10 Best Wireless Earbuds

Almost all of us are familiar with and addicted to earphones. We use it for different purposes, like attending phone calls and, most popularly to listen to music. Traditionally we used to listen to music through radio or some music systems out aloud. Thanks to technology, this has changed a lot, and now everyone can have their own music to listen to. Earphones were introduced, which can be connected to mobile phones or music devices to listen to your favorite music. Later, Bluetooth was introduced, which was great to speak on calls on-the-go. However, they were not that good for music.

With advancements in technology, wireless earbuds are introduced, and they have become everyone’s favorite. They have replaced the previously popular wired earbuds. These wireless earbuds are great for music on-the-go, be it while doing exercise or commuting to a different place. They are particularly significant because they do not reduce the quality of music as Bluetooth did.

With so many choices out there to pick up the best wireless earbuds, it is difficult to find the right pair for you. Do not worry; you have come to the right place. Here, we have consolidated 10 best wireless earbuds that you can find. From these choices, you can make a decision about the right pair of earbuds. So, let us get started.

Best Buy Wireless Earbuds Consumer Reviews


Below are the best wireless earbuds consumer reports that we have researched for you. Go ahead and read through.

1. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

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The first pair of earbuds on our list is from TOZO. These earbuds are specially designed with gel-flexible silicone earcaps providing all the comfort the ears can have while using earbuds. You do not even feel earbuds in your ear. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology is used and these earbuds can support HFP, HSP, AVRCP, and A2DP. In-call stereo sound is provided, and there won’t be any tangling while sound transmission, which is important for good quality earbuds. The important feature of any high-quality earbud is that it should provide good performance music without noise. TOZO earbuds do the exact same thing by providing the most natural sound and have powerful bass giving you the most authentic sound. Also, it has an 8mm large size speaker driver with a drive area 1.77 times normal drive area. The major issue that one can face is connectivity. If a Bluetooth device is not paired properly, it is a big problem. However, with TOZO earbuds, you will not face such problems. All you need to do is pick up the earbuds from the charging box. They both connect to each other once out. Then with a single click, you can pair both of them to your device. Both the charging box and the earbuds are coated with IPX8 waterproof nano-coating. This protects your earbuds effectively from sweat when doing exercise or while skiing. One other important thing is the charging time. Tozo’s earbuds can last for 4 hours after a single charge and have an extra 14 hours in the charging case. In addition to that, these earbuds support wireless charging. You can happily carry these earbuds on-the-go without worrying about the charging.


  • Supports latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Powerful Bass performance
  • IPX8 waterproof nano-coating
  • Easy connectivity
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Some customers complained about connectivity issues.

2. Bluedio Hi TWS Wireless Earbud

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

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The next earphones from our list adapt to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. It also supports HFP, HSP, AVRCP, and A2DP, giving you the most comfortable in-call experience and does not have any tangling during transmission. The connectivity to these earphones is pretty easy. You just need to pick them out, switch both earphones on and then they get paired to your device easily. The charging case holds battery life as long as 20 hours and you can easily carry these earphones with the charging case so that you can charge the earphones once they are out. One interesting aspect about these earphones is that you can control the music play and pause button with the latest face-recognition technology. When you remove the right earbud, it automatically pauses the music and whenever you place it back, the music resumes. With this order, you will also get 3 pairs of ear tips, which are of different sizes.


  • With 13mm dynamic speakers, the earphones provide clear call quality
  • Adapts to latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • With face recognition technology, music can be paused and played easily by simply removing and replacing the right earbud in the ear.
  • Comes with 3 different sized ear tips for comfortable wear to anyone who uses them
  • Charging lasts for 20 hours long


  • Some customers complained about earbuds still connected to the device even when they are in the charging box.

3. Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound

Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound

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The next pair of earbuds are a stylish pair from Purity. These earbuds provide 3 different earcap sizes to fit anyone who bought them with comfort. Be it calls, music, podcast or movies, these earbuds provide a superior quality experience without any disturbance due to the adaption to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Before the first use, you need to remove the protective film that comes with it. The pairing is quite easy and is indicated with flashing light and voice indication. The earphones work for as long as 10 hours when you are with a charging case. After each charge, the earphones can last up to 4 hours. This makes it easy to carry while you are traveling and need not worry about charging for at least 10 hours. Also, the charging case has 4 bright LED lights showing the battery percentage of the earbuds. One important concern that is raised usually is about the damage that earphones get due to contact with sweat or water. This makes it difficult to use them during workouts, running or skiing, which are the most needed places for some music. Well, Purity earbuds have IPX5 sweat-resistant design. This makes them convenient to use during workouts and you do not need to worry about the dirt or sweat that accumulates. These earbuds also offer a 1-year warranty.


  • Different earcap sizes to fit any sized ear properly when bought
  • Adaptable to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology for superior quality calls, music, etc.,
  • The earbuds can last 4 hours after each charge and the charging case up to 10 hours
  • IPX5 sweat-resistant technology protects the earbuds from dirt and sweat.


  • Some customers did not like the bass

4. OFUSHO Bluetooth Earbuds

OFUSHO Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Earbuds

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OFUSHO Bluetooth earbuds are the next in our list. For the most stable signal connection, low power consumption and high-quality sound, these earbuds use Qualcomm QCC3020 chip inside them. This chip is the most advanced TWS earbud chip available. So, you do not need to worry about signals and sound quality. In addition to providing high-quality sounds, it also helps in canceling the noise by Qualcomm aptX/CVC audio technology giving you 3D stereo sound quality. One advanced and most useful feature this OFUSHO Bluetooth earbuds offer is the battery life. The earbuds can last up to 8 hours which is outstanding. And the charging case can last as long as 152 hours, which means you do not need to worry about charging frequently. Thanks to the Qualcomm chips, which help to consume low power. The earbuds have an ergonomic design fitting any kind of ear comfortably. Also, the earbuds can be used outdoors while running or doing exercise or sports, as you do not need to worry about dirt or sweat. The interior nano-coating and sealed shell help for repelling the sweat. The initial pairing of the earbuds to the device is quite easy, and every time you pick your earbuds out of the charging case, they connect automatically to your device.


  • The earbuds come with Qualcomm QCC3020 chip providing advanced sound quality with low power consumption
  • Noise can be canceled by Qualcomm aptX/CVC audio technology.
  • The battery life is extraordinary providing 8 hours of battery after each charge
  • Interior nano-coating helps to repel sweat and dirt


  • Some customers are not happy about the quality

5. Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Wireless Earbuds

Rademax Bluetooth Earbuds

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The next type of earbuds from our list is again a high-end product. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it supports HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and provides high-quality sound with stable transmissions. The total playtime of these earbuds is up to 30 hours, where you can charge the earbuds 5 times in the charging case, which takes just 1 hour. Each charge gives your earbuds 4 to 5 hours of audio. These earbuds have IPX5 water-resistant technology protecting the earbuds from sweat and water. So, you can conveniently go for a jog, gym, hiking, skiing, fitness exercises, etc., Half of the earbud its perfectly in your ear, so you do not need to worry about slipping them. Also, you do not feel them wearing as they are lightweight and weigh about 4 grams. One exciting feature of these earbuds is that you can share one of the earbuds with your partner or friend and enjoy the music together. This helps you to enjoy music along with your friends or special ones. The charging case weighs about 35 grams, which means you can carry them around easily just like keys. This helps to travel easily carrying them and you can also charge your earbuds on-the-go. The connectivity to your device is incredibly easy and it automatically pairs with earbuds once they are out of charging case. They come in 2 cute colors – white and pink.


  • The earbuds adapt to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology providing high-quality sound without any disturbances
  • The total playtime of the earbuds is 30 hours with 5 times of charge available in the charging case
  • The IPX5 water-resistant technology protects the earbuds from sweat and dirt


  • Some customers complained about the heating problem.

6. Sony Wi-Xb400 Wireless In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones

Sony Wi-Xb400 Wireless In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones

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The next headphones from our list are from the popular company Sony. This is a wireless audio model with Bluetooth connectivity. These headphones are special and stand out compared to the wired traditional earphones. They are wireless and have a behind-the-neck design. This design helps to keep your headphones from disturbing you constantly with the wire. Also, they are lightweight and easy to wear. All the low-end frequencies can be enhanced using extra bass in these sony headphones. Being a top brand, you can imagine the quality of bass it provides. This can be achieved just with a touch of the button. The headphones have a very good battery life of 15 hours. A 10-minute charge can give you up to an hour of uninterrupted listening. For a full charge, the headphones need to be charged for approximately 3 hours. The driver units are 12mm giving you precise sound without any noise. The earbuds do not tangle themselves as they have built-in magnets that attach to each other when you are carrying and not using the headphones. Without using your device, you will be able to start a conversation with the multi-function button. Also, there is a voice assistant compatible with the earbuds.


  • The headphones come in 2 cool colors
  • These earphones have wireless behind-the-neck design
  • The extra bass feature gives you enhanced sound
  • With the quick charge option, you can charge your headphones just for 10 minutes and get 1 hour of charge life
  • Built-in magnets in the earbuds help not to tangle.
  • Compatible with voice-assistant and multi-function button


  • Some customers complained about some disturbances caused while speaking

7. XClear Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sounds

XClear Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sounds

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Next, on the list, we have XClear wireless earbuds that look stylish and have very good features worth speaking of. They can adapt to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This means you get high-quality sounds while listening to music or while speaking with someone on call. There will not be any disturbances that are caused due to transmission. The pairing of these earbuds is quite easy, and when you open the charging case, it pairs up with the device by indicating with a bright light. The charging case has a sleek and compact design helping you to carry it easily anywhere you take it. A single charge can last these earbuds with 5 hours of playtime and provides a maximum of 14 hours with charging case. Also, with the battery indicator, you can easily understand when to charge your case. The battery indicator is digital so you would know the exact percentage. These earbuds are recommended for daily use and can fit almost any type of ear. With IPX5 Water-resistant technology, these earbuds are safe from sweat and dirt. Along with all these wonderful features, the company offers a 1-year warranty on these earbuds.


  • These earbuds have a sleek design suitable for most of the ears.
  • Adaptable to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology giving you superior quality sound.
  • 5 hours of battery life after a single charge
  • Digital battery indicator to exactly know the battery level
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • IPX5 water-resistant technology to protect the earbuds.


  • Some customers did not like the bass

8. AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds

AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds

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The next one on our list is from AUKEY. These earbuds look cool on your ears and give you superior quality sound.With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the wireless features work perfectly without causing any transmission disturbances. With a single step, these earbuds are easy to connect to your device, and whenever your earbuds come out of the charging case, they connect to your device easily without much assistance. These earbuds are easy to handle with the touch system, and you can manage calls or audio playbacks with the multi-function touch panel. The most common concern that everyone has is the battery life of the earbuds. With AUKEY earbuds, you do not have to worry about the battery life as it gives you 5 hours of life after each charge. When you have your charging case with you, you can get a maximum of 25 hours of battery life without connecting it to the USB charger. 3 pairs of ear-tips are provided to ensure that every customer feels comfortable with the size. With the MEMS microphone technology, conversations can be cleared. These earbuds are compatible with voice-assistant. All you have to do is ask the voice-assistant to play your favorite song. Calls and music can be controlled using the touch system. These earbuds can be easily carried due to its compact size.


  • Earbuds adapt to Bluetooth 5.0 technology giving you precise sound.
  • These earbuds have great battery life and including the charging case, you get 25 hours of backup.
  • Conversations can be cleared with MEMS microphone technology


  • Some people complained about the sound quality

9. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof

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If you like your headphones to stand out with a new design model or colors, LETSCOM Bluetooth is your place. These headphones provide high-fidelity audio with an 11mm vibrating diaphragm CSR chip. It can adapt to Bluetooth 4 1 technology for providing an excellent sound system with CVC noise cancellation. This ensures high bass sound with negligible or zero noise. With the IPX7 waterproof internal nano-coating, these earphones are safe from sweat and you can enjoy your jogging, sporting or exercise along with these amazing earbuds. With any Bluetooth device, all you expect is to use its maximum functionality without touching the phone. Well, this can be achieved using LETSCOM headphones. There are controls on these headphones to play or pause music, skip tracks, increase or decrease volume, answer or end calls. You can even use voice control through these headphones. If you charge these headphones for 2 hours, you can use them for 8 hours continuously. These headphones are lightweight to carry around and are available in different sizes for the ear-tips. Also, the special silicon ear hooks ensure comfortable wear, and the earphones do not slip out of the ear. The battery is displayed on your mobile device for you to track its life easily.


  • Many options are available to select to get a unique model of your choice.
  • With an 11mm vibrating chip and CVC noise cancellation, high-quality bass sound with minimal noise is achieved.
  • IPX7 waterproof technology protects the headphones from sweat
  • 8-hour battery life with just 2-hour charging
  • Soft silicone ear hooks for comfortable wear and protection


  • Some people are doubtful about the waterproof

10. XMyth True Wireless Earbuds

xmyth True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

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The last wireless earbuds on our list have a sleek and stylish design. The connectivity to these earbuds is simple and with a single click, you can pair your device with these earbuds. Whenever you pick your earbuds out of the charging case, the earbuds pair up automatically. The charging case which comes with these earbuds also acts as power bank, and you can charge your device as well. With the IPX7 waterproof technology, you do not need to fear about damaging your earbuds with sweat. The power digit-display shows the accurate percentage of power remaining, giving you an estimate when to charge the charging case. The earbuds provide multifunctional touch control where you can control the volume or answer phone calls. There are two types of designs available from which you can select.


  • Easy connectivity to your mobile device
  • The charging case can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile phone as well
  • With IPX7 waterproof technology, earbuds are protected from sweat, and you can actively participate in exercise or jogging


  • Some customers complained about some technical issues.

How To Choose The Best Wireless Earbuds

Buying the best pair of wireless earbuds can be a tricky thing if you don’t know much about them. Or maybe many varieties of wireless earbuds can distract you, to avoid this kind of worst buying, here we are going to list a proper in-detailed guide on this topic. Here we have listed some essential points that every wireless earbud’s buyer should need to consider.

Type Of Codecs:

Before buying any earbuds, even the wired ones, make sure to look at what type of codecs that the manufacturing company is offering to you. This point plays a significant role if you are an iOS-based device user. Where some normal kinds of earbuds only offer the SBC codec, which is now an outdated type of codec. If you are going to buy a pair of earbuds that support only SBC type of codecs then, believe it or not, your music listening experience is going to be worst. And if we talk about the iOS devices, it will be useful if you avoid this type of earbud pairs.

Now you might be wondering which type of codecs we should look for? So, if you are an Android user then, we want to tell you that the latest version of Android supports almost all the latest media and Bluetooth codecs. But if you are an iOS user, then make sure to look for the AAC codecs in your desired wireless earbuds.


If we talk about the experience with the wireless earbuds, then the controls of an earbud pair matter a lot. We are talking about controls such as picking the phone calls by tapping the earbud, skipping music tracks, volume controls, etc. Even some good quality of earbuds offer the advance control, such as if you pull the earbuds out, then it will automatically stop the music.

On the other hand, if you have decided to go with the basic type of wireless earbuds, then we are sure that you won’t be going to get these advanced controls. So, if you are seeking the best wireless earbuds, then do make sure to give a bit of your attention to the controls section.

Noise Cancellation:

Actually, you will only get the noise cancellation features in the premium type of wireless earbuds. If you have experienced the noise cancellation earbuds before, then you may know how useful this feature is. It can easily give your ears a relaxing feeling by neglecting the high decibels of noise, no matter it is the noise of an aircraft or a horn ringing train.

If you are a hardcore earbud user, then we will suggest you go with those options only that offering the noise-canceling feature. Also, it is obvious that this noise cancellation will be going to cost you slightly high as compared to the normal earbuds.

Charging Unit:

It is the thing that you need to look at after checking the sound quality, build quality, and more important things. You won’t be going to find any true wireless earbuds without a charging unit. It is the thing that important while not only for charging, even it matters while carrying the earbuds with you. Most of the time, you will get the charging unit in the form of a case for your wireless earbuds. So, make sure that the manufacturing company of your desired earbuds is offering a sturdy and durable charging case out of the box.

Battery Life:

Some of you might be waiting for this particular point. Right? Yeah, it also comes in the essential points that you need to consider before buying any wireless earbuds. Where the wired ones don’t need any battery inside them, that means you can use them as long as your smartphone/device’s battery will last.

You may find that many company’s claims don’t match with the actual battery life of their wireless earbuds. We want to tell you that if you want to buy a fully functional and reliable type of earbuds, then do make sure to choose a product that offers you more than four hours of battery life.

Wireless Earbuds Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How to pair my wireless earbuds with my mobile device?

Ans. Pairing the earbuds with the mobile phones is simple and easy. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and see the list of available devices. You will find the name of your wireless earbuds in the list. Now, tap and pair with the earbuds.

Q.2. Do the earbuds pair quickly with the mobile phone or not?

Ans. Yes, the earbuds pair quickly with the mobile phone.

Q.3. How to make the earbuds stay in my ear correctly?

Ans. In order to make sure that the earbuds stay in the ear correctly, you have to first check if the size of the earbuds is right for your ear canals or not. Try different sizes of the earbuds until you do not find the best fitting buds for your ears. The goal is to find earbud tips with snug-fitting.

Q.4. Why do the earphone and mobile are not connecting or taking too long to connect?

Ans. If your earphones are taking too long to get connected to the mobile phone or they are unable to connect then the first thing that you need to do is make sure that the earphone is not connected to any other nearby device. Sometimes, the earbudsget mistakenly connected to other Bluetooth devices that are present nearby and we have no idea about it.

If you want to clear the pairing history, then press and hold both the volume up (+) and volume down (-) buttons simultaneously for more than five seconds. In that way, the pairing history of your wireless earbuds will get cleared. After this happens, your earbuds will enter into the ‘discoverable’ mode automatically.

Q.5. what to do if my mobile phone gets connected to the earphones but I am unable to hear any music?

Ans. In such situations, after the earphones and mobile device is connected successfully, try to verify in the mobile phone setting that the earphones are selected for media streaming or not. If not, then enable the media streaming through your earphones.

Q.6. what to do if my device is connected to the earphone but I am unable to receive or make phone calls using the earphones?

Ans. After the two devices are connected successfully, make sure that the ‘phone audio’ option on the mobile phone setting is on or not.

Q.7. what to do if the audio drops out or gets distorted?


  • Try to make sure that the distance between the earphones and mobile devices doesn’t exceed 30 feet.
  • Make sure that you have not placed any such objects that have the tendency to block radio signals between earphones and mobile devices. Such objects may include, windows, doors, and walls.
  • A high concentration of microwave signals and Wi-Fi computers can cause unwanted interference. Try to move away from other sources that carry wireless signals in them.
  • Do not forget to make sure that the mobile device and earphones have enough battery power.

Bottom Line

The initial confusion you had on which wireless earbuds to choose might have cleared now. With our list, you might have got pretty good information about some top earbuds that are being sold in the market. To listen to your favorite music without interference and noise, it is always worth investing in a good set of wireless earbuds. We are sure that our best list of earbuds can provide you the earbuds that you have been waiting to get.