10 Best Shower Curtain Rods

The bathroom is the most crucial place of your home and it needs to be safe, clean and the best of the fixtures to be used. And the shower curtain is very important to keep the water only in the shower area. In some bathrooms, glass and rubber doors are used but shower curtains have become most common which are easy to use and easy to install.  The shower curtain rod remains sturdy and is designed to hold the shower curtains easily. The shower curtain rods are available in various looks and designs. It not only restricts the water around the shower spot but the curtain gives the most-modern look to your bathroom. The curtains with the help of smooth, shiny and lightweight curtain rods save a lot of space in the bathroom and it makes it convenient to move inside the bathroom.

Most people around the world prefer taking a shower while taking a bath. Taking a shower saves a lot of time and also it saves a lot of water. Shower can rejuvenate the energy within a short time. The tired person feels relaxed during the shower and gets excited after the shower. It removes laziness off the body and alerts a person to get ready and go. Behind the curtain, a person enjoys the spell of rain and gets freshen up. The curtains play an important role during the shower and the shower curtain rod makes it easy for the curtain to fit properly and remain protective.

The curtain rods are easy to fix in the shower area of the bathroom. The shower curtain rods are available with the accessories and the necessary fixtures, which makes it easy to install the rod in the limited area of the bathroom. The nicely designed shower curtain rods are available in plenty in the market and also in the online stores. The multi-purpose curtain rods have become part of the bathrooms and it has become a necessity of the people than a luxury.

Best Buy Shower Curtain Rod Reviews


You can find the various brand companies offering the best quality shower curtains at a reasonable price. Find the most suitable curtain rod for your bathroom from the list of 10 best shown curtain rod as per consumer reports given below.

1. Zenna Home Double Curved Shower Rod

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This is the second item from the list which is specially designed Zenna shower curtain rod that is mainly used in the bathrooms having limited shower area. Compact sized nicely shaped rods are completely rustproof.  The mechanism which supports shower curtain rod increases the usefulness of the rod and the people start preferring it. The curtain rod is designed to provide more space around the shower area. Shower curtain rods are available in various designs.

The Zenna dual rod design is very useful and highly innovative. A set of rods are designed together. One rod has the shower curtain and the other road is to be used to place the towels during the shower. The shower curtain can be adjusted and installed easily without cutting or drilling the wall. The rod is made up of aluminum and it has a nickel finish, which keeps the rod clean shiny and rustproof. The end caps of the rod allow it to get fixed on the wall.

The curtain remains properly spread across the rod without any bubble.  The eye-catching curtain brings a positive change in the bathroom and it makes it look bigger. The satin nickel colored shower curtain rod matches well with the surrounding and with other bathroom fittings like towel rings, soap stand, and closet. The stylish look of the shower curtain rod gives your bathroom a special look which your friends and guests appreciate the most.

2. AmazonBasics Shower Doorway Curtain Rod

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This is the first item of the list and it is the popular shower curtain rod designed as per the requirements of the users. AmazonBasics rod is nicely finished and of adjustable length. You can easily change the length of the road with a twist and the rod gets expanded easily but keeping the consistent tension on both sides. The rod can be fixed on the wall without drilling or without using nails and screws. The shower curtain rod is of adjustable length and can be available in different sizes. The various sizes of the rod are 24 to 36 inches, 36 to 54 inches, 54 to 90 inches and 78 to 108 inches.

The shower curtain rod is made of high-quality metal and it is available in various colors, which include chrome, white, black and bronze. The shower curtain rod is highly reliable and remains secured to the position without slipping down. It remains intact over the wall with the hanging curtain placed around it. The nicely design AmazonBasics rod has a contemporary style and it weighs around 15 LB. Even when your bathroom has limited space, the colorful curtain made of soft material which quickly dries brings the desired change in the bathroom. It makes the surrounding of the bathroom looks modern with a trendy look.

3. Amazer Spring Tension Curtain Rod

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The fourth item in the list is the superior quality shower curtain rod. Amazer gives the feeling of freedom and security to the people while taking a shower. It offers your bathroom an advantage that makes the bathroom look special, which the people appreciate the most.

The shower curtain rod can be easily placed in the bathroom without much difficulty. The installation process of the rod is easy and it doesn’t require to drill or to cut any part of the wall. Rod remains lightweight, compact in size and of matching color that suits the surrounding of the bathroom. While placing the shower curtain rod, the length of the rod can be adjusted easily. And the hanging curtain can be placed around the road. It offers more shower area. Rod can be placed on any surface, such as rough or smooth. It is easily mounted over the bricks wall, wallpapers and wooden frames.

The polished Amazer rod with the nicely spread colorful curtain gives a modern look to the ordinary-looking bathroom. The curtain adds privacy and security to the bathroom and the people freely take showers behind the curtains.  The company offers the best of shower curtain rods, which are specially designed for hanging curtains which makes the shower area look larger. The after-sales service of the company is excellent and the customers get the required support whenever required.

4. BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod

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The third item of the list is a perfectly designed shower curtain rod. The main purpose of the stylish, matching BRIOFOX rod is to give a modern look to your bathroom. The rod helps in displaying the hanging curtain in the bathroom that  helps in expanding the shower area and to make your bathroom look spacious.  The polished, shiny rod is made up of stainless steel. It remains strong, non-slippery and rustproof.

The rod is easy to install on the wall without any damages.  The rod can be mounted on the wall without requiring drilling or cutting. Rod can be fixed on all types of walls such as hard, soft, smaller, larger and even brick wall, wallpapers and wooden surfaces. The shower curtain rod easily fit on the wall and remains fixed for a longer duration. The rod doesn’t get loose or fall down and remains at one place for long. The branded company offers a time period of one year to replace or to repair the rod for any damages that occurred while using the rod which is an advantage.

The BRIOFOX road is of excellent quality with a colorful curtain hanging around it gives a perfect look to the bathroom and most people feel comfortable while taking a shower behind the hanging curtains. It gives a feeling of safety and security.  There is no extra maintenance cost for the rod once it is placed on the wall.

5. Bath Bliss Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod

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The 5th item in the list is the shower curtain rod designed with care and caution. Bath Bliss shower curtain rod not only makes your bathroom look spacious but it also allows the feel of freedom and privacy during the bath or shower. The space around the shower spot looks bigger and comfortable to have a nice bathing experience. The length of the rod can be easily adjustable according to the available place in the bathroom. It can be mounted on the wall all easily without drilling or hammering the wall. The simple adhesive technique fixes the rod on the wall for a long duration.

The road has a curved shape and it can be used to offer more space in the bathroom around the shower spot. The shower curtain rod is specially designed for bathrooms with limited space. Rods are made of polished metal with a chrome finish and it remains dust-free and rustproof. The rod divides the area of the bathroom and makes it look bigger than the actual size. The shower curtain rods are available in various shapes, sizes, designs and colors.

The Bath Bliss shower curtain rod placed on the bathroom wall remains fixed for a long time without getting loose. The company offers a variety of shower curtain rods that can fit easily and become a part of your bathroom. The high-class shower curtain rods are available at a reasonable cost in the market.

6. iDesign Curved Metal Shower Curtain Rod

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The sixth item in the list of the brand iDesign shower curtain rod is the most reliable shower curtain rod. It can be placed in the bathroom to divide the space perfectly well and to offer a spacious area for the bath or shower. The shower curtain road is functional and remains useful for a long duration after it gets installed on the bathroom wall. The installation technique is easy and it can offer no complications.  You don’t need to hammer the wall while placing the shower curtain rod.

The rod is of adjustable length that makes it of ideal size. It fits well not only in the limited area of the bathroom but it can be used in the spacious master bathroom too. The bar with curtain fits well for the common bathrooms in the dorms or in the hostels. The high-quality fabric used for the curtains remains clean and dry. The shower water is restricted in a limited area instead of splashing it all over the place.

The iDesign shower curtain rods are made of high-quality material, which is of adjustable sizes, shapes and designs. The rods are available in different colors and shades. The shower curtain rod places the hanging curtain around it which offers complete privacy and safety during the shower or bath. People prefer the curtains and enjoy the time under the shower. The colorful shower curtain offers an elegant look to the bathroom which all your friends will appreciate.

7. Moen Straight Shower Curtain Rod

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This is the seventh item from the list which is a Moen branded shower curtain rod. Are you looking for a change in your bathroom? It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is smaller in size with limited space around or it is a huge and spacious master bathroom. The shower curtain rod brings a positive change in the bathrooms and makes it look different with a special feel.  The shower curtain rod is made for placing the hanging curtains around it. The curtains are made of high-quality material which remains soft and dry even during the bath or shower. The curtains when drawn offer complete secrecy to the person who enjoys his or her time under the shower.

Shower curtain rods are highly useful for hanging curtains in the bathroom. The rods are made of superior quality and are long durable. The water keeps flashing all over the places and it needs to be restricted. The metal rod is easily adjustable and can be installed without any difficulty on the wall of the bathroom.

Moen shower curtain rods with a stylish look, compact in size is made of rustproof material that lasts longer. The stylish shower curtain rod looks attractive and matches with the surrounding of the decor of your home and bathroom. The guests will definitely appreciate the special look of your bathroom and will enjoy their stay at your home.

8. HabiLife Shower Curtain Rod

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Here the 8th item is introduced from the list. The HabiLife shower curtain rod is designed by keeping in mind the problems that people face in the bathrooms. The rod effectively offers solutions for the people who cannot have free movements during the shower or bath due to limited space. The metal rod is designed with an adjustable mechanism and can be mounted on the wall of the bathroom. The colorful, high-quality hanging curtains are placed around the rod. It gives an extraordinary look to the entire surroundings.

Even the HabiLife shower curtain rods are used in the master bathroom with a spacious area. The master bathrooms look huge and disciplined when the shower curtain rods are placed. It helps in dividing the large area into useful partitions. The curtains help to restrict the shower water behind the curtains instead of splashing it all around and making the bathroom wet and messy. The metal used for designing the rod is of superior quality. It remains shiny without getting rusty and matches well with the other bathroom fittings so that it doesn’t have out of place look.

You will enjoy taking a shower behind the curtain which gives you complete privacy. It encourages the bathroom singing hobbies which the people enjoy the most. The bathroom gets a trendy look when similar curtain hanging rods are placed over the windows and doors. The company offers branded products along with excellent after-sales and customer care support.

9. RH Art Constant Tension Shower Rod

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Let us discuss the last & 10th item in the list of branded RH Art shower curtain rods. There is good news during the hot summer for the people who enjoy rain and love rain-showers. Now you can have a similar experience at your home with added privacy in your bathrooms. If your bathroom is spacious or it has limited space, shower curtains will bring a lot of fun and delight for you. Shower curtains are fixed in the bathroom with the help of the curtain rod which is designed by keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the people at home.

RH Art shower curtain rod has become a necessity today then luxury. The stylish and colorful shower curtain rods are becoming common among the people who want to make their bathrooms look special. The shower curtain rods are available in the market in various colors, designs and in various sizes. The branded rods are also available in various shapes which are highly useful in the bathrooms. The high-quality rods are a perfect match for the decorated home.

The curtain offers complete privacy and secrecy in the bathroom while restricting the shower area. It helps in keeping the shower water behind the curtains and it won’t spread all over the bathroom. The shower curtain rods when used with aesthetically designed curtains, keep the bathroom clean, tidy and stylish.

10. casa pura Tension Shower Rod

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The ninth item of the list of casa pura shower curtain rods is a highly unique product. The metal rod with the facility to hang the shower curtain has made the bathing experience unique. The rod is easily adjustable according to the area available in the bathroom. In case, if the place in the bathroom is limited, then you can have a smaller-sized rod which can fit in the space available.

The rod can be mounted on the wall without drilling. Shower curtain rod remains fixed on the wall. It can be strong and non-slippery. The main purpose of the rod is to place the curtain properly in the bathroom and to make the limited place look bigger and spacious. Also, to keep the water splashed during shower in the restricted area. It makes the bathroom look clean and tidy.

The casa pura shower curtain rod is used in different shapes which depend on the area available in the bathroom. The L-shape rods are useful to cover the corner side showers. It helps in using the wide-area completely during the bath or shower. The dual rod design is also useful for the smaller sized bathrooms. In the dual design, one rod places the curtain while another rod allows hanging the clothes and towel.

How To Choose The Right Shower Curtain Rod

The shower curtain plays an important role in the bathroom. The curtain makes the bathroom look spacious and trendy. You have to find a few useful facts about the curtain rod which will help you to buy the most suitable for your bathroom.

Matching Fitting: Curtain rod used to cover the shower area can bring many changes in the surrounding. The bathroom looks perfect, even if it has limited space. The rod is available in different forms and made of a variety of materials. The lightweight, smooth rods made of metal with rubber covering can fit easily on the bathroom walls and are easily adjustable. While you select the most suitable shower curtain rod, chose the specific pattern, material and stylish look which can make the bathroom look very special. The look and design of the curtain rod should go well with other bathroom fittings such as towel bar, towel ring, robe hooks, soap holder and the other accessories.

Material: The shower curtain rods are made of high-quality material which is aesthetic to look and practically useful. The shower curtain rods are specially designed to hold the wet curtain and the damp towels. Most of the shower curtain rods are made of superior quality plastic or metal. Even the rods have rubber wrapping which keeps them dry. The shower curtain rods are made of highly durable wood that can last longer. The rods made of plastic are highly popular among the people and it brings some changes in the look of the bathroom. It certainly helps to change the look of the bathroom as a part of bathroom decor.  The chrome rods are stylish and long durable. The rods need to be sturdy to hold the weight of the curtain during the shower and can hold the towels if necessary.

Shapes: The shower curtain rod is available in different shapes and sizes. The size of the rod can depend on the availability of the space in the bathroom but the shape of curtain rod can be useful. In case, if the space in the bathroom is limited, then you can make use of rod which has an outward curve. The outward curve offers more room for the shower. The L shaped curtain rods are useful for the corner showers. You should take the exact measurement and adjust the rods according to the position and the space available.

Matching Fitting: The type of fitting required to place the rod for the shower curtain depends on the type of wall the bathroom has. If the bathroom has a bricks wall then you can easily drill the wall and fit the metal rod on both sides. It gets fixed and remains stronger. But if the bathroom has tiles fixed on the wall on all sides then the plastic rod with springs is the most ideal one. It can be placed by twisting and adhering techniques. The wooden rods can be fixed with the help of screws which can be tightened.

Price: The shower curtain rod is available under different brands and in various types. You have to find out the quality of the rods. The performance of the rod should be checked along with the price. You can compare the prices and usefulness of the rod before you come to a conclusion.

Reviews: Find out the reviews online on various websites and web portals. The reviews written by the customers offer you a lot of information about the shower curtain rods. The reviews offer information regarding the curtain rods, their quality, usefulness and also about durability. Most of the reviews are dependent on the experience, advantages and disadvantages of the individuals. But it helps you to do a reality check with the product which is available under various brands, offering a variety of look, design and quality. It helps you to compare the features of the product and the prices. It certainly helps you to choose the best product available in the market.

Bottom Line

You can make your time in the bathroom feel special if you decide to install a shower curtain rod for the nicely colored curtain which will turn the atmosphere nice and cool. The curtains are mainly used not to spread the water while having a shower and to make your limited sized shower area look spacious. The high-quality curtain rod for the shower which is long durable will help you in having a better time under the shower.

To find the most suitable shower curtain rod, you can refer to the list of branded shower curtain rods consumer reports and the buying guide given above. It will help you to choose the shower curtain rod of your choice.