10 Best Steam Irons

Steam irons are a type of ironing press that have many steam holes in it. Through these holes, steam comes off and lets you iron your shirts or any clothes better than regular iron. The user is required to put water in the small tanks of these appliances. After that, when the power is turned on, the water gets converted to steam. So if you are searching for one such iron for yourself, you have come to the right place. We have mentioned ten steam irons on our list to make your choice easier. We are positive that you will find a product that will serve you for years to come.

There are many benefits of a steam iron. Due to this reason, many people are switching to the product without overthinking. These irons give an extremely polished look to clothes. Apart from that, the clothes can be ironed more quickly and efficiently with steam irons. This is because steam is high-speed at doing the job. You will also love to know that these type of irons can also be used for vertical pressing. This means that you can pass steam on to your hanging clothes to remove wrinkles from the fabric. Additionally, you can also iron the curtains at your home without touching them. Steam will do the thing very effectively at all costs.

Best Buy Steam Iron Consumer Reviews


1. Rowenta Steam Iron (400-hole)


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First, on our list, we have the steam iron by the top-rated company Rowenta. The tip of this iron is the precision-tip type so that you can quickly iron the collars and areas between the buttons of your clothes. It glides very smoothly on different types of garments, making it convenient to be used on numerous fabrics. Apart from that, this steam iron consumes the power of 1700 Watts and weighs 3.4 pounds. There are hundreds of steam holes in the product, so that steam gets distributed well. Additionally, the product has a thermostat knob that you can use to decide the output of steam you will need. You can use tap water in this appliance without any worries. All you have to do is fill the water hole in the iron and cover its lid tightly. The water window of the iron is translucent so that you can quickly check on it. The best feature of the iron is that it has a shut-off feature that helps in preventing many accidents. This product is made in Germany. Its soleplate is manufactured using stainless steel, and it also comes with an auto-cleaning system. You will also like the fact that this iron in perfect in preventing calcium from tap water.


  • The soleplate is made using stainless steel and has many steam holes in it.
  • You can directly use tap water in this steam iron.
  • It does not require too many refills, and the steam output can be adjusted using the thermostat knob.


  • Some buyers have reported that this iron starts leaking water sometimes.

2. BLACK + DECKER Steam Iron


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You can choose this steam iron from two different colors. These colors are – gray and blue. It comes at a very cost-effective price and has been loved by many customers dearly. The rate of delivery of steam in this iron is very high; this is why you can conveniently use it at any time of the day. The temperature control of the product is fully digital, and you will be able to use it extremely quickly. Additionally, the soleplate of the iron is made using stainless steel. This stainless steel makes the soleplate even more durable and long-lasting. You can also control the steam as well as the temperature of the iron. This feature lets you iron many cloth fabrics without worrying about any damage. The handle of the iron is effortless to grip and fits your hands perfectly. The water never drips from the product and also has buttons that control moisture pretty well. These features help you in ironing deep wrinkles with ease.  The iron has many positive ratings on the internet that you can access through many different online portals. Apart from this, the iron consumes the power of 1500 Watts and runs well in the voltage of 120 Volts.


  • With water in it, this iron only weighs approximately 3 pounds.
  • The digital LCD on the handle of the product is what makes it exceptional.
  • You can choose the product from two color variants.
  • It has steam control as well as temperature control features.


  • A few buyers found the iron to be a little heavy to move.
  • The replacement process of the product feels full of hassle.

3. Sunbeam Steam Iron (Chrome/Teal)


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Next up, we have the Sunbeam steam iron that only consumes 1400 Watts of power. You can choose the packaging of the product from two options, which include – standard retail packaging and FFP packaging. Like many other steam irons, the soleplate of this iron is also created using stainless steel. The water tank of the iron does not leak and is large enough to iron tens of clothes. There is also a feature in the product through which you can give your clothes a steam shot; this helps in tackling deep wrinkles on clothes. Apart from that, this feature also helps you in removing light wrinkles from curtains or clothes that are in hangers. The auto-off feature is there to provide you with peace of mind if you forgot to power off the iron. To enhance the optimal performance of the iron, it has an auto cleaning feature. This feature works exceptionally well in preventing all sorts of mineral deposits in the iron. The cord of the appliance is also very long, and the product comes with a warranty of three years.


  • The iron’s cord is very long so that you can use it well even when the power outlet is far away.
  • You can use it to give steam shots to your curtains and hanging clothes.
  • It has a large water tank.
  • The design of the appliance is exceptionally sleek and robust.


  • The item weighs almost four pounds, which can be a little heavy for some people.

4. BEAUTURAL Steam Iron

BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron

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On number four of our list, we have the BEUTURAL steam iron. It has an LCD on its design, and the soleplate of the appliance is coated with ceramic. The product has nine preset modes that make the product ideal for ironing many fabrics such as – nylon, cotton, silk, denim, and much more. The ceramic soleplate is used in the product because it is more durable than regular stainless steel soleplate. It is also resistant to all from scratches and can be cleaned very easily. When the iron is left flat, it shuts-off in a matter of just 30 seconds. This is an exclusive feature of this product that we haven’t seen in many irons. Apart from that, the iron automatically turns off after eight minutes when it is lying vertically. Moreover, the product is tested many times for its functionality and will surely last for many years at your home. Also, if you have any problems with the product, you can quickly contact the manufactures and receive a reply as soon as possible. The product weighs three pounds and has good ratings on many e-commercial sites. The other materials used in creating the product include – plastic and alloys.


  • The design of the product is terrific, and the handle is easy to grab.
  • The appliance shuts off in a matter of 30 seconds if you accidentally leave it flat on your clothes.
  • The soleplate is made using ceramic, which makes it more robust.
  • The customer service by the company is marvelous.


  • The product can be a little costly to some people.
  • It will leave bleached spots on your clothes if you do not use it correctly.

5. Rowenta Steam Iron (400-holes)

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam

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This steam iron heats up just in a matter of minutes and is a perfect solution of ironing hard to iron wrinkles on clothes. It also has eco-setting in it so that it consumes 20% less energy; this makes the product more eco-friendly than other steam irons. You can also use the feature that enables the iron to give 120 grams of high-pressure steam to remove wrinkles on clothes quickly. To clean the plastic parts of the product, we recommend you use a soft and damp cloth for wiping. The power cord is 2 meters long and enables you to use the iron anywhere you like. The product also comes with the calc-away system to remove calcium from hard water. There are 400 steam holes in the product which work together to give your clothes the best ironing. Additionally, there is a tank that comes with the product, which is also removable as per your convenience. It can hold up to 47 ounces of water pretty quickly. This tank lets you iron your clothes continuously for up to 1.5 hours. The product is made in France and is highly qualitative. Additionally, the appliance also has a rinsing system.


  • It is a great product when it comes to ironing clothes while sewing them in sewing projects.
  • The large water tank is what makes the appliance perfect to be used for long hours.
  • It is excellent in generating high power steam.
  • The calc-away system also comes included with the product.


  • The price of the product lies in the very high end.
  • The entire product can feel a little bulky when it comes to storage.

6. Sunbeam Steam Iron (White)

Sunbeam Classic

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This is one of the best yet affordable steam irons that you will find in the market ever. It has a bright design, and all the parts are all colored white. The cord is very well attached to the appliance and does not get damaged at any cost. Additionally, this cord can also swivel in 360 degrees providing better movements to the appliance. Buyers of the product also receive a warranty of three years with it. You can also use vertical shots of steam with this iron to the clothes you have in hangers. It consumes 1200 Watts of power and is perfect to be used daily. Like many other steam irons, this iron also has the auto-shutoff feature that is excellent when it comes to accident prevention. The plate of the iron is the non-stick type and does not stick to your clothes. Additionally, you will receive a lifetime warranty on the soleplate. The cord of the product is also long, so that you may use the appliance is a better way. Apart from that, this iron can be delivered to anywhere in the United States. It will last for a long time at your homes and will help you with ironing lots of clothes.


  • The plate of the appliance is such that it does not stick to clothes and glides smoothly.
  • The auto power-off feature is very efficient.
  • The white design of iron is something that many people like.
  • The cord of the iron is fully movable.


  • The iron can look dirty if you do not clean it often.
  • There are a considerable amount of negative reviews on the maneuverability of the appliance.

7. Maytag Steam Iron

Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron

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You can choose the product from many different styles. The names of these styles are – M1400, M200, M400, etc. This steam iron is always in demand because of its perfect functionality and ease of use. The tank that holds water in the iron can be filled with almost 8 ounces of water. You will also love the thermostat in the iron, which does its job with high precision. Additionally, the iron takes only up to 50 seconds to heat up. The steam burst feature of the product is something to be commended. Additionally, the iron also has a self-clean feature. Due to this reason, you do not need to send it for repair often. The appliance is straightforward to maintain and is long-lasting. The height of the product is 11 inches, while its width is almost 5.5 inches. This makes it convenient for ironing wide fabrics without wasting much time. You can store the iron easily, and it will never take up big spaces in your house. The company Maytag has been in the market for almost 50 years. Their customers have loved and appreciated them over the years.


  • The iron can be used to iron clothes daily.
  • The design and build of the product are very sturdy.
  • You will receive a warranty of two years with the product.
  • The company is highly trustable and has been in the market for many years.


  • Some users had difficulty with buttons on the appliance.
  • The handle can feel thick and hard for some people.

8. Panasonic Steam Iron


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Our list would not have been completed if we did not mention a Panasonic product. We have given their steam iron the eight position on our list. As you would have already noticed, this steam iron comes with a storage box. Due to this reason, you never have to worry about any damages or scratches that can arise to the product while storing it. Apart from that, you can use the case to carry the appliance carefully when you are traveling somewhere. We also love the beautiful mint green color of the product. It honestly adds more aesthetics to the appliance. The soleplate of the product is curved so that the iron removes wrinkles and creases. Additionally, the iron consumes 1500 Watts of power and is very efficient when ironing is required during – sewing, crafting, and quilting. There are also temperature controls on this iron, which let you decide the heat as per the type of fabric. The water tank of the product is also detachable so that you can fill it with water without causing any harm to the appliance. We would also like to inform you that this iron is cordless and can be used without the big base that comes with it.


  • The storage box that comes with the product is exceptionally durable.
  • The mint green color of the product is lovely.
  • The water tank can be detached from the appliance.
  • The product is light in weight and moves quickly on fabrics. The appliance is cordless.


  • The price cannot be afforded by some people and may feel costly.

9. CHI Steam Iron

CHI Steam Iron for Clothes

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On number nine of our list, we have the CHI steam iron. You can choose this product from many different styles as per your liking. The soleplate of the iron is created using ceramic. This ceramic is infused with titanium to make it extra durable. The ironing is always effortless when you are using this steam iron. You can use the iron-on many different clothes as well as blended fabrics. The plate of the iron has 300 holes that eject stem very effectively. To use the product in an even better way, you can select the fabric type on the iron. After that, the iron will adjust its temperature on its own. Additionally, the handle of the iron is exceptionally sleek, and you can handle it very well. This is because the handle also has a textured surface to increase friction. We also loved that this iron comes with a warranty of two years. Furthermore, the steam holes of the product are distributed well on the soleplate for better functionality.


  • The accents of the product are matte and chrome so that the iron looks fantastic.
  • The soleplate of the iron also has titanium for increased sturdiness.
  • The steam lever of the product can be adjusted.


  • The product consumes 1700 Watts of power.
  • The steam can go on and off sometimes.

10. Mueller Austria Steam Iron

Mueller Steam Iron

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Lastly, we have the steam iron by Mueller Austria. We love the blue color of the product. Apart from that, we also commend how there is a wire-compartment on this iron. Due to this, you can easily roll the wire inside. This feature helps in reducing clutter makes you feel more organized. The soleplate of this iron is created using stainless steel, and the cord of the appliance is 8 feet long. You can also precisely control the iron in all conditions. Even when the appliance is faced down on the fabric, it will prevent burns as well as scorching. The steam gets regenerated in the iron just in a matter of three seconds. Apart from that, the iron can also get heated to the maximum level in a single minute. You can reach all the corners and sides of your clothes with this iron. You will also love how it runs smoothly on all kinds of fabrics and garments.


  • The wire can be fit in the wire-compartment of the iron.
  • The steam is generated very quickly in this iron.
  • The iron also has a temperature control feature.


  • Some buyers did not like the blue color on the product.
  • The water in the tank of iron may get used up quickly.

How to Buy Best Steam IRON in 2020

If you want to achieve professional results while ironing your cloth, then a steam iron is what you need. Steam irons come with many unique features that provide excellent value over a normal iron. Therefore, choosing the right steam iron is essential for you. If you are in doubt that which steam iron is ideal for you, then this detailed buying guide can guide you. 

  • Consider The Types: 

In the market, you can find mainly three types of steam irons according to their features, design, soleplate material, etc. Those are conventional steam iron, steam ironing system, and cordless steam iron. All these three types can do the job effectively and offer significant results. 

With a conventional steam iron, you can produce steam using the tap water. This steam iron can iron your clothes with a little amount of steam. They come with resin filters and are available at affordable and expensive prices. 

Steam ironing systems can produce a good amount of steam compared with a conventional iron. Also, they take a lot of space and time for storing and heating. The steam flow of this iron is continuous and ideal for ironing dry cloth. 

Cordless irons don’t have a power cord and are not ideal for high performance. They use a battery and are travel-friendly. 

  • Steam Holes: 

The steam holes of a steam iron are another important consideration for ease of use. Usually, the standard steam irons come with 16 to 46 steam holes to offer powerful performance. Also, if the number of steam holes increases, then the wattage of the machine also increases. Some steam irons also offer additional dampness to the fabric while ironing by including a spray valve and a push button. So, you can check your requirement and choose a steam iron with the right number of steam holes for better usability. 

  • Check The Weight: 

Steam irons should have a moderate weight to offer exceptional performance. If the iron is lightweight, then it can’t remove the wrinkles from your cloth and does its job appropriately. A heavy steam iron can do the ironing job appropriately, but it may create pain in your hand. Therefore, you need to ensure that the steam iron you are going to buy can do the job and is easy to handle. 

  • Safety Features: 

Safety features are essential to have in a steam iron. Safety features help prevent accidents while using a steam iron. For example, if you leave your iron without switching it off for a long time, then it can burn the clothes and cause a fire accident. But if your steam iron has safety features like auto shut-off, then if can get switched off automatically and prevent the accident. 

  • Handle: 

The handle of a steam iron should be convenient to hold and operate. It should offer an excellent grip to your hand and let you do your job easily. Also, some steam irons come with anti-slip handles to let you use them comfortably. So you need to check different options and pick the steam iron that has a comfortable handle.  

Steam Irons Frequently Asked Questions

Steam iron and dry iron – Which is the best choice?

Earlier, we did not have the steam iron, and we used only the dry irons. Now the technology has improved a lot, and hence we have the steam irons. You will be able to remove the wrinkles on your fabric without any worries. You need not have to worry too much. If you are doing it with a dry iron, you will have to press the fabric too many times, and that can be damaging the fabric due to overheating. So, steam irons are the best choice. 

Can I use steam iron in normal mode?

Yes, when you don’t need steam, then you need not have to fill the tank with water. You just need to change the mode on the iron to normal mode or standard mode according to what is available for you. That makes it easy for you to use the iron in any mode that you need. 

Water always leaks from my steam iron. What is the best way to avoid this problem? 

One of the best things that you can do to avoid this water leakage problem is to go for a steam iron that comes with an anti-drip feature. This feature is provided by the manufacturer itself. Apart from that, what you can do is always keep the iron in an upright position. You should never fill the iron tank fully; you should leave a small gap. When you are filling water, do not plug in the steam iron. Also, you should not start using the iron as soon as you fill the tank. You just need to wait for some time till it gets heated up. Lastly, make sure that you are emptying the water after you are done.

Can I leave water in the tank without emptying it?

If you are going to use the steam iron on a regular basis or daily, then it is not a problem if you leave the water in the tank. But you should not leave the water in it for more than one day. When it is left for a longer time, you will have to experience a bad smell from the tank. Along with that, you should also know that it is possible to leave water in the tank only when you are using soft water. Hard water should be emptied immediately. 

What is the anti-calc feature in my steam iron?

You must be aware that water contains salts and calcium carbonate in it. When you are pouring the water in a steam iron, the water will turn into steam, and these extra particles will remain in the iron tank only. When these particles react with heat, they will turn into lime residues. These residues can reduce the life of the steam iron. So, to avoid this problem and to stop the lime residue formation, you have the anti-calc feature in your steam iron. It is one of the most important features that you need to check before you invest in a steam iron. 


Till now, you might have come across many steam irons. However, we assure you that on our list you will only find the best products. We are saying this because we came up with the list after lots of research and viewing consumer reports. We also read hundreds of product reviews by many buyers on the internet. Steam iron is a very efficient appliance that you can use daily to iron your clothes. These appliances are excellent in removing deep creases and wrinkles from clothes. We are confident that you would have found a steam iron from our list that suits your requirements the best. If you have any queries about the appliance, you can contact the company and get all your problems solved. We hope that this list helped our readers in every possible way. Do not forget to read the pros and cons of the product before you make any purchase.