10 Best Women’s Electric Razor

Removing unwanted hair can be the most daunting task with several options available to get rid of them. Women’s usually prefer waxing and shaving in most of the cases. Comparing both the options, shaving seems like a more comfortable choice due to less hassle while removing hairs. It gives a perfect finish, and the time consumed in the whole process is also short.

While shaving is ideal, the common question arrives is, which electric razor is perfect? Men are well aware of the popular options available in the market, but women face problems while choosing the right electric shaver for themselves. To reduce the clutter and to grab the right product of need, going through essential aspects help cutting-out most of the problems.

Some brands are offering impressive design, premium built quality, great features, and more for an affordable price point. If you want to sort out the practical choice and to get happy results with a premium shaving experience, going with the well-liked product is the simple and way better choice.

Here in our post, we are mentioning the top 10 best electric shavers for a reasonable price point. These products are not going to bite your pocket and help you get the best shaving experience for sure. Still, you may have several questions on how we made this list and what factors are considered during the selection.

Best Women’s Electric Razor Consumer Reviews


To give complete detail in short at this point, we are looking at the design, effective shaving, positive reviews regarding the use, excellent built quality, and affordable price. Even an electric shaver which requires less stroke to shave hairs from the lower height seems like the best choice. Let’s begin by exploring our list of top 10 women’s electric razor for the money –

1. PanasonicES2207P Electric Shaver for Women

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

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Panasonic is such a well-liked brand that needs no introduction at all. Panasonic’s ES2207P is one of the popular choices due to its effective shaving experience. It is offering three ultra-sharp blades that shave hairs from the bottom of the skin. It has an ultra-thin foil, which protects your skin from getting cuts. This ensures the safest use possible.

It is a versatile product of choice as it has the most flexible pivoting heads for an electric shaver, and you can use the same as a trimmer. With these two kinds of blades, you can expect effective trimmer on long hairs and use the other mode to shave short and thin hairs properly. You can expect a premium trimming and shaving experience during the use of the same.

Considering the grip and holding method, it has an ergonomic design that allows you to shave hairs from curves and other parts of the body. The wet and dry shaving experience enhances the overall usability of this Panasonic trimmer. The last thing that everyone we love about this product is, it comes for a very reasonable price if you look after all the features.

The after-sale services from Panasonic won’t make you feel any kind of regret, and its warranty ensures the best deal.

Pros –

  • Get effective trimming and shaving experience with this shaver.
  • It has a flexible pivoting head, which ensures safer use on curves.
  • A waterproof shaver allows you to get the perfect wet and dry shaving.
  • A single stroke is good enough to remove all the hairs effectively.
  • Easy to use, comes for reasonable price and premium built quality.
  • It comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • No cons reported about this product.

2. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women

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A vast number of positive reviews and brand credibility of Schick ensure that you grab a quality deal at an affordable price point. With the purchase of Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women, you can expect effective working razor which cut off hairs by taking a close call. Women can find smooth and glowing skin with the use of this razor.

There is a small moisturizer strip at the frame of razor which keeps your skin nourish. It is also the two-in-one product; you can expect to trim and to shave from this product. The five curve sensing blades allow you to shave hairs safety from the curvy body parts and not facing any problem with it. Being selective is a little bit important here during more prolonged use.

It is a waterproof product, so you can find that this one is safe to use wet as well as dry. For long hairs, you can prefer the trimmer and then consider going with the razor if you think that you need better shaving. Both the modes are reliable and provide a range of advantages for sure. Design and built quality can make you have a remarkable feeling with this unit.

Reliable for long shaving, and it doesn’t make much noise during the use, which can help you understand why this one is better.

Pros –

  • 5 Blade lames allow you to have the perfect shaving experience.
  • Trimmer and shaver in one unit get you an affordable deal.
  • It is equipped with a hypoallergenic moisturizing serum to get moisturized skin.
  • Simple in terms of design, better grip, easy to use, and highly reliable choice.
  • Perfect for women who are shaving for the first time.
  • It offers pretty good battery backup during the long run.

Cons –

  • Slightly typical to trim due to the imbalanced weight of shaver.

3. Urbaobei Women’s Epilator Shaver

Urbaobei WomenGÇÖs Epilator Shaver

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For way more affordable price than our top picks, you can find Urbaobei, a women’s favorite brand. Considering the brand popularity and their electric shaver, you can expect the best results from Urbaobei Women’s Epilator Shaver. It has the 3 IN 1 blade, which are made up of Stainless-Steel. Even, you can find Hypoallergenic property in these blades.

The perfect thing about owning this women’s electric razor is, it has a 3D pivoting head, completely flexible, goes smooth on curves, and highly reliable. These factors can enhance the usability of curvy skin. It is a waterproof electric shaver that gives you the functionality of wet and dry shaving during the bath or even on sweat also.

It is a cordless shaver, and it can be charged with the USB. It offers a pretty normal battery life, which ensures effective usability as compared to all the deals. The most loved thing about this product is, it has a humanized detail design so that it pivots around curvy body parts and adjust itself to prevent any sort of cuts.

Considering the blend of premium built quality at such low price seems like the best deal over any other option available online.

Pros –

  • Go with effective wet and dry shaving due to waterproof nature.
  • Trim short hairs before shaving, It makes you get more comfortable usability.
  • It has the handiest design and perfect weight balance to use appropriately.
  • 3D flexible pivoting head ensures higher performance and lower risk of cuts.
  • Built quality is pretty enough to consider the same, and you can’t find anything compromised.
  • One of the affordable prices is offered in this deal if you compare all the factors.

Cons –

  • Battery life is not up to the mark. It could have been better for effective shaving.

4. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies

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Removing unwanted hairs doesn’t mean shaving legs and arms only. It also goes the same for unwanted and extra hair growth on the face. These facial hairs look terrible but don’t worry because Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer has you covered with the effective shaving and excellent performance.

To get rid of tiny hairs that are hard to see, you can consider this product. It is not a shaver, but this trimmer gives you the shaving-like result, and you can expect a lot more about the same. From head to toe, you can find it useful to get grooming smoothness. It comes with broad blades that can provide you precise full-face trimming.

The same goes for body trimming. That’s why you can consider it as a reliable choice over other options available. The built quality is good enough to rely on the same. Even the price is also affordable for this product. But, the only drawback is, you might not find it as an effective choice to trim hairs from head to toe. It is slow and only good for facial hair.

Pros –

  • Groom your eyebrows, trim facial hairs, and remove unwanted hairs.
  • Works on 1 AAA lithium-ion battery and provides excellent battery backup.
  • It is easy to use due to the handy design and premium built quality.
  • Reliable for facial hairs and getting shave like results for sure.
  • It comes at an affordable price point as compared to others.
  • Battery is not the major concern here, you can find it as an effective choice.

Cons –

  • It is a trimmer, not a shaver, so that you can use it only for facial hairs mainly.
  • Not practical for head to toe trimming due to slow working and small blades.

5. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women

Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women

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One of the best electric shavers in this list is Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women. It comes with the Smooth Glide Technology allowing you to expect to wax-like results in the single-use. This electric shaver is best for facial hairs, body hairs, and such other kinds of hairs. It will give you precise results during each session.

It is a 4 Blade Shaver that gives you the perfect results every single time. There are hypoallergic foils inside, which moves smoothly alongside the trimmer that can make you expect great shaving experience during each session. There are no chances that it will leave the hairs behind. The credit goes to the effective design of the same product.

Even though you want to shave, it has an effective trimming design with the Flex Dual-Sided Trimmer. The versatile usability gives you the best results. The white/purple design looks good enough to rely on the same product. The optimal handle head ensures that you never face any issue during the use of the same.

Pros –

  • It has the optimal handle to provide you best positioning to shave.
  • It is a flex dual-sided trimmer to leave no hairs behind.
  • The Almond Oil Strip allows you to expect shaver usability of the same.
  • Best for full-body shaving and going safe on curves of the body.
  • It provides genuine battery backup during a long run for the best results.
  • Most of the positive reviews regarding quality and usability.

Cons –

  • The weight of this trimmer is slightly heavier; it might be hard to use.
  • It could have a slightly lower price, buying on discount is the best deal here.

6. ISTON Rechargeable Wet and Dry Painless Lady Shaver

ISTON Electric Razor for Women

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ISTON is not a popular brand as other ones, but the genuine quality products from this brand are remarkable. Due to this, you can find that ISTON Rechargeable Wet and Dry Painless Lady Shaver is a perfect unit to expect higher quality results over the other ones. You can expect Customized shaving, and there will be no residue.

The premium quality trimming credit goes to Gentle Precision & Hypoallergenic Blades that can make you expect plenty of advantages from the same. It has the LED Power Display, which lets you know about the battery level and speed settings. These features make you expect premium quality usability and better results from the other ones.

Design is premium here, and the built quality is also remarkable. The astonishing part is, it gives you perfect shaving and trimming in a single go. The battery life is also good enough to rely on. You can expect wet/dry shaving and use the shaver for more than 30 minutes on a single charge. It enhances the overall usability.

Pros –

  • Small LED display to help you know about the essential details.
  • Battery life is up to the mark and gives you effective usability.
  • Go with the wet/dry use with this premium quality shaver.
  • Built quality is good enough to prefer, and it gives you long durability.
  • Plenty of basic attachments are included in the box.
  • Pivoting head is not a major issue here due to the effective movement and design.

Cons –

  • This brand has a slightly poor customer support and brand credibility.
  • Attachments and included items are the use of decent quality, not that great for the price.

7. Building Women Waterproof Painless Hair Remover

Builing Women Waterproof Painless Hair Remover

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Holding a computer’s mouse seems like an easy thing due to the handy design. A trimmer with similar shape and design might be attractive as well as highly credible to use.  This unique design shaver has five different blade sets to remove hairs effectively and give you results like professional waxing. It makes you feel comfortable going outside with such premium results.

This rechargeable shaver has a small lithium-ion battery that can provide you a battery backup of one hour. It supports wet and dry shaving, so you don’t have to worry about using the same product on wet skin. The built quality is good enough to prefer here, and you can find it in the perfect design part also.

The most loved thing about this product is, it has a portable design, and it is very lightweight also. During the long use, your hands will not feel tired because you are getting a better grip this time. Even, you can expect better usability due to the five shaver that leaves no residue. So, you have to spend less time getting the best results that you have been looking for.

Pros –

  • This electric shaver has Hypoallergenic properties and pivoting head.
  • Built quality is good enough to expect genuine durability of the product.
  • Handy design and good for long hours of use without any problem.
  • Best for effective shaving around the curvy parts.
  • Great battery life, and it also has the Battery sign indicator for a better experience.

Cons –

  • Price is way higher than it should be as you compare the built quality and design.
  • Some people might find it hard during longer use.
  • Battery capacity is perfect for 30 minutes of use, poor performance after that.

8. AUCEE Electric Razor for Women

AUCEE Electric Razor for Women

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To get an adequate product with all the impressive features in a single unit, you can consider the purchase of AUCEE Electric Razor for Women. It has an LED display to let you know about the battery capacity and speed-related details. While using the trimmer, you can check out the battery percentage, so you don’t use the shaver when the juice is about to finish.

It has a travel lock for safer use when the trimmer is packed inside your travel bags. This lock ensures that this trimmer doesn’t turn on inside your luggage. Coming to the important part, it has three different speed settings, which give you better results during each run. It is the major reason behind customized shaving, and it will never leave any residue.

The blades are ultra-sharp, and they trim of hairs close to the skin. The speed allows you to enhance the shaving experience. One more thing to add up, you can use this trimmer on wet as well as dry skin. It is a waterproof product that allows you to remove hairs even if you are sweating hard. There are basic accessories included in the box.

Pros –

  • Built quality is premium and has a premium in-hand feeling.
  • Durable design and one of the handy products that save your time during the use.
  • It has the most Painless and Hypoallergenic blades for the safest use.
  • It has a great battery life, and you can find that it supports fast charging for sure.
  • All the basic accessories are included in the pack to save your money.
  • A small LED display provides all the important detail like battery percentage and speed.

Cons –

  • Hard to use on thick hairs due to the tiny holes of the shaver.
  • Slightly slippery body, hard to hold when the shaver is wet.

9. Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor

Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor

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A four-in-one unit to impress you toward the purchase is Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor. This unique looking razor comes at a mid-range price point, and it is packed with all the required features and different types of blades. It has three different shaver heads for facial hairs, body hairs, and more. You can shave from head to toe part without any problem.

The built quality is remarkably great enough to consider this product over the other ones. The design is surely reliable, and it can make you consider the same over others. Grip over the study material allows you to have a genuine experience during the long use. The credit goes to an ergonomic design that can make you consider the same.

This razor is completely waterproof, which means that you can use it on dry skin as well as wet skin. While shaving your body hairs, it will give you a perfect shaving experience even if your body is sweating. It also has Manicure packed with the same, which comes as an additional unit for an affordable price. The last thing, it has four different heads included in the pack for better use.

Pros –

  • Ergonomic design allows you to have a perfect shaving experience for long.
  • It always works perfectly on wet as well as dry skin; credit goes to waterproof design.
  • Four different types of heads included in the pack for a better experience.
  • Easy to use due to the design, four unique shaving heads, and other features.
  • Price is reasonable if you consider the attachments included in this unit.
  • Attachment adds up glory to grooming settings for sure.

Cons –

  • The slightly poor in-hand feeling can make you avoid the purchase or return it.
  • Lower battery life is the topic of concern that might make you avoid it.

10. Clever Bright Women’s Hair Removal Electric Shaver

Clever Bright WomenGÇÖs Hair Removal

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The last product in our choice is Clever Bright Women’s Hair Removal Electric Shaver because it can be your favorite hair removal kit. The four different heads or attachments can make you expect the saloon-type results during each use. It has Body shaver as the primary unit. But, you can find out eyebrow shaper for facial hairs, and there is a nose trimmer also included.

If you are willing to get rid of facial or beard hairs, then this trimmer has different shaver heads for the same. Bikini private razor is also included in the pack. The versatile usability is the major reason which can make you love this unit for electric shaver over the other options available in the market. Even, you can expect the best results during the use for sure.

The wet-dry shaving makes it one of the convenient choices over the options available in the market; that’s why you can consider it as the perfect choice over the other ones. It is safe to use, but the only issue is, it doesn’t have a pivoting head. It might be a little troublesome thing, but you will never miss this feature. There are other safety-related factors considered here.

The only reason to keep this product at last is, it has a slightly poor battery life, which seems like the biggest concern among people.

Pros –

  • Effective shaving and trimming results with four different types of heads.
  • Adjust the speed setting to get mesmerizing results during each of your sessions.
  • Perfect for shaving, facing hair removal, shaping eyebrows, and more stuff.
  • Built quality seems durable and good enough to buy this unit for such a low price point.
  • Safe shaving experience with the premium design.
  • Go for wet and dry shaving with its waterproof feature and premium built quality.

Cons –

  • No use of pivoting head means you have to adjust the angle of shaver for effective hair removal.
  • Battery capacity is the major concern that you might not like about this product after months of use.

Things To Consider When Buying Women’s Electric Razor

The following points must be kept in mind when you want to purchase women’s electric razors:

  • Your skin type

While purchasing any item, the first thing that comes to our mind is the safety and comfort that a particular item provides to the consumer. All women across the globe have a different kinds of skin. Some have dry skin, while others have extremely oily skin. Due to such vast variation in skin type of women, every razor has been designed to fulfill the desired need of your skin. Women tend to have softer skin then men. So these razors are exclusively designed for softer and sensitive skin of women. Your safety is our priority, so stop worrying and start shopping.

  • Number of blades

The number of blades is considered an important factor because the greater are the number of blades, the cleaner and smoother is your shaving result. The new electric shaving razors that are launched in the market recently are with 5-6 shaving blades. Again, it is not necessary for you to buy a razor which everyone is buying, because they are new and have more features. You select a razor according to your hair growth. Women who have thinner and lesser hair can use a razor with 2-3 blades will have the same aftershave finish as the women with denser and thicker hair growth have after using a 5 blade razor. Be wise and don’t run after the brand new things always.

  • Brand

This era is all about collecting things of topmost brands and showcasing them. But have you ever tried asking yourself that the products that you’re purchasing are worth it or not? So we ask to reconsider your decision because once you use the electric razors of premium quality, you are never going to switch to any other razors.

  • Function

 All-electric razors are exclusively designed with different technology. Out of these some of the brilliant features are painless electric razors, hypo-allergic ones that protect your skin against allergy from foreign material, while some have flexible pivoting heads that ease to shave areas like concave armpits and bikini line, stainless steel blades that protect it from rust and unnecessary damage to the skin. Some other functions are exfoliator attachment, which gives your skin pre-treatment along with shaving, smooth glide technology that helps to ease down the whole shaving process.

  • Price

Razors come in a very affordable range. But some electric razors that come along with some additional technologies have a higher price. They must also be considered while buying because the accessories they provide are brilliant. They come in the price range between $12.00 to $40.00.

  • Usage

All the razors come with a different kind of usage. It depends on the buyer to choose their priority and then buy the razors. Some are wet razor; some are dry razors. Yet others have both wet and dry features.

  • Operating time

The operating time is a very important feature. It refers to the period in which the razor runs at one go without any pause. The greater is the operating time, the better is the razor. Operating time also depends on the speed and it is inversely related to speed. Good razors have an operating time somewhere between 20 to 70 minutes. This enables you to shave all the unshaved areas at one go.

  • Size

Electric razors are of various sizes and handle designs. Women tend to prefer the size, which is handy that helps them to operate it better. Also, the handy ones are pocket friendly and can be accommodated even in a ladies bag.

  • Accessories

Women’s shopping is all about the extra added benefit. So we bring to you a ton of accessories such as a travel cap which enables you to close the razor head after use, this prevents accidental cuts. Trimming comb that helps to detangle long hairs before trimming. Bikini trimmer head, because you cannot shave your bikini area with a large-mouthed trimmer. It also includes things like travel pouch in which you can carry it.

  • Charging time

Many electric women’s trimmer comes with batteries that are rechargeable. All trimmers have different charging time that depends over the running time. A good trimmer comes with a charging time of 8 to 10 hours. Experience a smooth shave with our wide range of trimmers.

Women Electric Razor Frequent Asked Question

  1. Does Women Electric Razor Exfoliate the Skin?

Yes, it does but too little extent. However, you can’t keep it equivalent to the exfoliation. Through the perforations in the comb or foil, you can have a poke in small bits of skins. A shallow layer of skin can be scrapped while using the electric razor. So to keep your skin safe, keep the pressure light while doing shaving and use it twice a week for exfoliation. Do use a gentle facial scrub before applying the razor.

  1. Is It True that Women Electric Razor Make the Skin Darker or Hair Thicker?

No, it is a myth. It is the myth that has no relevance to reality. When you use a razor blade then it will chop your hairs at a specific angle but with an electric razor, it will cut hairs directly. This is the reason why your skin appears to be dark and hair thicker when they start growing back. According to the research, it is proven that shaving does not affect the density or thickness of hair follicles. It purely depends on the method of shaving.

  1. Is there Need of Shaving Cream While Using Electric Razors?

No, there is no need for the shaving cream when you are using the women’s electric shaver. It is up to you if you want to use shaving gel with your razor. Using a shaving gel will depend on whether you are going through a dry or wet operation. While going through the dry operation, some people don’t get the exact result in terms of comfort, so you can try wet shaving and check whether you get the improved results or not.

  1. Are the Electric Razors faster than Traditional Shaving options?

Yes!! Good quality of women electric shaver will shave faster than the blade and especially when you are using dry operation. When shaving with the electric shaver, the prep time required is zero. No need of washing your body part with hot water, no lathering required, and no shower needed. While using an electric shaver, you can shave fast. Also, you don’t have to rinse your razor again and again. If you purchase mid to high end of electric shaver then they have a good quality motor and come with different cutting elements. Hence, an electric razor will help in shaving quickly without any kind of hassle.


An electric shaver not only helps with perfect head-to-toe shaving, but it also helps with the removal of facial hairs, shaping eyebrows, and getting rid of nose hairs. Some of the products from our list comes with all the basic attachments to help you out.

Battery life is the primary feature during the purchase of such products because if you have a shaver with below-average blades but good battery life, you will use the same. But, if you have a shaver with great sets of the blade but poor battery life, you might not want to take the risk. In case the battery’s juice goes out in between, you feel stuck.

So, we also suggest you take a close at battery capacity, performance while shaving, wet/dry usability to grab the best deal in all kinds. We hope that our list of top 10 Best Women’s Electric Razors and consumer reports will help you avoid making any mistake during the purchase of the best deal for your specific need.