10 Best Tooth Whiteners

Everyone wants to have white teeth. White teeth can enhance your personality and give an excellent appearance to you. Whether you are on a family occasion, business meeting, or a normal day in office, your teeth defines your personality. By having white teeth, you can smile confidently at any place, anytime. Also, researchers have found that white teeth can enable you to look younger for up to 5 years. So, white teeth are very important for your daily life, and it should not be ignored.

In general, your teeth get yellow due to many kinds of foods and beverages—for example, coffee, tea, sweets, soda, etc. Also, smoking and drinking can cause stains on your teeth. Now, you might be thinking that to get white teeth, you will have to avoid these foods. But that’s not true. You can get white teeth by continuing to have these foods also. That can be done by using the right tooth whitener. This product can make you feel special and enhance your smile effectively.

Best Buy Tooth Whitener Consumer Reviews


If you look into the market to find the right tooth whitener for you, you may get confused with varieties of products. Also, you may buy an inappropriate product. So, to help you in selecting the right tooth whitener, we prepared this article. Here, we have reviewed the best tooth whiteners in the market. You can read them and find the right tooth whitener for you as per consumer reports.

1. Active Wow natural tooth whitener

Active Wow

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Active Wow tooth whitener is a natural product to upgrade the quality of your smile. This is a brilliant tooth whitening powder to remove the bad breath from your mouth. It can make your tooth shiny by removing the stains easily. Active Wow tooth whitener doesn’t contain any chemical or artificial colors and flavors, so you can assure that your tooth is safe with this product. With this charcoal tooth whitener powder, you can smile confidently at anywhere. To discover your natural smile, this tooth whitener is the perfect product.

Active Wow tooth whitener is formulated using natural ingredients for effective results. The main ingredients of this product are Organic coconut activated charcoal, Bentonite, and organic seed oil. The organic coconut activated charcoal cleans stains from your tooth by using the adsorption process. Bentonite is the perfect ingredient to restore the natural glow of your teeth. It contains a high amount of minerals and absorbs toxins from your tooth. Orange seed oil is an anti-inflammatory ingredient to ease your tooth whitening process.

This tooth whitener is easy to use. You just need to wet your toothbrush and dip into this powder. Then you should brush your tooth slowly. After that, wash your tooth to get a bright tooth. With this product, being happy is easy. This natural formula can clean stains resulted by wine, coffee, smoking, soda, and other food items. This small jar can last for up to 100 uses, so you no need to worry after seeing its small size.


  • It is a natural product to enhance your tooth quality.
  • This tooth whitener can be used in easy steps.
  • This tooth whitener can last up to 100 uses.


  • NA

2. Cali White organic tooth whitener

Cali White

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If you are looking for a natural and effective tooth whitener, then you should go for this product. This toothpaste is formulated using natural ingredients to whiten your tooth efficiently. This tooth whitener can be the perfect product for you to remove toxic substances from your mouth easily. This is a powerful formula made in the USA to improve your smile quality. This product is approved by the FDA for quality and performance. By using this powerful tooth whitener, you can reduce the risk of your tooth damage. It is free of chemicals and capable to boost your tooth quality easily. With this tooth whitener, you can ensure fresh breath and improve your gum health.

This toothpaste is made of natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, and baking soda. With all these natural ingredients, this tooth whitener can provide superb performance in whitening your teeth without any issues. To experience excellent tooth whitening performance, this natural product is ideal for you. This toothpaste is free of fluoride, SLS, gluten, peroxide, triclosan, and parabens. So, you can allow your kids to use this product. By using this product, you can have freedom on your smile.

Other ingredients such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, Xylitol are included in this tooth whitener to provide the perfect natural care for your tooth. In general, charcoal activated toothpaste can be a great tooth care product for you. It comes in a pacific mint flavor to remove your bad breath and provide you with a fresh feel all day long. To experience the desired results, you should use this product for at least two weeks continuously.


  • This product is ideal for kids.
  • It is formulated using food-grade material and approved by the FDA.
  • Cali White is a natural formula to experience the best results.


  • NA

3. AuraGlow tooth whitener kit


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This is an excellent tooth whitener kit from AuraGlow to provide you with the desired results. If you are tired off your irritating visits to your dentist, then it is time to stop that. With this tooth whitener kit, you can have freedom on your smile. To reduce your cost and time in dental treatments, you can go for this amazing product. With its light-activated treatment, you can feel fully assured about the quality of your teeth. It can provide you with your desired results after just 1 treatment of 30 minutes. When you use this tooth whitening kit, you will not experience any sensitivity or pain in your tooth. It can remove plaque from your teeth. For professional quality results at home, you can opt for this product.

In this tooth whitener kit, you will get tooth whitening LED lights, two 5ml whitening gel syringes, one mouth tray with storage case, and instructions to use this product. With its 5 powerful blue LED accelerator, you can experience quicker results compared to the tooth whitening LED lights with only one LED. This whitening light gets attached to the mouth tray and put light to your tooth for processing of the whitening gel. This light beeps automatically every 10 minutes to ease your treatment process. While using, you should follow the instructions given in the instruction guide for effective results.


  • The tooth whitening gel is made of balanced ingredients for balanced results.
  • This kit is not harmful for caps, crowns, and veneers.
  • The mouth tray is made of high-grade material.


  • N/A

4. Crest 3D tooth whitener


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This is a brilliant product to have a white tooth easily. It can whiten your tooth in 14 days with a daily treatment of 30 minutes. This is an ideal product to get professional level results at home easily. This treatment process is enamel-safe and effective for your tooth. It uses advanced seal technology to remove the toxins from your tooth effortlessly. Because of this unique technology, you can drink water and talk during your treatment. Though you can get your desired results after 14 days, you can start seeing the difference in your tooth after three days of using this product. For experiencing faster results, you can go for this product. As it is an enamel-safe product, you can use this product to improve your smile without any worries.

Crest 3D tooth whitener can remove 14 years of stains with ease to provide you with a brighter smile. It has a 1-hour express tooth whitening solution to remove toxins of years in just one hour. You can use this solution for quick results. This tooth whitener is capable of providing the desired results in 20 days. For high-quality results, you should use this product with the Crest 3D white toothpaste. Its strips are the non-slip type to offer proper grip on your tooth. These strips won’t come out until it removes all toxins. If you are looking for a tooth whitener for quick results, then this tooth whitening solution is the perfect product for you.


  • This product offers instructions for use.
  • Crest 3D can quickly whiten your teeth.
  • It is enamel-safe.


  • Its cost is high.

5. AsaVea tooth whitening pen


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If you are looking for a convenient tooth whitener, then you should go for this product. This whitening pen is ideal for traveling. It is an affordable tooth whitening pen to carry with you to any location easily. For getting quick results, you should go for this product. This tooth whitening pen is capable of removing years of stain from your teeth effortlessly. It is a safe and effective way of whitening your teeth. AsaVea tooth whitening pen is easy to use and causes no sensitivity in your teeth while using. Because of its lightweight and compact design, it is ideal for travelers. You can use this tooth whitening pen for up to 20 times to whiten your tooth.

For effective results, you should use this product twice a day. After using this product, you should store it in a cool place. For using this product, you need to rotate the bottom of the pen in a clockwise direction until a little amount of gel comes out. Then you can use this gel on your brushed teeth. While using, you should ensure that the gel is not applied to your gums. After applying this gel, you shouldn’t eat or drink for 30 minutes.

By using this whitening pen, you can experience professional quality results at any place. This convenient whitening pen is ideal for removing stains caused by tea, wine, coffee, smoking, etc. It has a natural mint flavor to keep your mouth fresh.


  • This whitening pen has a compact design.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • This whitening pen is safe for daily use.


  • It can be used for only 20 times.

6. My Smile tooth whitening kit


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This is an incredible tooth whitening kit to improve your smile dramatically. This tooth whitening kit is made in the USA and approved by the FDA. To get high-quality results, you can opt for this product. This tooth whitening kit has advanced LED lights with a timer. These LED lights automatically beep in every 10 minutes to provide you with a hassle-free experience. My Smile produces quality products to allow people to live happily. So, by using this product, you can ensure a quality smile at any place anytime. Also, it is safe to use this tooth whitening kit. You will not experience any sensitivity or pain while using this product.

This advanced formula is safe for your enamel and great to experience effective results. By using this tooth whitening kit at home, you can get the professional quality results easily. This product is clinically proven to offer the best quality results. This tooth whitening kit includes 5 LEDs to increase the speed of your tooth whitening process. Those LED lights automatically switch on and switch off in your treatment sessions, as the whitener has a timer technology. If your treatment completes, these lights will switch automatically. It comes with a soft mouth tray that is comfortable to attach in your mouth.

The mouth tray of this product can fit any size of the mouth perfectly. This tooth whitener is easy to use and comes with gel to whiten your tooth effortlessly. It is a convenient tooth whitening kit to enhance your smile.


  • The gel of this product is non-sensitive.
  • It can effectively whiten your tooth.
  • This tooth whitener is approved by the FDA.


  • Its gel can only last for 9 tooth whitening treatments.

7. Dr Song tooth whitening kit

Dr Song

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This is an excellent tooth whitening kit to have a quality smile easily. By using this tooth whitening kit, you can whiten your tooth efficiently. It comes with a mouth tray with a universal design. This mouth tray is ideal for any size of the mouth. This tooth whitening kit comes with three syringes of tooth whitening gel to ease your treatment process. Dr Song tooth whitening kit is made in the USA and ideal for any person looking for a tooth whitener. It has a lightweight design to allow you to carry it to any place easily. As it has 3 syringes of whitening gel, you can use this product for a long time.

If you are looking for an effective tooth whitening kit to experience the best results, then this product is ideal for you. This tooth whitening kit is approved by the FDA for quality performance. With this tooth whitening kit, you will get all the required accessories for your tooth whitening treatment. With 5 powerful LED lights, this product ensures that your tooth whitening process is faster than other products available in the market. To get professional standard results at home, you can use Dr Song tooth whitening kit. By using this tooth whitening gel, you will not get any sensitivity and pain. For an exceptional experience, you should use this tooth whitening kit.


  • Dr Song tooth whitening kit is ideal for any person.
  • This tooth whitening kid can be used easily.
  • This tooth whitener includes 5 LED lights.


  • Some users received damaged kits.

8. One Living Earth tooth whitening toothpaste

Black Pearl

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This tooth whitener is designed to allow you to smile with confidence. It can make your tooth whiter than ever. By using this product, you can express your happiness with freedom. One Living Earth formulated this product using natural ingredients to ensure your tooth health. This product is free of chemicals. By using this tooth whitener, you won’t experience any side-effect or sensitivity. So, it is safe to use on your teeth. It works quickly to provide results in less time. It is enamel-safe and no harmful to gums. This amazing toothpaste is made in the USA using organic and natural ingredients.

The major ingredients of this toothpaste are activated coconut charcoal, California Bentonite Clay, and sodium bicarbonate. Activated coconut charcoal helps in removing the bad odor from your mouth. It whitens your tooth by removing stains off your tooth in the adsorption process. California Bentonite contains a high amount of calcium mineral and silica. This ingredient is safe for your gums and helps in removing toxins from your mouth. Sodium bicarbonate is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxitive ingredient to keep your tooth safe. This ingredient is ideal for providing a safe environment for your teeth.

To use this product effectively, you should follow the instructions in the instruction manual. This premium quality product is the perfect product to get shiny teeth easily. With this powerful blend of natural ingredients, you can experience fresh breath all day long.


  • This tooth whitening toothpaste includes user instructions for ease of use.
  • It can remove any kind of stain off your teeth.
  • It is formulated using natural ingredients.


  • NA

9. Vie Beauti tooth whitening pen

VieBeauti Teeth

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This is an excellent tooth whitening pen to improve your tooth quality. It is capable of offering a professional quality experience at home. By using this tooth whitening pen, you can easily remove years of stains caused by coffee, wine, tea, smoking, etc. This pen can be used daily for improving your smile quality. This tooth whitening pen comes at an affordable price, so you can easily buy this product for your teeth. To remove years of stains resulted from many food items; this product is the perfect option for you. Because of its lightweight and compact design, this tooth whitening pen can be carried to any place easily. To get quick results easily, Vie Beauti tooth whitening pen is a great solution.

It causes no sensitivity and pain in your tooth, so you can use this product safely. For using this product, first, you need to brush your teeth and then dry it using a tissue. Now, you need to rotate the bottom of this pen in the clockwise direction to let the gel come out. Once it comes out, you need to apply a thin layer of this gel to your teeth. While applying, you should not apply it to the gums. Once you applied this gel to your tooth, you need to avoid drinking and eating for 30 minutes. You should use this product twice in a day to get the desired results.


  • This tooth whitening pen has a transparent tube to allow you to see the amount of product remaining.
  • It has simple instructions for using.
  • This product is ideal for quick results.


  • NA

10. SenAllis Cosmetics tooth whitening gel

SenAllis Cosmetics

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This effective tooth whitening gel from SenAllis Cosmetics is ideal for any person who wants whiter teeth. This gel is very effective in whitening your tooth easily. It comes with four 10ml syringes to allow you to use this product for a long time. This is a quick, efficient and easy to use tooth whitening gel to enhance your smile. This is a convenient way of whitening your teeth than the whitening strips. With this powerful gel, your tooth whitening process will be easier for you. If you are looking for a product with a huge amount of gel to have a long-lasting performance, then this is the product you should go for. This tooth whitening gel is compatible with any whitening kit to offer superb experience.

You can use this tooth whitening gel for up to 70 applications effectively. It is an enamel-safe product, so you no need to worry about that. To remove years of food stains off your teeth, you can go for this product. It is made in the USA, so you should ensure high-quality results by using this product. This product comes at an affordable price to save your cost. This tooth whitening gel can offer 5x better results than the whitening strips in the market. You should use this product if you are looking for an effective solution for your teeth. You can apply this gel to your teeth easily like toothpaste. This tooth whitening gel can be used with your tooth whitening tray effortlessly.


  • It is a cost-saving option for anyone looking for a tooth whitening gel.
  • It comes with a huge amount of gel for long-lasting performance.
  • It can be used as toothpaste.


  • NA

Tooth Whitener Buying Guide – What To Look for it?

A teeth whitener kit today is one of the most in-demand accessories available on the market today. With the demand increasing each day, the number of teeth whiteners available on the market has also increased proportionally making it difficult for any user to select the best product. If you plan to enhance, the smiles, then you need to be very careful, with a increase in number of products, there has been an increase in the number of brands and we have noticed that there are numerous dodgy brands marketing harmful products today. This is one of the reasons why: you will have to consider the factors listed below to get yourselves the best tooth whitener.

  1. Quality and reviews

A tooth whitener has to be selected carefully based on the quality, as it involves health. As mentioned above, a tooth whitener today could come from any one of a three or 4 dozens of brands out there. Not all the brands marketing the tooth whitener has a reputation for delivering a good result, some of the products have resulted in more harm than good. Therefore, it is very important that you select a tooth whitener based on the quality. However, if you are shopping for a tooth whitener online then, you will not be able to verify the quality of the product. This is one of the main reasons; you should read customer reviews and based on the review purchase an appropriate product.

  1. Type of product

 When it comes to tooth whiteners, there are four types of tooth whiteners available on the market today.

  • Whitening toothpaste – this type of tooth whitener is a paste, just like the toothpaste. All you have to do is, simply use this paste to brush your teeth daily and the paste will protect your teeth from germs and at the same time, whiten your teeth.
  • Whitening gel – a tooth whitening gel will contain peroxide that offers comparatively faster results than normal toothpaste. However, a whitening gel will come with mouth tray; this mouth tray will help the gel snug fit around your teeth and in turn, clean the teeth.
  • Whitening strips – this type of whitening product, as the name itself, suggests, is designed to stick the strip on the teeth to remove the stains and, in turn, bleach it.
  • Whitening kits – this type of tooth whitening product comes as a kit, it includes gel applicators, a mouth tray, and a LED light.

Based on what type of product you like to use, you can choose any one type. However, if you need our recommendation, we would recommend that you select, whitening toothpaste as it is slow and efficient. Nevertheless, if you have only less time at hand, you should go for whitening gel.

  1. Brand and Price

Not all people who prefer using a tooth whitener is an expert, some of them could be beginners with limited knowledge of the product. Over the past few years, the number of brands and the diversity in price range has increased. This complex diversity in price and brand leads to confusion among customers. This is why; it is very important that a customer planning to purchase a tooth whitener should not hurry; he/she should also know that even if the manufacturer claims the product to be 100% efficient, it might not offer the result. Therefore, when selecting the product, choose it from a brand that has a reputation for maintaining consistent quality. A reputed brand could be chosen from the market based on customer reviews. Now, when it comes to price, the diversity in number of brands has an effect on the price. As the number of brands increase, so does the competition and it, in turn, increases the diversity in price. Therefore, you do not always have to settle on expensive products, if you search thoroughly you could find a product at reasonable price, yet the same result delivered.

  1. Ease of use

A tooth whitener comes in four different types; each type designed to same serve the same purpose. However, not all types of tooth whiteners are easy to use. Some of them involve complicated steps; for instance, a whitening gel requires some skill, the product demands the user to apply the gel and use a mouth tray to snug fit around the teeth. Therefore, if you do not have time to spare, then you should consider purchasing whitening toothpaste. Nevertheless, if you want the most efficient product, then we recommend that you go for tooth whitening kits as they come with everything you need for an efficient result.

Tooth Whitener Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe are teeth whiteners?

Teeth whiteners are usually very safe, but some people may encounter minor side effects. This also depends on the type of teeth whiteners that you are using. In some cases, people experience a higher sensitivity. People using teeth whiteners for the first time may face the issue.  It usually goes away with time. Another common side-effect is the irritated gums. It usually happens when your gums come in the contact of the teeth whiteners. The chemicals may cause gum irritation.

  • Why are my teeth patchy after whitening?

If you just finished using teeth whiteners and noticed some patchy teeth, do not worry. Sometimes, immediately after using the teeth whiteners, a tooth may appear to be patchy. It is natural, and the color will settle up in a couple of hours. The patchy flakes will disappear, and you will look all good again. If you notice a yellowish tint, then there is something to be worried about. The yellow color appears when the dentin is exposed. The issue can also be because of tooth dehydration or hypo calcification. It is better to consult a dentist if the patches do not disappear.

  • At what interval shall I use a teeth whitener?

The interval of usage depends on the type of teeth whiteners that you are using. If you are using an organic powder or toothpaste, you will use them daily. If you are using a gel, you might want to restrict it once in a few months. The gel usually contains the peroxide, and extensive use will lead to thinning of the enable. You can even use the strips, but this should also be restricted to a few times in a year. You can use the whitening kit as well, and you can use these kits as per the recommendation shared by the manufacturer. Lastly, you can use teeth whitener pens, and they can be used on an Adhoc basis.

  • How can I maintain the results for a longer time?

Remember that the results of the teeth whiteners are never permanent. You will have to use them again, and that is the only way out. The longevity of the teeth whitening treatment widely depends on your oral hygiene habits. It also depends on how much tea or coffee you drink. Wine can also lead to staining of the teeth, and in such a case, teeth whiteners will have to be used again. It is always recommended to rinse your mouth after you finish up eating, as this can help you maintain your teeth whiteners’ results.

  • Can I use teeth whiteners on denture?

It is challenging to say if it is safe to use the teeth whiteners on your dentures. The material of the denture plays a considerable role. There can be a situation when your denture may get discolored because of the teeth whiteners. In such a case, the best idea is to consult your dentist before using such a product. You can even go for professional teeth whitening session if you are worried about the unification of the colors after teeth whiteners.


There are many kinds of tooth whiteners in the market, but selecting the best product is important. Different users have different preferences for using the tooth whitener. So, if you don’t have an exact idea about the product, then you can’t purchase the right product for you. As tooth whiteners are very essential for anyone with yellow teeth, you should know about various types of tooth whiteners. In this article, you can know about different kinds of tooth whiteners and select the product that meets your needs. We hope this article can help you in finding the right tooth whitener for you.