purifiers also. The RO filter is designed to give you crystal clear water to drink and makes sure kids and parents are getting the best water possible with this purifier. This is also lot better than bottles drinking water and the purification process retains all the minerals required to the human body during the purification process

Unlike the competitors who provide 5-6 stages of purification, Whirlpool claims that its 3-stage purification is lot better than them. It’s the quality of the purification and not the quantity of the filter provided. It removed chlorine taste, any other harmful metals like lead, removes any sediments or any chemicals. The purifier fits under your sink very easily and replacing of the filter is also very easy. The filter can just be rotated and removed and to install it rotate the other way around. It is that simple. It can be done by anyone and only takes few minutes. Th RO purification membrane also lasts for an year making it lesser thing to worry about.

This comes with a chrome faucet that is also as per the FDA food grade certification making it safe to use. The filter come with 6 months of life. Whenever the filter has almost done with its life the purifier indicates for change of the filter.

The purifier is also designed to save space and goes under the sink for installation.


  • 3 stage filtrations
  • Chrome faucet provided
  • Long filter life
  • RO membrane has more than a year of life


  • Installation components not sufficient in the package
  • Leakage of the water from the purifier
  • Stopped working after few months of usage

4. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

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Express water RO water filter us the easiest way to start a healthy life by drinking healthy water. This purifier boasts of the same. The company claims that the purifier can remove up to 99.99% of lead, bacteria, nitrate, calcium, fluoride and other harmful chemicals and metals. This purified water is the output of the 5-stage purification that is designed for this purifier. We will talk more on this in the below section. This purifier is also designed to save some space for you and fits in easily under the sink for you. Not just that, the fitting can of course be completed by you. It is so easy as it is designed for DIY installation. The components used in this RO is of high quality hence the company provides 1 year of warranty. Such is the confidence of the company in the product. This purifier also saves you time by not needing to wait in front of it to get the purified water. The water goes down below a level then it fills the water by itself.

Now let us see how the 5-stage purification process takes place. There are various filters at each stage that carry out this purification. The first stage is a simple sediment filter. This means this filter does the basic filtration process by removing dirt, dust, sand and rust. Next comes the 2nd and 3rd stage. These 2 filters are made of carbon blocks which removes chemicals like chlorine, nitrate, and odours and unwanted taste. These are the stages which increases the life of the RO stage which is the 4th stage. This stage is where the most stubborn contaminants are removed by the membrane. Last one is the 5th stage where the activated carbon runs the purification in the water before sending it to the tap for you to use.


  • 5 Stage purification available
  • Additional filter provided by the company
  • Premium quality components used
  • Fully upgradable


  • Customers complained that it is not easy to install although suggest DIY
  • Leakage complaints

5. Home MasterUndersink RO Purifier

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This Home Master under sink RO water purifier is made in the US hence gone through various strict certification making it one of the reliable purifiers. This purifier is designed to remove most of the problem faced in the other purifier from other brands. The most important of them all is the leakage. The leakage of the water from various filter has been eliminated as per the company confirmation. With its basic functionality it provides a very clear water to drink and removes all the contamination but also retains all the required minerals in the water to drink.

The purification process of the water is carried out in series of steps to make sure the purification is done correctly. It removes chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and other contaminants.

The company also claims to have solved the problem of the slow water flowing complaints. The water flow is much faster and this has been tested. The filters provided in the purifier is also of the best design to make sure the water provided is of high purity. It reduces build of microorganisms. Each canister looking filter can be replaced very easily if required. No tools required to assemble or disassemble.

To increase the system efficiency there is the non-electric pump is provided to increase the water pressure


  • DIY installation hence avoids installation cost
  • Purest form of water as claimed by type company
  • Long lasting filter life. Can be changed in one year


  • Leakage problems found
  • Complicated filter changes

6. Express Water Alkaline RO

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This is another model of the Express water which come s with 5 stage water purifiers. The purifier is designed to make sure you get rid of all the impurities with it being filtered by so many stages. The filter process is similar to the 5 stage purifiers. The first one is the sediment which removes all the impurities which are in particles like dust, dirt or any other solid particles.

The Alkalise reverse osmosis makes sure the water is enriched with 20% more oxygen than the normal water. It also has antioxidants which increases the immunity within the body. 2nd and 3rd filters are made of carbon blocks which will remove most of the other particles, fogginess in the water. 4th one is the RO membrane which removes the most stubborn impurities or the chemicals that will make the water much cleaner to drink. The 5-9 stages  adds in all the necessary minerals back to make sure the water is not too acidic. To make it simpler, you need not wait for the water to purify when you need it, instead it fills up the tank when water reaches a low so that you can drink when ever you need it without any wait.

The purifier also comes with 1 year warranty. The installation process is also made very simple and is a DIY process. This purifier fits under the sink without any hassle.


  • 1 year warranty
  • 20% more oxygen in the water and also addition of antioxidants
  • DIY installation type
  • 10 stage purification


  • Wastage of water is high
  • Water taste is not as expected
  • Filters were not too good

7. APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral water purification system

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As discussed in a different model from APEC, the company boasts to be made in the USA and also have 20 years of expertise in the purifiers field and hence they are the best. This particular model has additional feature of Alkaline re-mineralising calcium filter being added. The purifier removes 99% of the chemicals or the harmful metals from the water. The purifier has the 6stage purification process and it is designed to provide the purified water at a faster rate for families that require large quantity of water at once.

It also boasts of components also made in the US and hence have been certified by the relevant authorities for usage especially from the FDA as this water is for consumption and part of the diet. The increase in alkaline means the water has more oxygen which is good for health. This also increases the taste of the water.  The filter cartridges are also made of food grade which makes it safer to use it.

The system also comes with 100% lead free faucet for you to enjoy the pure water. The tubing is also food grade and which is safe.

The installation is a DIY type and hence easy and you save some money there. It comes with 2 years of warranty making it reliable and worriless usage.


  • Alkaline mineral and increase in the oxygen level make it tastier and good for health
  • Filter cartridges made of US food grade and hence safe for consumption
  • 2 years extended warranty making it reliable


  • The taste of the water id not very good
  • Water seems to be acidic

8. NU Aqua Platinum series Under sink RO

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NU Aqua is the premium brand US made water purifier with RO capability. This is designed based on continuous research and development and the output is this premium quality high capacity RO water purifier. This purifier is also designed for it to be fit under the sink and hence not visible. This purifier uses 5 stages of purification. 1st stage uses the sediment filter which removes most f the bigger particles. Then the 2 and 3rd one removes most of the harmful chemicals and the smaller particles of impurities. The 4ths and 5th stage are called the polishing. 4th stage is where the RO membrane is used to remove all the stubborn and unwanted minerals which can be harmful for human body

The installation is done by the company and this is free.It hardly takes around 1 hour to completely install the purifier. There is an additional level of purification where the purifier uses a Hydracoil technology simply means the water is 50% more purer that the ones that are purified by any standard purifier. The purifier removes 99% of the 1000 contaminants. This product also comes with industry top years warranty that is for years, such is their confidence on their product.


  • 5 Years warranty and it is the leading in the industry
  • DIY installation also available with free installation
  • Hight water flow rate
  • Premium US quality maintained
  • 5 stage purification


  • Leakage complaints have been raised
  • Product quality poor as per few of the users comments

9. Brondell Water Filtration System

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This product is a non-RO purifier and comes with a 3-stage purification system. This is a must for small kitchen where the sink space is much smaller. This is because the filter is quite compact. It comes with 3 filter and hence very easy to install. The 3 filters are the sediment filter where most of the materials of dust, dirt will be removed from the water. The next one is the pre-carbon filter and the last one is the carbon block filter. These filters are of high capacity and you need not replace them at least for a year. The Filters are also designed well so that there is no leakage in from them.

Once the filters need to be changed the led on the classy looking faucet which comes with the package would indicate you of the same. That’s really convenient. This is also designer faucet which has elegant look. Once the indicator is on then you can change the filters all by yourself and it is really easy. Each filter would last up to 12 months at least. The warranty is limited lifetime.


  • 3 stage purification
  • Compact and requires very small place under the sink
  • Easy installation
  • Faucet with LED indicator for filter change


  • The faucet provided is the only compatible one
  • Filtration is not as expected

10. Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

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This is the classiest looking water purifier I have seen. Resembles some gadget. This purifier is differently designed in many ways. First let talk about the filtration process. This purifier uses 5 stage filtration process like any other RO. 1st is the sediment filter which removes all the solid dirt and dust particles. Then the 2nd and 3rd are used to remove some chemicals and the metals present in the water. The RO membrane removes all the stubborn contaminants. Th last filter also is made of active carbon which further purifies the water before it lets out of the faucet.

This purifier does not have a tank of its own hence no water storage. Water directly comes to the faucet when you require the water. Hence no waiting. The wastage of water once purified is 1:1 ratio and the water can be reused to water the plants or any other purpose, other than consumption.

After the installation which is a very simple process you need to open the faucet and let the water flow off for at least 30 mins as the filters inside must throw out all the waste. The filter replacement is also very simple and opens or fits with just one round.


  • Unique sleek design can fit under the sink
  • 1:1 water wastage which is less when compared to other RO
  • No tank present hence no waiting for the water to come to the faucet
  • 5 stage purification system


  • The faucet is not so sturdy as expected
  • Water filtration is not as expected

Reverse Osmosis System Buying Guide – Features To Look

Water is an essential part of life, and in such a case, it is important to buy a filter that meets your needs. You can refer to the points listed in this section to make an easy choice while buying the reverse osmosis system. Considering these points will help you in ensuring that you buy something that meets your requirements. Check out these points in the buying guide now –

The capacity of Filter–The first thing to check is the amount of water that the Reverse Osmosis System can filter daily. This is defined in terms of the gallons per hour, and you need to ensure that your family gets enough water every day. You need to consider the number of family members as well while making this choice. 

The efficiency of the RO– One thing that we hate about Reverse Osmosis System is the amount of water that is wasted in the Reverse Osmosis System. A lot of water is drained directly because the RO system usually has an efficiency of 50%. Consider the amount of wastage in the system and see if you can reuse the wastewater to water the plants or for washing clothes.

Minimum Pressure Required– Water pressure is an important thing for the Reverse Osmosis System. You need to check the minimum requirement of the water pressure for a particular Reverse Osmosis System. You also need to check the average water pressure at your property. If the pressure at your property is lower than the minimum pressure then you might need to install a booster pump as well. Do not forget to check this factor while buying Reverse Osmosis System.

Storage Compartment– Check if the Reverse Osmosis System has a storage compartment as well. This will store the water for you, and you would not have to turn on the system every time you need the water. Opt for something that can store at least 5L of water. You will come across a lot of models that can store anywhere between 3L to 7L water.

Source of Water– You can also look at the source of water and see if the Reverse Osmosis System is compatible with it or not. If you have hard water, then you need to check if the Reverse Osmosis System can support such type of water. If you are getting the water supply from the municipality, then you might not have to worry about the type of Reverse Osmosis System that you are buying.

Mineralization of Water– The problem with Reverse Osmosis System is that they will demineralize the water and hence you do not get the daily mineral dose that you need. In such a case, you can check if the Reverse Osmosis System can re-mineralize the water for you. Also, check how often you would need to replace these mineral cartridges. This can make the water healthy.

Replacement of Filter– You will have to change the filter components as a part of maintenance. You need to check the life of the filter and the process to change the filter. A lot of brands have now made the Reverse Osmosis System, where the end-user can replace the filter without any help. This makes it easy for the end-user, and it also reduces the maintenance cost.

Cost of RO and Cost of Filter– The next thing to check is the cost of the Reverse Osmosis System and while you are checking the cost of the Reverse Osmosis System, you can also check the cost of the filter. This will refine the recurring costs that you are going to incur during the lifetime of the Reverse Osmosis System.

Warranty– Check for the warranty offered by the brand that you are opting for. The standard varies from 1 year to 5 years. Usually, the price is proportional to the warranty so you need to take a call here. Some brands may also provide a free annual maintenance package for a year with every purchase. In such a case, the brand selection is important as well.

Ease of Installation– See how easy it is to install the Reverse Osmosis System. Can you install it yourself? Is the brand offering free installation? Check all these factors, and you will understand if you would need to spend extra on the installation as well.

Reverse Osmosis System Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is reverse osmosis system water safer than normal water?

Yes, the reverse osmosis system is safe to choose an option. Water from natural habitat is usually safe to drink, but when it reaches our homes, it has numerous contaminants that can make your water unsafe. Using a purifier can eradicate harmful metals, but it still has a small percentage of impurities. When you opt for reverse osmosis water purifiers, you are getting a better filtration system, which will help in several ways. It will reduce bad particles and keep minerals to help you get a safer water drinking experience.

  1. What are the key advantages of Reverse Osmosis System?

A range of advantages is easy to expect from a water purifier that opts for reverse osmosis. In case you are unsure about the purchase due to the on-going debates about the pros and cons, then don’t worry because reverse osmosis makes your water safe to drink. It removes Iron, Calcium, Manganese, and Fluoride, along with bacteria. The best part is, it uses some of the safest forms of purification that allow you to expect a better water quality. The advantages vary with the model, but the above mentioned are some key benefits that you can expect.

  1. How is reverse osmosis different from other water purifiers?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification method which deals with a hardness of water, metal contaminants and other impurities. By eradicating a significant percentage of harmful elements, reverse osmosis manages to avoid some important minerals that are good for your body. It mainly removes Lead, salts, Calcium, Mercury, Iron, Cysts, and Asbestos. However, it is not going to remove anything related to solvents, pesticides, and volatile organic chemicals. So, your body is getting what it really needs for proper working.

  1. What’s the purity percentage of water cleaned by using a reverse osmosis system?

In most cases, 90% is what you can expect. However, It depends upon several factors like what kind of filtration method is used by the model you are using, source of water, and kind of contaminants. But the study suggests that water from a nearby water habitat cleaned using reverse osmosis (RO) will be 90% to 99% pure. It will have a small percentage of micro-particles. The purification percentage starts decreasing when the filter is old, or it has cleaned an intense amount of water in the past couple of months.


Water purifiers are now important appliances in the kitchen now. This helps us improve/maintain the health in better way. The tap water is not very safe and can vary in the contaminants and other harmful chemicals. The purifiers especially the RO purifiers do plays and important tole in providing us the good drinking water. There are also other brands but these seems to be the best based on the price, maintenance and features comparison. Do explore more if you want to!