10 Best Toothpastes

Dental health is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. After all, who does not want white and healthy teeth? To maintain the overall goodness of healthy teeth, the kind of toothpaste that you select plays a vital role, amongst other things. A good toothpaste is the one that not only makes your teeth clean and whiter but also helps to prevent cavities, prevents tooth decay, bleeding of gums, while also strengthening the enamel. The fluoride that is present in toothpaste further helps to repair the decay that has been caused to the enamel and the teeth. A good paste is also important to help your mouth feel fresh and free from bad odor throughout the day.


However, choosing the right toothpaste may not always be an easy task. There are a wide variety of options at your disposal. Therefore, to help you make a choice, in the following article, we have listed the top 10 toothpaste for the year 2022 as per genuine consumer reports.

Best Buy Toothpaste Consumer Reviews


So, let us now get started with the details.

1. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Enamel Toothpaste

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The first toothpaste on the list of the best toothpaste for 2021 is the one offered by Pronamel. Maintaining good tooth health is of utmost importance, and this toothpaste helps to achieve exactly that. The tooth enamel is well-protected against unwanted cavities by the regular use of the toothpaste. Not only that, but the toothpaste also goes a long way in helping to protect your teeth against sensitivity. Sensitivity is caused when you come in touch with things such as sweets, acids, and other food items that cause temperature difference within your mouth. Not only that, everyone wishes to have white and stain-free teeth. If you use the toothpaste regularly, you will experience the same. Further, its low abrasive helps to reduce the chances of enamel erosion. As per the experts, it is ideal that you brush with the Sensodyne toothpaste at least twice a day. This is one of the best brands of toothpaste to adapt to if you want a strong and clean enamel.


  • It helps you get clean and stain-free teeth.
  • Common tooth problems are caused by sensitivity. The Sensodyne toothpaste is made to fight exactly that.
  • It helps to keep your teeth free from cavities.
  • It helps to strengthen the enamel
  • The toothpaste helps to get back the natural white color of the teeth.
  • The product has a 45 days satisfaction guarantee.


  • Some customers complained about the pain in the teeth after using the Sensodyne toothpaste.
  • A few users are not pleased with the design of the cap.

2. Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening Toothpaste

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Next on the list is the toothpaste offered by Arm & Hammer. If you want a bright and white smile, then this should be your go-to brand. In order to give you the whitening of the teeth as desired, the makers have used peroxide as well as baking soda. The baking soda, used infact, helps you get better teeth in multiple ways. Not only does it helps in whitening, but it also helps to strengthen the enamel, which usually gets weakened owing to various food particles. When you take in various food items, the acid present in the food accumulates and leads to the weakening of the enamel. However, the baking soda and other ingredients used herein work against that to give your teeth better strength. Besides, the fluoride present in the product helps you protect against cavities and the buildup of tartar. These are some of the most important aspects of having healthier teeth and gums. Finally, the makers have used stain defense technology. This, in turn, means that not only do you get white teeth, but you are also able to maintain the whiteness with the regular use of the toothpaste.


  • It helps to protect the teeth against unwanted cavities.
  • It helps to harden the weak enamel by neutralizing the effect ofacids.
  • The low-abrasion formula which goes into the making the teeth both white and healthy.
  • The stain defense technology helps to keep the teeth healthy and safe.
  • It is quite cost-effective.


  • A few customers found it difficult to use it daily owing to the strong taste of sea salt and baking soda.

3. Cali White Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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The whitening toothpaste by Cali White, which comprises of charcoal as well as organic coconut oil is third on the list of the best toothpaste for 2021. Made in the United States, this product boasts of being completely vegan and free from gluten, fluoride, peroxide, or any parabens. Thus, it can safely be used by the kids in the house. The main ingredients that go into the making include coconut oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, xylitol, as well as diatomaceous earth. The result of all this is that when you use the toothpaste, you will have a smile that is whiter than before and teeth, which is healthier. The ingredients also help in fighting the problem of bad breath. This is the daily cleaning technique that you need to maintain superior dental health. Regular brushing of the teeth using the product from Cali White will further ensure that you do not experience any kind of sensitivity whatsoever on a day to day basis.The product is FDA certified, which in itself speaks volumes about the safety of the product for your health. With all its essential features, this toothpaste stands out and should be your go-to toothpaste for everyday use.


  • It helps to promote the overall good health of the gum.
  • The ingredients present herein helps you get fresh breath if used regularly.
  • It is FDA certified. This ensures that the product is safe for your health.
  • It is free from parabens, gluten, fluoride, etc. which means that everyone, including kids, are free to use it on a day to day basis.
  • Not only does it protect against unwanted cavities, but it also helps to get whiter and healthier teeth.


  • It takes a little longer for the toothpaste to show results.
  • A few users did not like the taste.
  • As per a few customers, it did not lead to the whitening of the teeth.

4. Crest Charcoal 3D White Toothpaste


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Next on the list of the best toothpaste for 2021 is the one offered by the brand Crest. This can be regarded as one of the best toothpaste in the market for teeth whitening. The paste has charcoal as one of the ingredients. Charcoal is regarded as the most trusted ingredients for teeth whitening.Hence, the product is known to have a deep cleaning effect on the teeth. Besides, it has a mint flavor. This goes a long way in giving the soothing and cooling sensation to the teeth every time we use this product. The effect is also known to last for a longer period. Besides, like most of the other brands mentioned in the list, the effective presence of fluoride enables the teeth to fight against unwanted cavities. Further, fluoride also plays a major role in strengthening the enamel, which usually gets accumulated as a result of acidic elements present in the food. Hence, with all its features and advantages, the toothpaste by Crest is considered to be one of the best in the market. It is strongly recommended that this be used with a crest 3D white toothbrush.


  • The strong mint flavor helps to keep the mouth fresh throughout the day.
  • Charcoal helps to remove stains. It keeps the teeth white and bright.
  • Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel, which is needed for healthy skin.
  • It offers great value for the money spent.
  • A few ingredients that are present helps to fight unwanted cavities to a large extent.


  • As per a few customers, the toothpaste is not meant for people who have sensitive mouths.

5. Tom’s of Maine Anticavity Fluoride Children’s Toothpaste

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With all its main features and advantages, the toothpaste by Tom’s of Maine is another on the list of the best toothpaste for 2021.To make it easy to use everyday, the product comes in a number of fruity flavors. The taste of the toothpaste ensures that more and more people are likely to use and recommend it to others. Another benefit of the better taste is that you do not have to worry about your kids not using it. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners present herein. You do not have to worry about the safety of the paste. It has been approved and certified by the ADA or the American Dental Association. If you are someone who apart from quality, is also concerned about the environmental factors, then this product will be able to satisfy even those concerns. The brand itself is known for its high standards of accountability and environmental-friendly practices. The kid’s natural toothpaste has specific ingredients that help you fight against cavities. Since the main target audience of Tom’s Maine are the children, the ingredients used to give healthy gums and teeth are calcium as well as silica. Thus, if you are looking to brighten up the smile of your little one, gift him or her the children’s toothpaste by Tom’s Maine.


  • Certified by the American Dental Association and is safe for children.
  • It helps to fight against cavities.
  • It helps to keep the teeth white and stain-free.
  • It is known for using environment-friendly ingredients.


  • As per a few customers, it has SLS, which tends to give children mouth sores.

6. Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste

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Next on the list is the whitening toothpaste by Rembrandt. The paste is targeted towards removing all the unwanted stains and helping you with a brighter smile and whiter teeth. There are two types of micro-polishers used in its making, which, in turn, help to remove the stains. It can even remove some stains that are considered to be extremely tough. This includes stains created by the use of red wine, coffee, tobacco, berries, and the likes. Some of the ingredients also help to prevent a few stains from accumulating as well. The main ingredient that helps to achieve this is the Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate. The mint flavor gives it a refreshing taste and also prevents bad breath throughout the day. It is safe enough to be used daily. It is interesting to note that this was the first brand of toothpaste in the market. The product only aims at giving the benefit of whitening the teeth with regular use.


  • The first brand in the market aimed mainly at helping with the problem of teeth whitening.
  • It helps to strengthen the enamel which gets weak over time due to the intake of different kinds of food.
  • The mint flavor keeps you refreshed and helps to avoid bad breath.
  • Tough stains caused by coffee, berries, etc. are easily removed.
  • The two micro-polishers present not only remove present stains but also helps to avoid the accumulation of stains in the future.
  • It is safe enough to be used daily.


  • As per a few customers, the product sold on Amazon is not genuine as it does not have the characteristics of the original Rembrandt brand.

7. Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste

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The complete protection toothpaste by Parodontax is next on the list of the best kinds of toothpaste for 2021. The product is mainly aimed to prevent and protect the gums from bleeding, prevent the occurrence of cavities, as well as treat gingivitis. This is one of the most trusted brands for dealing with various gum related issues such as bleeding, accumulation of plaque, gum sores, and other problems of the gum. The brand boasts of being three times more effective in leading to the whitening of the teeth when compared to the other brands of toothpaste. It is also an effective solution for the removal of plaques and for helping to prevent and reduce the problem of bleeding gums. Not only that, but the ingredients also go a long way in helping to prevent cavities as well as helps in strengthening the enamel. Besides, it provides an effective solution for bad breath. The ingredients that go into the making are such that you can maintain fresh and pleasant breath throughout the day. It is advisable to brush daily with the toothpaste, two times in a month.This is the one-stop solution to all your problems related to the tooth.


  • It helps against bleeding gums.
  • Keeps bad breath away.
  • It is three times more effective in removing plaques from your tooth
  • It not only prevents unwanted cavities but also helps in strengthening the enamel of the teeth.


  • As per a few customers, the paste does not have very longlasting results.

8. Colgate Cavity Protection Regular Fluoride Toothpaste

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With ingredients that help to fight cavity, prevent bad breath, lead to teeth whitening, the cavity protection toothpaste by one of the most trusted brands, Colgate makes it to our list of best toothpaste for 2021. The name has always been synonymous with the product line of toothpaste and this particular brand is also able to live upto its brand expectation. The active fluoride present builds up the strength of the teeth and the enamel. The result is that you have not only white teeth but also the mouth is healthier. The flavors given are such that you can avoid the problem of bad breath. If used regularly and as recommended by the experts, the toothpaste can help to clean the teeth thoroughly. You can trust the product and it can be used for the benefit of all the members in the family. Thus, all its features make it one of the most trusted toothpaste.


  • It is certified by the American Dental Association. As such, quality and safety are established.
  • It can help to maintain clean teeth.
  • It helps to strengthen the enamel of the tooth
  • It helps to give the mouth a feeling of freshness at all times.
  • Protects against cavities and germs


  • As per a few customers, the paste does not have a seal. Thus, a few users are doubtful about the quality and authenticity of the product itself.

9. Tom’s of Maine Luminous White Natural Toothpaste

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Tom’s of Maine is quite a popular brand when it comes to toothpaste. That is why we have the second toothpaste by the brand on the list of the best toothpaste for 2021. The company boasts of producing all-natural products and the toothpaste is no different. The product is free from any kind of artificial flavors or any preservatives. The clean mint flavor means that you will be able to enjoy clean and fresh breath throughout the day. The paste is able to remove all the unwanted stains. This means that you shall get white teeth all day long. It also helps to strengthen your enamel, making your teeth healthier. Besides, as some of the other products offered by the Company, their brand of toothpaste is such that these are environmentally friendly, finally, it is also mild enough to be used every single day by all the members of the house.


  • It helps to protect the teeth against unwanted cavities.
  • It does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. Hence, it is safe enough to be used everyday.
  • The presence of fluoride means that the enamel is strengthened.
  • It helps you get whiter and healthier teeth and gums.


  • As per a few customers, the paste is not stiff enough. It does not come out easily from the tube.

10. Hello Oral Care Naturally Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

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Last, but certainly not the least, the whitening fluoride toothpaste by Hello oral care is on our list of top 10 toothpaste for the year 2021. The presence of calcium in the main ingredients helps to clean and whiten the teeth in a very natural manner. It is free from any kind of artificial flavoring and contains a number of ingredients that are considered healthy for the teeth. Some of these ingredients include coconut oil, peppermint oil, as well as tea tree oil. These are essential ingredients for not just the health of the teeth but also helps in preventing any kind of bad breath. Besides, keeping in mind the health of the environment, the ingredients used are free from paraben, triclosan, as well as gluten. The toothpaste, made in the United States boasts of being completely vegan as well. Thus, this is the perfect choice for someone who loves to smile and for someone who loves to have a great breath during the day.


  • It helps to protect the teeth against unwanted cavities.
  • Helps to maintain the freshness of the breath
  • The vegan toothpaste is free from paraben, preservatives, or gluten.
  • It helps to whiten the teeth naturally.
  • The presence of fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel.


  • As per a few customers, the fresh breath does not continue for a long time.

How To Choose The Best Toothpaste

A toothpaste can either make your day or break your day. That is why it is very important to choose the right toothpaste for our teeth. We have mentioned some of the important things to consider while making a purchase of the toothpaste. If you read the below information mindfully, you would be able to choose the right toothpaste for yourself. 

1. Consider the ingredients

Whenever we think of buying a toothpaste the first question that comes in our mind is ‘what are the ingredients present inside the toothpaste?’ This question seems quite legit. Because toothpaste is something that goes inside our mouth and we cannot deny the fact that some of the toothpaste also reaches our stomach while brushing. Therefore, it extremely important to check the ingredients before purchasing any toothpaste. Always check what ingredients you are putting inside your mouth.

2. Never go for the toxic ingredients

No matter what the brand advertises, one should always avoid buying the toothpaste with toxic chemicals. These toxic ingredients could be sodium Laureth sulfate (SLS), propylparaben, butylparaben, and triclosan, etc. These ingredients have the potential of disrupting the endocrine system and could mess with our hormones. And we are sure, you would never want that to happen with you. Considering this pointer while purchasing the toothpaste will save you from a lot of risks. 

3. Go for the natural toothpastes available in the market

These days, so many different brands are manufacturing natural toothpastes. Their toothpastes are free from fluorides and sulfates. Such natural toothpastes usually contain gentle scrubbing agents like calcium carbonates and silica. These ingredients tend to polish the teeth whilst leaving a shiny and smooth finish. We would suggest our readers to choose the toothpaste that has natural ingredients in it. This will prove to be very beneficial for your teeth.

4. The toothpaste should have antibacterial properties

Always make sure the toothpaste that you are about to buy possesses antibacterial properties. Some toothpastes have green and white clay which has the capability to absorb bacteria and toxin. Some toothpastes even have Sodium bicarbonate which is a whitening and antibacterial agent as well. The toothpaste with antibacterial properties tend to eliminate the disease-causing bacteria from our mouth. Hence, always consider this pointer while buying a toothpaste.

5. Consider the brand reputation

No matter what product you are about to purchase, considering the brand reputation is always going to help you in the longer run. Read about the toothpaste in the reviews given by the users, ask your friends and family, and try to select the most reputable brand. A reputable brand tends to manufacture the best toothpaste keeping in mind the necessities of the users. 

Toothpaste Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have tooth sensitivity issues, so have purchased an anti-sensitivity toothpaste, how frequent should I use it and how long?

We cannot recommend an absolute period of use; however, we could talk in general terms. An anti-sensitivity toothpaste should be used twice a day to brush your teeth. In general, you should continue this routine for at least 4 weeks to get a result. However, for some people, the period could extent based on the result. If you are adamant about knowing the precise period, consult a dentist.

  1. Brushing teeth once a day is enough or should I change the routine to twice a day?

Most experts, today, recommend brushing your teeth once a day only. However, if you have time and if you were too concerned about your dental health you could brush your teeth twice. Brushing your teeth twice a day is not a necessary routine to be followed. If done in the right way and carefully, brushing your teeth once a day is more than enough to maintain your dental health.

  1. Is it true that you should not rinse too much after brushing your teeth?

Yes, some of the experts in the dental field has recommended not to rinse too much after brushing as it could wash away the fluoride coating on your teeth. This fluoride coating that the toothpaste leaves is supposed to protect your teeth, if you rinse it, it is washed away and the tooth is left without protection. This is why you must restrain yourselves from rinsing after brushing at least at night.

  1. Brushing without toothpaste is also good? Recently read an article mentioning its benefits, is it true?

Yes, you don’t need to use toothpaste to brush your teeth, you could simply use a nice toothbrush and brush your teeth. However, the brushing should be in the right way and it should reach the nook and corner of your mouth. Brushing without toothpaste could help remove plaque and keep your teeth safe.

With this being said, we will not recommend that you brush your teeth without toothpaste. Remember, our ancestors might have brushed their teeth without toothpaste, but, the food they consume was different, dental issues were not as complicated as of today. Therefore, you are not living like them, do not brush your teeth without toothpaste.

  1. I have been using Listerine after every brush for the past few years, I read that it is bad for health, is it true?

Yes, Listerine and other commercial mouthwashes are not safe for use. They are highly acidic and potentially contain cancer-causing chemicals. You would be better if you start avoiding such mouthwashes. If you need a mouthwash, prepare a mouth wash yourselves. There are homemade mouthwashes that could offer the same benefits as that of commercial mouthwashes without any side effects.

  1. After brushing wait for at least 20-minutes before having food? Is there any reason for such a recommendation?

Yes, after brushing your teeth, the toothpaste and mouthwash will leave a layer of fluoride coating on your teeth for its protection. Allow some time for it to settle and kill the remaining bacteria or germs in your mouth. This is why you must wait for at least 20-minutes before eating food after brushing.

Final Words:

Thus, we have seen the list of the best toothpaste in the market for 2021 in detail. Having a good and right paste for your teeth is of great importance. You cannot go wrong in choosing something as important and as delicate as a toothpaste. We hope that the above article will be helpful for you to choose the best brand of paste that is most suitable for your needs. For your convenience, we have also attached links to each product so that you can visit each of these and read in detail. You can do your own thorough research and then select something that is best for your dental health.